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So much grinding! Argh!

By J-Bizzle#4675 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - January 04, 2007, 19:51:01
It is said that you can get from level 1-60 purely through quests, in WoW... With Dofus, playing at a leisurely pace means that my eni has reached level 50 with 104 wisdom... I made him at the birth of Rosal, but I am getting annoyed. There are about 10 different enemies used for powerlevelling. Piglets, Chafers, Lousy Pigs, Blops, Scaras, etc. And people grind on these for days. Blops and piglets can be your fuel for about 40 levels. This shouldn't happen. There should be LOTS more quests, each of which get you up a level at a time (like the Bearman quest) and reward you with a decent amount of money. The game is stagnating because areas like the Heroes' cemetary are useless for powerlevelling and useless for drops. There should be many relevant quests based around these lands, giving people reasons to visit them (I haven't been to the Trooll Fair since I got my subscription for the first time. It was completely empty!).

Also, Astrub should be less central to the game. It was meant to be a haven for F2Ps (ever since the end of beta testing), but now it's where all the level 60+ hang around the zaap to sell things. I reckon there should be more bearing on Amakna and your alignment (perhaps there should be mid-level monster sieges on Bonta & Brakmar, where level 40s can actually DO something for their alignment).

Well, that's my two cents. If you think this is a remark, don't whisk it off to that forum... It looks like game development to me.
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