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Recognize French Item/Mob names in English/Spanish Encyclopaedia + Linking Quests in Chat

By HolySandro#8690 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - June 03, 2023, 15:22:52
The overwhelming majority of players are french, this is no secret. Sometimes communication about items can get confusing, since the names are different in each language. 

My suggestion would be: If you type a french item or monster name in your Enyclopaedia, the game should recognize it even if you are playing the English or Spanish version of the game. I'm not sure if vice versa would be necessary since most players are french.
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You mean an in-built auto translator? I think the game should have already had one by now considering how easy it is to Access french servers now, and the fact that they have cross-server pvp with people speaking french most the times. Would also help with the "international" server since most there are Spanish lol.

​​​​​​They need to make an option on the side of the chat translating to what language you put it as.
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