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By Carbonix#6541 - SUBSCRIBER - August 21, 2023, 22:50:19

Was trying to farm cereals this weekend. The same 5 bots were farming there from friday since monday. Please add some kind of sporadic periodic human verification based on pictures, words, capcha, etc. Its absolutely impossible to farm against them and it probably impacts the in-game economy. Also, maybe it is possible to add more admins/mods/GMs? 


Hello again,
It has been a week already since i saw the same bots in the same place doing the same thing. They are still there. Come on Ankama you are better than this.
Random idea #1 : implement an anti-bot bot. Basically a bot running around observing repetitive behavior. If that is observed, just send a pm waiting for a specific response. By doing that it will be easy to indentify bots.
Random idea #2 : implement a state for characters (similar busy, private, whatever other state). This state should not be visible at system level, only at sw level, By going that, characters cand be suspected as being bots (by doing repetitive actions or really quick actions or whatever other actions that only a machine can do) and marked with this new state. Players in that state can be interogated to send a specific random message or perform a specific random action in order to prove that they are human.
Its not hard to identify and take action, but do you even care?
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Damn dude i thought of the same thing right after you did. i literally cant get any resource gathering done.

most of the bots i see log off but ik they are bots because when i click a ore deposit and get there first like three of them will run up to the ore deposit that im mining clearly bots. Alchemy is the onlything i can level because it spawns everywhere

Also if they don't ban the botters the market is going to stay messed up like it is now because they have materials stockpiled to sell

there is a bot mining incarn mines literally for days. probably longer i have seen him here is he always online never signs out just mining 24/7
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Just imagine that even now as we speak, the bots are still there xD unbelivable
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The thing is Dofus has anti-bot system implemented. Sadly, as we can see, it doesn't work as intended. I am sure it banned thousands of those bots but they always come back. The worst part about this system is that also some innocent players got mistakenly banned... At this point I think I'd rather wan Ankama remove that faulty anti-bot detection tool since war with bots seem to be unwinnable sad
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I would disagree. Its 2 weeks since i see the same bots in the fields. Same names, farming non-stop. The only anti bot system they have is probably the random fight with a mob while farming/fishing/whatever. That can hardly be named an anti-bot system today.
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Oh please no, not another AI or automatic bot system :/
Solving one problem and creating a bunch of new ones.
Ruining real time players game play. A lot of players aren't even able to log in these days, being banned unjustly.

The long respawn timers on mobs and resources like ores, woods were implemented years ago to make em rare, prevent cheat and exploit. The result is players using bots in order to avoid wasting time and make quick progress.
Similar with the Treasure hunt feature, which has seen many changes. The result is a game feature that is barely playable now cause of all the errors, missing and hard to find hints on the map. Players avoid doing those. Myself included. I rather buy the roses on the market. I don't care if bot using players put em on there. 

A solution needs to be found in eliminating the triggers/reasons players start to use bots in the first place. This will be very difficult, a big challenge, cause things already gotten way out of hand.
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