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By Amharach October 11, 2006, 01:56:31

It would be mightily convenient to have a bank in the Breeders' village, and one in the Sufokia area.
Major cities and villages have banks... like Pandala... but some regions are really a bit far from the closest banking location.

(Edited to add... with the advent of the resource monsters, and their super-ultra-excessive frequency when fishing, the distance from the coast to the bank has become an issue. With level 100 fishing and fishmonger I do have tons of pods, yet that isn't enough to hold the many bags of resources... The monsters were supposed to disrupt bots, but in fact they now disrupt the main gathering activity itself. Fishing isn't a relaxing activity anymore, being jumped by monster after monster, even three in a row yesterday... and becoming laden with stuff so very quickly one has to quit and go NPC or bank stuff...)

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you can destroy the items or if you want them then job done you have collected them

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