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Mic feature for dofus

By dwiguitarplayer#1376 November 30, 2006, 13:45:40
This game would really rock if it had the option to use microphones. Of course, it would have to be restricted to group/guild/fight chat but it would anyway be an awesome adition to this (seemingly) great game. Plus, when I hit 200 I would like to shout it on alignment chat =P

Please do provide me with suggestions to maybe improve this idea, or to disaprove.

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Ventrillo wink
But to be honest I wouldn´t use it - I don´t wanna hear a Bluff-Noob shouting at me to pass my turn wink
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I have a feeling that alot more people woulb be screaming at the idiocy of other players and thus everyone will be deaf.
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Leeeeroy Jennnnkins!
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