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Profession Achievement Revamp

By Xelor#3139 - SUBSCRIBER - November 10, 2022, 19:01:31

I feel the Professions Achievement has been very out-dated and neglected ever since we have been able to level every profession for one character. The current achievements are from when you could only choose three professions.

Currently we have a total of 19 professions available:
6 x Harvesting professions
7 x Crafting professions
6 x Maging professions  

It is extremely expensive to level up every profession to 200 and very time-consuming if you do not buy mats to level, and the reward offering is simply not up to date. A player who has 3 maxed professions, which they can pick and choose from the 19 available can have 100 % in the profession achievements, while players with 19 maxed professions get the same. It simply is not fair, and there is no incentive to grind max levels. 

My suggestion:

  • Add achievements for every single profession along with a cosmetic reward attached to show-off your grind.
For example we have a shield rewarded to players who got the first level 100 profession on their server. This is impossible for current players to achieve, and would be a nice incentive for players to grind out their profession. 
  •  Once completing every profession to max level, we should have a updated ornament/Title along with a cosmetic set.
Currently PvM players have far superior ornaments/titles for beating the top dungeons, PvPers have the Legend rank/title for reaching the top rank in kolossium. At the moment the only visible reward for professions is a sub-tier ornament of a little hammer (which rarely anyone ever use) and a title ´The Empra´. 

I have taken some inspiration from Runescape, and how they have skill capes for reaching level 99 in their skill. We could implement something like this for the professions (Current profession shield + a version of the Runescape skill cape) for each profession maxed, and a superior version of shield/cape if you reach level 200 in every profession. 

Dofus profession shield:

Runescape skill cape:
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What I would like as revamp, or as part of revamp, is same amount of pods = 5 pods, per level of profession.
Not fair that after certain total of profs levels summed together, you only get 1 pod per level ... It still costs you the same time/ kamas/ fights to drop resources/ etc to level 1 level of a profession, regardless of how many or how few you have leveled previously.
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As I like the idea, currently max level professions can be bought easily with kamas. I would love to see professions becoming harder to progress or at least harder to be leeched up with kamas. Only then would your suggestion make a lot of sense.

You say pvp players get a title/ornament, but it takes a lot of practising and skill to reach the highest level. You say high end dungeon rewards are there, which also take a lot of skill and planning to achieve.

A profession to 200 can be easily done within an hour with around 5-10mk in your pocket. Which really isn't a lot of kamas for most people.

Possible suggestion, but I'm no pro in game design; make profession xp only progress if you harvested the items yourself. So lets say I harvested 100 iron and I use it to make swords, I get xp. But if I buy the 100 iron from someone else and make swords with them it creates the swords but doesn't give me xp.

This way professions will be a true achievement and then bring on the cosmetic sets!

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Ornament/title rewards sounds great!

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