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Make Temporis rewards/cosmetics soulbound

By Flakes#1870 - SUBSCRIBER - June 09, 2022, 15:34:51

Hi Ankama,

Every year we all get hyped for the new Temporis but end up playing it only for a week or two because the reward doesn't match the input.

The ceremonial rewards are amazing, but can be easily bought after the event for 1-2mk on markets. It doesn't make any sense to stick to temporis as you can just buy the rewards later.

What if you made temporis rewards soulbound, or at least some of them?

Result: A lot more commitment to temporis and a more fun experience overall because of activity. Also it gives the temporis heros a way to show-off their hard work.

*Please upvote or comment on this post if you'd like this idea to show the animo!

Thanks for creating an amazing game for us and reading our feedback/suggestions,

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What about those players who stick to temporis because they intend to sell those rewards later?

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Hmm good point. I think a choice between kamas/ogrines or the cosmetic could be a way to solve it!

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Lol no bro

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There are a lot of soul bound items already. Why add another layer of elitism among the player base simply because you could not or were not able to play on some funky test servers? And making players choose between Kamas/Orgins and cool hats sounds like a feel bad time to me. Maybe some people can only subscribe by trading Kamas for Orgins for the sub? Then that is like saying "hey do you want to subscribe this month or have a cool hat? SORRY YOU GET TO ONLY PICK ONE!"

I understand soulbinding some things but it doesn't make sense to soulbound fun little gifts from a test server.

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