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[Official] Bots

By November 10, 2008, 16:33:03
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As a simple aside, perhaps bots are not such a bad thing. Maybe, we ought to have a "bot hunting" contests. We can enter their fights, providing they do not have block turned on, and kill them before destroying the monster's themselves. There could even be an additional option under "team search" for this. We could make a game out of it, and even figure out a way to get honour points for confirmed kills. This could be fun, and a way to induct noobs into the game culture.

In fact, next time I see a line of more than a thousand people waiting in the queue, I will go hunting. Join me?

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Ankama, I suggest you to make a button that could report map coordinates (where bots are situated) or to report the bot-character directly while you are playing rather then tediously opening ankama mailbox, it would be so much easier and so much more used than the current system.

Also what could make Dofus more appealing game for new players is the subscription when you reach lvl 50 for a weak or so, this would give them the feeling of being a subscriber which can lead to more subscribtions.

Start making new spells for each class, I know its kind of hard to balance entire game and such but I think that there is a lot of potential in the gap 100-200 of no new spells. You could do one new spell for each class per year.

And make quests more rewarding, in my opinion a lot of people in dofus prefer to grind because its a faster method to gain XP than questing.

Any suggestion I made is purely made of my own observations, I can be wrong.

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Anti-Bot idea
There would be option to send person to room with maze like in Wabbit island with trap holes (trap positions would be randomly generated) which would send him back. And after like 10-20 failed tries permanent bann. You could send person there once a day and such option would be unlocked for lvl 100-200 with 1000 achievement points or higher so it won't be abused for mean things) it will greatly reduce bots flooding mining spots etc.  

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So recently i have been trying to mine on rushu,
we all know that Rushu is high populated with players, and bots.
So i learned mining and went to the mines, now the first day i could not mine at all, like over 15 miner bots in 10 mines spotted.
But then i went to a gold mine, after i hopped in the cart to go to a different mine, i saw miners who agroed, and mentioned the whole mine, was untouched!
so what if we place in every mine monsters who can agro ? it will be annoying for the miners, but... id rather get agroed then mines being clean all the time... and maybe like for a 2000 HP one with 200 damage not to hard to kill.

this idea popped up in my idea, and was like i might give it a share.

Have a nice day, and let me know what you are thinking about it ?

PS. english is not my native language.

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Bots don't have a problem avoiding aggro. They simply walk 1 cell at a time, the same way they do in Eltneg Woods, and they very rarely ever get attacked.

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I liked the time you could just agro them..., cant that be brought back ?

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The mining bots make it considerably hard to level a brand new miner, when your only resource to mine is iron.

At least when the bots are farming mobs, there are generally still plenty to fight (at least on Zato server). But when they're farming the mines, it can leave you with hardly anything and make it excruciating to level miner.

I think special attention should be given to the mining bots...

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Yeah I know... they dont read the forums, well maybe someday one person just might run into a single topic from just a silly dofus player and think, hmmm that is at least something we could do.

Because of all the bots, it got me wondered.... why can people register without even having to confirm their email, so that at least each player/account must have a legit email-adres. At this point you can make an account with a fake emailadress and still be able to play.

Other then that, espescially the miner proffession can be protected some more by putting an NPC in front of a mine. Letting him ask some simple calculating question (like at otomai island about the empty pods left in your inventory) Something like that can also be done by getting any proffession in the first place.

Bots really annoy me, I dont pay kama's from illigal websites I refuse to do so, because I hate the bots.

Other then that, isn't there an easier way to ban bots from the game, like an easy bot report? I would love to work for ankama and ban bots. I have read the mines and woods are checked regurlarly. But well eh, I find the same bots for days in the mines. If I just could send a quick message with a bots name and location area. And someone on the other side can pick this up and ban these things.

I know ankama is doing everything they can about it. But I really believe they can do more.

I hate bots... sorry if I bothered you with this complaint... but I really do! (Although I am happy I can mine at pandala now, no bots there, so you see there are things that can be done to make it harder for bots to work.

Ahh I made a new topic and didn't know there was a special topic about this smile So this post wasn't a reply actually....

But now I read this topic... I read this:

Each Moderator will cost at least 40,000 or 50,000 dollars a year (plus healthcare benefits),

Well that would be a very generous income.... If I would only get like 18.000 euro's a year to work fulltime at home. I will be happy too smile (that would be not even 23.000 a year costs for the employer smile here in the Netherlands.

And this:

Bots don't have a problem avoiding aggro. They simply walk 1 cell at a time, the same way they do in Eltneg Woods, and they very rarely ever get attacked.

At least it would take longer to get what they want, in mines they are running around like crazy and at respawn the bots are there within 20 seconds. In Eltneg wood there are trees to cut.
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The way I tend to make money is by mining and making alloys, but for a while the mines have been picked clean by various odd named naked sadidas. It's really obvious that they are botting. Due to this I am lacking in the kama department, so is there anything being done about this? Could a report bot button be implemented so you could have a good idea as to the accounts/ips that are botting and try to fix this?

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Hey everyone,

I think there is a giant problem with Bots farming everywhere. I started playing on this server with a few friends as a fresh start, Now we are trying to level our professions and everything. So I was trying to level my miner, but there are Bots farming every mine I was in...they are constantly switching maps and instantly farming minerals...further more: there are also bots farming monsters...I think this is a great problem, since I can't really level my profession and they are destroying the prices...

It would be great if the players who are doing this could stop and play the normal way or Ankama could just ban or prevent these bots!


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Hi every one!

The mining bots at Zato server has increased a lot last month. Is it something that can be dealt with? Or it is just to give up mining?

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A few days ago I was curious how much EXP I gained in the last 24 hours and it was a little bit of figuring out because i quitted for a while and haven't discovered the new lay-out of the site of dofus. But I found it quickly and I went to Community and then Character pages. I did as filters Lvl. 200-200, Dark Vlad and then I noticed there were some bot-like named characters which were level 200. Today I went to the character pages again and now I did the filters 'Cra', '200-200' and 'Dark Vlad'. I noticed ''a couple'', like 20? Cra's in Jelly sets. And the thing is the Kolossium (most likely bots so ill keep naming them like bots) bots are always with one cra in a jelly set to kill the others fast (and people who wanna make abuse of this who can farm upto 30K kolossoken in 30 minutes which makes the 'economy' in kolossoken very 'weak'). So my investigation went on and I spotted some other similarities. Most have 71 Achievement points some 4-5 more and they became in March 2014 Lvl. 199 and in May 2014 Lvl. 200. So if u look further then your nose long is (Dutch proverb and translated to English). Ankama (mods) maybe can try to look more at the character pages and send those who are in question a Email for reactivation. Or just ban them because having such low achievement points and being a Lvl 200 is really hard (nearly impossible) to accomplish as non bot? Even if u try.. And with that having said there are in other classes also bots (which you all already know) so maybe just looking at their achievement points compared to their level ( only by active players because not active players will most likely also have low achievement points compared to their level). And then you might be able to just get a full list of bots, I don't know if this all checks out in reality or someone else already made this up. Or even if Ankama has the power to do this all.

I don't think my English is perfect but I think that you people will understand it. (I'm not very active on forums so I don't know if this is the good section or the way to report this)


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So it's pretty much as the title says. The bots are starting to farm dopples. The bot problem is seriously getting out of hand.

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We're in desperate need of a mod to sweep the mines and forests of bots on Zato. The only ore currently left untouched in many of the mines on the Amaknian Continent is gold, yes that does mean there are bots that are at least level 70 mining bauxite!!
It's the same situation for lumberjacks, I thought Eltneg Woods would be one place I could gather some wood without too much hasle but lo and behold there are now bots that can avoid agro monsters. I even witnessed one chopping down cherry trees which makes him at least level 60.

I see lots of claims saying lots of bots are banned on a regular basis but if they can get to such high levels in professions surely this cannot be the case.

When the bots gathered resources for characteristic scrolls I simply fought monsters else where, when bots farmed diamond stones for spell point scrolls I simply fought monsters else where, now bots are stripping mines and forests of ore and wood and I can't get what I need so I buy it from the markets which just gives my kamas to the illegal kama sellers who run the bots.

Ankama you truely have a bizarre way of combating bots.

Rant over.

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Yetchi1|2014-07-17 17:09:20
So it's pretty much as the title says. The bots are starting to farm dopples. The bot problem is seriously getting out of hand.

They already did that around a year ago lol.. That you just found out :p
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I noticed that there are no bots at aggressive areas such as eltnug wood or the kani mine. Why not make all monsters aggressive at maps with gathering items? This would decrease the number of bots.

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Bots have no problems avoiding aggros. They move one square at a time, never getting impatient like players do, so this would annoy players far more than bots.

You are most likely seeing Eltneg after it was swept, bots are there quite often to cut down Yew and Cherry trees.

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I don't know if that been suggested already, but how about changing that antibot system which lowers droprate when you do few fights on same map to a one that will power up mob (like more hp, doing more dmg). Because lowering droprate didn't affect bots, they still do hundreds of fights even with lowered droprate, but if the hp or would power of monsters would rise, bots that farm mobs would be easliy dying. In most cases there is like 1-3 bots in group that actually fight, rest are low level bots that are there only for drop. If mob would power up after some fights like now is drop rate being lowered that would stop at least bots fighting mobs, as for harvesting bots I have no solution now.

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Just let us attack neutral players again even when their wings are down and only in the mines. I'd make an alt just to keep attacking them.

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@MasterStick - how does this help? Can't they just go to new maps to avoid those penalties?

@HamSupZhai - and what happens when trollers go in to aggro any player mining (you know, real players). Then you might as well have the bots back, at least bots don't kill you when you try to mine.

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