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Eep! Im stuck in nothingness

By Shokozu December 25, 2006, 23:05:21

Ive just been running around kwismas island with some friends and i got to an area that does not load at all, i just says "map data could not be loaded".

ive checked my settings and even emptied the cache but im still there with a black screen.

Do any of the staff know why this happened? your help would reall really be appreciated.


p.s. there r loads of people stuck here

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i think this should be in problems and solutions.. but anyway, all you have to do is use a recall potion or the bont/brak potion, if you dont have any your pretty much screwed, in which case you should send a ticket saying your stuck and with any luck you'll be moved,

there are several black screens on xmas island so everyone be careful.

clarky :-)

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yeh *blushes in embarasment*, sorry bout this, thought i was in general section for some reason until i noticed it wasnt there.

lock / delete this, sorry to the staff happy

maeery cristmas

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