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[Kwismas Minotoball] spawning system is trash

By Blue-Hue-Zero#8283 - SUBSCRIBER - December 26, 2022, 19:57:58
Hello Devs can you let the Ankama team know that the spawning system for the [Kwismas Minotoball]  is dog sh!t. Currently the system is one [Kwismas Minotoball]  can be anywhere in the Icefields approximately 140+ maps. Once that [Kwismas Minotoball]  has been in combat for a couple of minutes it warrents another [Kwismas Minotoball]  spawn. These [Kwismas Minotoball]  are also randomly generated between level 1000 - 1100 - 1200 and can be anywhere in the Frigost Icefields. The spawns seem to favour levels 1000 and 1100. Embarrassingly I have spent about 40 hours or more trying to get my team to a level 1200 spawn before someone else does. I've already made countless posts about these systems before and how dog sh!t they are. I know you agree as your recent updates and changes are moving away from these antisocial game designs. Can you please do a quick fix so that all three of the [Kwismas Minotoball]  are within the Icefields at all times. Once killed that level [Kwismas Minotoball] spawns instantly somewhere within the Frigrost Icefields similar to how the [Grumpig] works. Thanks in advance. It'd be nice to be pleased to see other players in the area rather than have people whisper me to go f#ck myself becasue we both needed that monster and it could be anywhere from 10 minutes to 100 hours to get the chance to fight it again. Bad design is being modest.

Around my 44th or 45th hour. I eventually got the kill. Again I was just too slow to the click. The guy that had managed to run to the mob quicker died after 20 or more minutes of trying. As soon as he died I took the fight and eventually won. I shouldn't have to feel like sh!t after finally managing to get the achievment and this was the point of my post. I have no idea why a couple of people disliked the light I was shedding on the issue. Doing nothing but running up an down 140+ maps for over 44 hours at Christmas was not fun in the least. As well as players having disdain for each other during this event is the opposite of what it should be. I hope they change this for others trying to achieve this in the coming years.
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