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Waiting in queue to connect but my place in line keeps falling back?

By Daetal#5815 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - November 30, 2006, 16:52:54
Occassionally, the Dofus servers are busy and a "Connecting to server" message appears to tell you what place you are in the waiting queue. The message says, "You are xxxxxx in the subscriber waiting list."

This number periodically increases, telling me that my place in line is falling back. Why does this happen? Certainly additional people will be trying to connect while I am waiting, but that shouldn't push me further back in the queue.
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I believe Wish has a theory that makes sense. She mentined the the number could be missing a "." or "/". In other words

2325 is actually "You are number 23 of 25" subscribers. So if it goes up to 2399, that makes sense.

If you watch the numbers, it seems to make sense because out of every 2 digit number, the first digit is always lower than the second digit (i.e. 39 - 3 of 9). In any 4 digit number, the first 2 always seem to be lower than the last 2 (i.e. 2534 - 25 of 34). I'm been observing it every time I log in and it's always been true so far, but again, it's just a theory. Not sure we have any facts to prove it.
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