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Use guildalogems to reconstitute a guild

By TheSavoyard#2422 August 29, 2007, 03:19:06

How about using guildalogems (or some other collection of materials) to give guilds a new name and logo?

As it stands now, guilds are proliferating like crazy. Creating the extra use for guildalogems (in addition to the collector potions ... but seriously, who makes those?) would help to use up the supply.

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Changing name / logo is a bad idea, but I could see it happening at a high cost - say, sacrifice 1 Guildagem for every level the Guild has gained. So a lv.2 Guild only needs 2 Gems to change, but a lvl.40 Guild would need 40 Gems...

A *lot* of Guilds rebuild their Percs over time. You just don't see it. But it definitely happens.

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I'm not sure I see the point, you could all just leave the guild and make a new one, start it from scratch wink

No high level guild would want to change their name/logo anyways. If you're at the point you want to reset your guild, you may as well just start a new one.

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Any further thoughts on other uses for guildalogems? I'm trying to think of incentives to use them for things more interesting than just creating yet another guild.

The cases where I thought it'd be most useful to change a guild name is when you receive leadership from someone else, and decide to rework the identity... but can't quite shake off the stupid name. There are a few advantages to re-branding, like keeping the xp and keeping the members and their ranks, but GrauGeist could be right about how this should maybe cost more than just one guildalogem. Then again, it doesn't seem to cost all that much for companies in the real world to re-brand themselves, so what's the reason in doing that in Dofus?

There are also downsides to just re-branding, like having to keep the perc configuration just as it is. Might that balance out any unreasonable advantages to the price of just one guildalogem?

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