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Maxdeth thinks?

By maxdeth September 09, 2006, 19:06:54

I think that mebership time should be kept in time played and not in a time spand of days. Kids, Teens, and Adult have many things in life (such as School, work, chores and ect) which eat away at our dofus time. Its a shame how much time is lost in mebership, only because the do not have the free time to play 24/7.

i know ankama would probably hate this idea only because they would lose money, and need money to support and countinue advancing dofus's world domunation. We players are allways glade to support Ankama, so it really doesent matter.

Lord Maxdeth of Prezident!

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This is a good Idea... but if I pay one month... Would be...
A Month =
30 Days =
720 Hours =
43200 Minutes =
2592000 Seconds!!

If I play 4 Hours per day I would have to play...
I would have to play 180 Days o.o!!
Half a Year...
And that would make less money...

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Agreed, but it's not exzactly help Ankama, so that's a hurdle itself, Not to mention... the monthly paying is 5 to "less than ten dollars" a month.

I figure if it was like "W.o.W.", then yes, but with the price pf 5 or so dollars a month ? very unlikly. I don't blame them, either, unless it were a higher sub' rate.

  • CatO
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That would not hurt ankama, that would totally ruin them. The only way this is going to work is by decreasing the time you get for your money like crazy, and that way you would majorly hurt the hardcore gamers, driving them away. The idea sounds good for non-hardcore gamers at the first glance, but a closer view reveals that it is completely utopic...

Besides, the rules of this forum section say that you shouldn't make suggestions to change the p2p economic model.

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