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Remove the Drill starting locations for treasure hunts

By heikedi#4733 - SUBSCRIBER - March 14, 2023, 16:17:05
Or at the very least, this one specifically on Frigost. If you're not a member of the alliance that owns the drill, or have skis, it's 46 maps from the nearest zaap.
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It's a design flaw with Frigost I, imo. Way too many objectives are posted out on the farthest ends of the pine trails, and they leverage this as part of fetch quests. Obviously they realized this was bad right away because Frig II has much more reasonable zones, and they made Frig III its own map.

The solution they came up with in 2010 was get skis or suffer, and they haven't updated this area since. Hopefully at least Frig I is in the queue for an early-Unity revamp. Personally to get to that area, I ski to the carrier then GPS from Alma's... Not very efficient.

For those who didn't play it as it rolled out, Frigost was released in three pieces: Frigost I being the first wave of Frigost through Obsidemon, II Snowfoux - CB, III the four bosses.
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