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lag = spam?

By Dravenwinters May 30, 2007, 15:04:47

Ok..this might belong in problems and solutions, but i thought its more of a complaint and vent than anything, so i'll just put it here and a mod can decide.

Was doing the gob dungeon, and almost couldnt join a fight, it kept saying I was overloaded or something.
So after I joined, I went to say something to my friends about not being able to join almost..but it didnt show up on the screen. So I typed another line, then 2 more in guild chat, and then suddenly I was disconnected. The reason provided by the client?? - Too Much Spam.
How can lag of some description and then 5 lines of completely different messages = spam?
I mean I'm really sorry that there was some error and I thought i was muted or something. I mean everyone else's lines were showing, nothing I was saying. And in my circumstances, what would you do? Type and type and type becoming more and more tense and then wham, kicked because I spammed too much. I'm sorry to all my guild who were being "spammed" by:
"I almost couldnt join there for some reason"
"think it was lag"
"hey, i cant see my typing"
(then from default to guild)"Is it just my default chat not working?"
"ah damn guys if you need me, just talk through soul until i can get this to work"

Shew, less mad now..anyone know if its just because all my lines clogged up and it seemed like I was spamming? Should I slow my typing down so the client can keep up? tongue

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That's never happened to me and I type like 10 lines in a row.

But gobball dungeon does seem to get me disconnected a lot. I think it may have something to do with the mass of people doing it at a time.

From 7:30-9:30 (my time) I can do the dungeon 4 times (this includes taking stuff to bank, healing etc)

From 9:30-11:30 I can do it 1 and a half times cause of the huge increase of people and the constant disconnects and lags I get during and between fights.

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So thats what happened before ya got kicked(either i wasn't paying attention or i forgot lol)... Anyways i did some research on bugs and it seems another guy had the same problem. Except that he didn't get kicked for false spamming but whatever he typed did not come up on the screen. I doubt your lines would be clogged up. I'll to give ya a tip in-game, but if i can't be bothered, here it is:
Whenever you type something or do any action on dofus, look for that little time thingy(forgot what it was called) in the upper right hand corner of the screen. When it flashes, it means the request is being transmitted(probably). It usually flashes for a few seconds(for me. And i have a laggy comp tongue). It it just keeps on flashin' on and on, i think its a sign that you are lagging. That happens whenever I go on a lag-fest(excluding farming spam/bots and the normal laggy stuff that goes on around spamming places and whatever). So when you typed when it happened, does it flash for a few seconds? If it did, it probably meant that they didn't receive the signal. Um..bout the spam stumped bout that.

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