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The Official "We Want More F2P Content" Thread

By January 12, 2007, 18:43:19
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SmoothSinner|2016-01-03 12:31:28

- You could even add a channel which only f2p-s can see, so you can avoid chatbots spamming p2ps

This is an interesting idea. It would mean further segregation, which is usually a bad thing, but it would definitely help new players find other people to play with, which can only be a good thing.

I think one of the main reasons why it's hard for new players to find other people to play with is that nearly everything in the game encourages people to level up as quick as they can. Of course it's natural to encourage progression, but it's so extreme that it's no wonder that many people leech, and even talk about it as if it were a good thing. Maybe extending the f2p area would help against that, but it doesn't really solve the issue.
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..I just wanted to say that that was a really good post, SmoothSinner. biggrin 

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I recently introduced dofus to my friend, and we started playing as f2p players. He seemed to be really into the game.... Until we ran out of things to do. The f2p area has been so small since 2005. The big difference is that back in 2005, the f2p area was packed with players which you could interact with and i absolutely loved it. Now, nothing makes the f2p player want to keep playing the game and buy subscription. I'm really disappointed that no new players are coming in and people are only going out. Something has to be done to encourage new players to sub. There has been great suggestions above me, and I really like the idea that gobball dungeon would be accessible for f2p players. I really hope some changes would come true.

And as always: Sorry for my broken english

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i recently started playing with a group of friends who hadn't played before and were hesitating on subsctibing.

in the end, they subscribed and they're loving the game.

but it wasn't the f2p content that sold them on it. it was me describing what the rest of the game was like, and telling them how good it is, and how cheap it is.

please, please open up the rocky inlet and tainela to f2p players. it really really isn't much and would let people at least drop a complete gobball set and see for themselves that your AP goes up as you progress, at the very least.

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Trying to craft a gobball set is ridiculous because warchief wool is needed in high numbers, perhaps consider having them spawn outside astrub with the other gobballs?

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Inuteroden|2017-03-29 23:15:44
Trying to craft a gobball set is ridiculous because warchief wool is needed in high numbers, perhaps consider having them spawn outside astrub with the other gobballs?

I saw a War Chief Gobball at Gobball Breeding area outside Amakna Castle, south of Tofu Corner.

I agree with SmoothTalkers post. Ankama should expand Free to Play to include Tainela if they want new players to generate more interest in the game.

Personally, I also think The cradle should stick with Gobballs too, and get rid of the sunflowers and dandelions that have a higher population than the Gobballs that are supposed to fill the area. <_<

* Other Thoughts *

1) Having only 4 monsters in a mob in the dungeons is fine. Especially considering it can be hard to get a group sometimes for the dungeons. BUT . . . I think the option of fighting against the original 8 should exist. The option for 'Hard Mode' when giving your key to the person at the dungeon entrance could be available, for example, allowing groups of 4-or-less fighting against the full might of the dungeon.

2) Kolossium should finally be fixed. Level 160s and 170s fighting 200s is a joke. Level 120 and less against 160s+ is also a joke. It used to be that PVP didn't let you target people more than 20 levels apart from yourself (old pvp quests for alignment). Kolo should be the same.

Kolo Teams/Groups can only be made to include people that fall within the level they belong to, and the groups are then pitted against similar level groups.

50-69 70-89 90-109 110-129 130-149 150-179 180-199 200-vs-200

3) Kolo Trials. Limited to 3v3 Kolo setting.
Requirements: Level 30 (max level for Free to Play)
> Cannot be higher or lower than level 30 to sign up.
> Open to Free to Play and Pay to Play.
> No Experience or Kama rewards.
> Rewards 'Trial Tokens' (3 per win)

This is more for Free to Play players to find 'something to do' after reaching their maximum level. Like for level 200 P2P players, the end content decides whether or not someone continues playing. F2P players need something to keep them going and ways to continue meeting people and CONTINUE HAVING FUN. Keeping players around will increase the likeliness of subscribers and increased player-base. Additionally, it will get the new players to grow attached to their characters and wish to improve them further. This will also set new goals for them to attain after reaching the supposed final level of their F2P content. Goals that will take some time and, potentially, spark greater interest and investment into the game.

Trial Tokens possible options to be spent on:

> Trial of Fire Set: Head/Amulet/Boots/Ring/Cape/Belt
> Trial of Chance Set: Head/Amulet/Boots/Ring/Cape/Belt
> Trial of Earth set: Head/Amulet/Boots/Ring/Cape/Belt
> Trial of Wind set: Head/Amulet/Boots/Ring/Cape/Belt
(each piece of set costs 60 Trial Tokens)

> Water Whip: 2-6 Range; water damage and water life steal
> Fire Trident: 2-3 Range and linear AoE of 2 cells
> Earth Saber: 1-Range; earth damage and reduces 0-2 mp
> Wind Cane: 1-2 Range; air damage with 1 knock-back effect
(each weapon costs 120 Trial Tokens each)

> Trial Champion Shield: x 200 Trial Tokens
1% resist to all elements;
+100 Vitality
+4 Heals;
+1 Summon;
+2 Damage;
+1% power;
Alternates +1mp or +1AP every 3 turns;

Bonus Content:
> 1 time per account "7 day Member Trial Ticket"; costs 300 Trial Tokens.
^ limited to account, non-trade-able
> Trial Element Scrolls (1-15) x 30 Trial Tokens each
^ 450 wins to get a single element 15 bonus attributes... seems about right to me.
^ non-trade-able, limited to account
> Fake Dofus: lasts for 20 fights (inside and outside Kolo) for cost of 60 Trial Tokens
^ different types to purchase, limited to account, non-trade-able.

P.S. I am a subbed player and I haven't played F2P since who-knows-when. I definitely think something needs to be done for the new players though.The free-to-play players have nothing but lonely struggles, spam in their chats, bots stealing resources and P2P characters failing to notice their existence as they strut around the Zaap making the screen fpm start to lag. >.<

Ankama should give some incentive for their (f2p players) continued participation in the game. Something to do, look forward to, aim for and genuinely enjoy. Then maybe we will see Dungeon Groups that have more than 1 person running 4 accounts. Actually seeing player interaction again would be nice.
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