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Incarnam ( Noob World ) POST COMMENTS!

By May 07, 2007, 13:20:06

Hey all!

I'd jsut like to say to Ankama what a wonderful job they have done on Incarnam. It makes Astrub look crap! It's so easy to make money in incarnam with the easy access to wheat, fish, trees and flowers. Also the easy access to monsters which drop relatively good things. The Boone set which can also be obtained through various quests in Incarnam is lso such a great idea. It's basically for people who cannot afford Adventure set.

It's so easy to level in Incarnam with the Incarnam dungeon and the graveyard which consists of Chafers.

Please post your opinions on Incarnam and what you think about it ( NOTE: I am not a Noob or a new player, I just wanted to make a new account and to my surprise a Noobs World was made :] ) I have been in Incarnam for two days and I got to level 15. It's just so easy! Thanks so much Ankama! you have helped a lot of people ( Mostly new players ) understand Dofus and how to get level.


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Noob seems to be a pejorative word while your post isn't at all.

You may prefer to use the words newbies or new comers instead. smile

Anyway, Ankama developers will be happy to see their work has been useful for new players.

Thx for your comment.

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I love it too, much better than that shabby old tutorial! I got to level 27 in a day ^^. P.S: I'm a feca, and no I have a life, they're so easy to level up. But not that much now.

I love the music! I've heard it on some toher game before, it's a shame I can't go back there now, sad

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Many newbs think it's cool. So I guess it is.
But I,m totally against it until they fix this issue: I DON'T WANT TO GO THROUGH THE WHOLE ISLAND EVERYTIME. I want to spawn at Astrub, just like before.

Otherwise, I think it's indeed a good addition smile

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This is an interesting point, it could be a great idea to have the option of not starting there, but i still think that incarnam is one of the best developed areas in the game, it has a certain feel.

whats the point of "Litneg Wood" ? it's just an area just like any other on cania fields, but with bigger badder monsters and trees to cut.

But Incarnam, Moon Island, Wabbit Island (besides all being islands hehe) got this self-contained feel, with their own quests, mechanics, each one of them is a game by itself. I would LOVE to see more areas like this.

PD: i don't know where does this come from, but it would be great to have a "paradise island" that you can only get in with no equips at all hahaha
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i dunno i got pretty freaked out cus it was differnet then what i was used to, i think they should have just kept it the same or made it a new peice of land that you could freely travel in and out of, i just started again so im wondering can u go back?

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