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Mopy King has funny spawn rate with archmonster spawn revamp

By babunbey#4631 - SUBSCRIBER - August 05, 2022, 21:40:10


I might just be very (un)lucky here, but I get the idea that the updated archmonster spawn rates have a weird interaction with Mopy King, which already had a unique spawn rate on its non-archmonster variant. Out of the four times I went looking for this mob to progress on a quest, I came across the archmonster variant three times (and defeating it does not progress the quest "Crocodyl Dandy's Hunting Sessions"). I'm guessing that the "spawn archmonster every X hours" system has a shorter interval than the regular spawn rate of the non-archmonster variant, and the game doesn't bother spawning the normal variant because the archmonster one is already there/has been slain recently. It's kind of funny (and sad) that the normal variant of Mopy King is now a rarer sight than the arch variant, because... that kind of goes against the whole point of archmonsters. But thematic issues aside, this makes it much more difficult to progress on the quest I mentioned (and I assume the monster achievements for that area) because the normal variant doesn't really spawn at all. Maybe tweak the quest so that it progresses with the archmonster as well? Or alter the spawn rate for this particular mob? It is kind of funny as the way it is right now.

Checked the market at the time of writing: The cheapest Mopy King (non-arch) soul is about 100kk more expensive than the cheapest Roy the Rover soul (arch) rolleyes

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you have to clear few maps to make it spawn, it was always like that with the king, not really arch related, but yes making the arch count too for the quest would be a really good idea!!

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