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Drop rates, Levels and Prospecting for *rare* profession defenders. Major problem

By MaxMedinaV#4762 - SUBSCRIBER - September 17, 2022, 21:55:49

So, I have recently discovered the new changes to the way prospecting works and I don't seem to be seeing many people aware of the flaws. I have already posted once on it, but it was vague. I did some testing myself and read what others had to say about the matter and want to suggest something.
I understand how including level differences into the calculations of new drop rates helps to reduce the super high rates of certain items that become 100% droppable and agree with this. But I dont know if it should affect professions. All profession defenders are shown as level 10-50. This means that my lvl 60 with, 380 prospecting has a drop rate of 1.7% while my 200 with 660 prospecting has a .87% chance. Not all defenders even drop the same level resources. Aspen sap, puffed frosteez, snow star, and all the fish used in the fish juices to craft the inky veil are not target recipes for low levels so why are they getting the bonus? Why not change the levels of the defenders to match that of the player or just not have the level of the mob apply for these types of situations? I feel like Ankama is catering to the bots now when it comes to farming these resources. I'm better off starting a new character and not level them up than to use my character I've been using forever. This needs to be fixed fast or I'm out.

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Is it really based on monster level, not on item level? That would really make defender drops less. Personally, I think that is not all that bad.  It would provide additional revenue for low level players. For leveling professions, you can opt to use recipes that don't require rare resources. A bit harder but not impossible.

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I don't  necessarily think the drop rate should be increased across the board. But lower levels should not have better rate. I would think that is something that might encourage bots.

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Gunnerwolfang#2406|2022-09-18 06:59:22
What an irony, defenders were originally created to combat bots, but now they will actually be more beneficial to low level bots. I just hope botters don't bother equiping their farmbot with prospecting sets.

I think that's what people do though.
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