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Extra Dofus Slot

By lengendary#3408 - SUBSCRIBER - June 02, 2023, 13:12:36
Hi, I have a suggestion on adding another Dofus slot in the inventory mostly because we have the 1st slot taken up by a Prysmaradite (the slot on the far most left side in the inventory) , and is therefore preventing us from using all "6" Dofuses. I feel like the addition of a Prysmaradite has lowered our options in terms of what dofus to use now that we are limited to only 5 Dofuses rather than 6 with the Prysmaradite equipped.

In order to make this a better outcome for players I suggest adding a 7th slot where the "open idol collection" button is (at the very right of the Dofus slot, under the mount/pet slot) in the inventory and keep the far most left side of the dofus slot (the 1st slot) as "Prysmaradite only", where ONLY a Prysmaradite will be used rather than a Dofus.

This way we don't need to be taking up a potential dofus slot when we can find the "open idol collection" option at the bottom right corner of the game (where the kama exchange option and everything else is). This will still make it 6 Dofuses only, as that's what the original amount is, but it will not take away our option of using a 6th slot by a Prysmaradite. I also think this is a good step in the future of the game as more prysmaradite and dofuses will be added.

Another thing to mention is that having this extra slot will allow us to consider Prysmaradite as a part of the game rather than just a part of "pvp". It will also help in the gameplay towards certain fights/bosses, cause right now it just seems like Prysmaradite is a "pvp" item mainly, rather than an item used for all situations, and alot of people wouldn't give up their dofus slot for a Prysmaradite unless it's for pvp.
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Why not? I think it's a good step in the future of the game. Gives us more options and it's still technically 6 dofus equipped just not taken up by a pyrsmaradite slot. I think a lot of people will like this.
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Game was balanced using 6 dofus slot. 
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