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[Official] Bots

By November 10, 2008, 16:33:03
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new maps? the same one bot group do one area all the time, every map for hundreds of times a day

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-GrilledBurgers-|2014-07-15 23:10:58
But I found it quickly and I went to Community and then Character pages. I did as filters Lvl. 200-200, Dark Vlad and then I noticed there were some bot-like named characters which were level 200.
I don't know how hard it can be for the Ankama team to scan profiles. Its no real player having characteristics like this:

thisCharName has no recent activity. has 42 achievement points
unlocked the achievement Edge of the Evil Forest.Miner (level 100)

And then contact them?
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So last two weeks I was working on my jeweler so needed ores and mass amounts of them. I went to a mine, crowded with bots, so many then were tripping over each other, another mine, same thing. Basically every mine had at least 4-5 if not more depending on the mine. I checked back different times and it didn't change. Maintenance came, I log on miner, check a mine, all ores there. Do my thing and check back the next day and to my dismay crammed with bots again. Level 100 miners mind you. My question is how are these characters that have no achievements up to 2 days ago able to hit 100 in a craft and multiple amounts of them. I remember how long it took me to do it and two days just isn't enough time. 

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If you level non-stop on the miner over a period of 48 hours, you would be surprised just how fast you can level a gathering profession like a miner.

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I think that the main problem is the bots in Kolossium, you can spend half an hour fighting against bots, collect your Kolossokens, buy spell points scrolls, sell them and have a million of kamas or two.

This makes it an economical problem, its to much kamas flowing around.

Because in the end you will buy stuff that the bots has gathering in the mines or forests, wich will keep them comming back.

I dont know about you, but I would like Kolossium to be an arena where you actually can fight real characters, and if winning getting my reward.

Also I actually like to cut down trees or do mining to get the materials for my jeweler. Thats why Im playing. If its turns out that I have to do half an hour bots fighting in Kolossium just to be able to buy the ores to craft a ring, then its probably better just to buy the ring. Then I will log on half an hour fight bots, buy the ring, wait till next day do same fighting, but buy a hat. But then its not a game any more, so why continue playing?

So get rid of the bots in Kolossium would probably help getting rid of the bots in the mines and forests, and hopefully dofus is a game worth playing again.

I have to admit that I have fight bots in Kolossium to level my DTs, and used the Kolossokens to buy spell point scrolls and sell them, but I will stop doing that. Hope you do the same.

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Mining bots on Rushu has to go. The mining bots weren't this bad 5 months ago. What changed? The only way to level a proffession that requires ore is to buy it because you can try to mine for hours and only receive 50 ore.

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The bot activity varies, it used to be really bad then Ankama added new anti-bot measures and bots really went down for a while, but of late they have started to creep back up and the spam bots and so on have returned.

Now we wait until the next anti-bot thing is added, which will knock the bots back for a while, then they will start to work their way back. It is a constant arms race, and neither side will ever win.

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MasterStick|2014-08-04 12:36:43

I don't know if that been suggested already, but how about changing that antibot system which lowers droprate when you do few fights on same map to a one that will power up mob (like more hp, doing more dmg). Because lowering droprate didn't affect bots, they still do hundreds of fights even with lowered droprate, but if the hp or would power of monsters would rise, bots that farm mobs would be easliy dying. In most cases there is like 1-3 bots in group that actually fight, rest are low level bots that are there only for drop. If mob would power up after some fights like now is drop rate being lowered that would stop at least bots fighting mobs, as for harvesting bots I have no solution now.
I really, REALLY like this idea. It is amazing!

Give monsters a "rage meter" that makes them increasingly more angry (stronger stats) for each time they have respawned in a map area. This would be a complementary system to the stars system. Their rage would cool down over a period of time. When they are increasingly enraged in an area, they start exercising more difficult strategies to counter, such that one single play style against a type of monster would never be effective again.

RAGE METER wins the anti-bot award! biggrin 
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It appears that dofus is not focusing on bots again on this game. So many bots everywhere.......astrub zaap will get like a wave of 50+ bots and the more after that it is a problem everywhere you go. And what happened to the bot fix?!!?!?!

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Bot companies hires bot programmers that continuously upgrades and evolve their bot behaviors to identify and bypass any anti-bot feature that can ever be implemented. They will only be slowed down for a few days to a few weeks but then they will come back again and again and again as long as they can make money out of selling kamas/items/resources.

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It seems even worse now though. I mean i see bots doing dopples and I've seen a group of 8 managing dragoturkey's at the paddocks on Rosal.

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Never have the mindset that "it's impossible to stop them, therefore no effort should be put in." Many times, what seems impossible actually isn't and there's a solution waiting to be found.

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AlphaWarrior|2014-08-22 07:53:35
" Many times, what seems impossible actually isn't and there's a solution waiting to be found.
True, unfortunately, the botters also believes in that saying..

No matter how good the anti-bot feature that is implemented, "there's a solution waiting to be found", to bypass any anti-bot ever created.
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One of the biggest problems of the bots is our community itself. Ignorance and acceptance of bots shown in almost every comment about bots on forums but also in game. I have started few times discussions about bots in game and only found that people either accept bots because of fast filling percs, cheap markets or just ignoring problem. There were many negative comments addressed to me because of that too.

That't not all. Also I want to complain about MOD's for not doing what they are supposed to do. I found out that to report bots I need to send message on Ankama Box to a MOD. So, I did that with names, and areas whereabouts bots + screens. Not once, but few times. Sometimes my messages were answered that it will be taken care of. The bots never got ban, to this day the same bots "farm" the same areas. It's been months since i reported them.

PS: Sorry for my english.

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MasterStick|2014-08-22 11:44:32
Ignorance and acceptance of bots
I have to disagree.

Nobody is ignorant of the present of bots. We all know there are thousands of bot roaming our servers.

Nobody accepts bots. Nobody wants the presence of bots hogging all the mobs and inflating the economy. The truth is nobody has any power to stop botting companies. So it is not acceptance, but rather lack of power to stop them.
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One of the biggest problems of the bots is our community itself. Ignorance and acceptance of bots shown in almost every comment about bots on forums but also in game.
You do realize the only person here who can really affect any changes about bots here is [Izmar]? Nobody else recruits Moderators, or able to interface with [Roger] and the rest of the crew tasked to stopping bots as easily as she can. It doesn't matter what you say or do, either [Izmar] has decided that she wants to fight bots with anti-bot software instead of hordes of moderators (and software will always stop bots better than real people patrolling constantly ever will) or that is what she is being told to do, and at either rate she has hard numbers about bot activity and if you can't trust her to act in the best interest of the community then you probably shouldn't even bother playing as she is the person paid to look out for you. Furthermore, if you have complaints about that sort of thing, you need to Ankabox her about it, not try to shame her on the forums.

This very topic proves that people are very aware of bots and the problems they have caused for many years now.

Bots will never go away until Ankama is able to start hurting the people who buy from the kamas, be it having them arrested and branded as felons in their countries or by simply getting them in trouble with the companies like paypal or the credit card companies that are unwittingly being turned into accomplices to crimes.
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I'd like to mention some things here, and I would greatly appreciate if the forum moderators would let me do so without hiding my post, as most of my posts and topics in the past week are hidden for one reason or another.

I sent an Ankabox message to [Izmar] and some developers about a decisive action they can take to ensure that no bots are ever used again. It involves improving the network security of the game.

The servers have been compromised due to hacking using distributed denial of service attacks, and for that reason, I refuse to enter my credit card information again on any Ankama web site. My credit card number was stolen off of the Ankama web server, probably during its compromised connection to its Global Banking Website affiliate. I believe that my topic warning users against entering their credit card information on the Ankama web site was hidden, probably because the moderators felt that I did not have Ankama's best interest at heart. How false that is! And does Ankama have its consumer's best interests at heart? A moderator prohibiting my warning would indicate this is not the case, but that Ankama would rather tout its irresponsibility over professionalism. EDIT: I recommend using PayPal or paying in-game using your player's Kamas to buy Ogrines instead.

Anyway, all told, we as the player base have made plenty of definitive solution recommendations; mine include details about how to improve network security (which I plan to include in my own networking applications) and the suggestion (elaborated from MasterStick's suggestion) about making enhancement changes to the game that provide further entertainment and match the gameplay goals while provocatively and open-endedly frustrating automated software. The trick that I am talking about is to implement dynamically-changing strategies, where monsters are "enraged" the more they respawn in a biome area, so that player strategies must change accordingly based upon their "rage meter". Now the way this becomes open-ended is that automation software would need to be programmed to take into account multiple game play strategies ... and these game play strategies could change at a moment's notice one way or another. Think of it as if those fight challenges were required in order to win the fight. If strategy changes are required -- dynamically, such as "this monster is growing enraged, you must not attack it this turn, flee!" (as a simplistic example) -- then the game's strategy grows while providing a much more difficult, varied, and involved issue for programmers of automation software to know how to recognize and manipulate.

So add dynamic required strategies to fights, and you will indefinitely frustrate bots while giving players more fun. And in the basic programming, include my (private) suggestions about how to improve the network security.

The more DDoS attacks Ankama's servers get, the more indicative it is that Ankama's anti-bot strategies are frustrating the pirates who feel the need to put their efforts into hacking the servers instead. Again, don't enter your credit card info, but use PayPal or the Kamas-to-Ogrines exchange from within the game.

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Liquid-Flame|2014-08-23 21:09:24
Again, don't enter your credit card info, but use PayPal or the Kamas-to-Ogrines exchange from within the game.
If noone use credit card, then noone can buy ogrines to sell to us.

I'm not 100% sure but I think paypal is not available on some region and they charge extra. Personally, I don't even have paypal option.
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I posted it here because in my opinion it is a major problem to normal players.
As you can tell this thread is about the major profession bot outbreak on Rushu and probably on other servers[idk]
I have seen about 30 bots in eltneg [lvl 13-19 with p2p 8X lvl lumberjack] also Zillions of them in the Mines. The thing is, it can be easily stopped either by sword [Give back the aggro] or by making resource protectors more powerful [making their damage/turn at least 80(or giving them some kind of invulnerability like Royal Mastogob but without instakill on pushback damage) or higher then you would have to get either good equips and levels[prolly around 40 so not too hard even for f2p] to harvest without dying.[imo]
Now that we cannot aggro other neutral players we , the players cannot stop this madness. Bot owners will reap their copper/cherry etc. and literally control the market[20kk per 100 copper nty]and ruin the economy.
Plus they make kamas for their p2p probably so you, Ankama, will not get any profit of keeping it that way. As i said the solution is simple: either give back the aggro so players can kill bots or make the protectors wreck these nubs.
I hope that this thread reaches the devs.
Don't let it stay that way! Protectors are too weak!

Edit nomero uno: Or make Dopples protect [temple dopples ^^] 

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Hi. I come from Solar, in hopes of meeting new people, and starting fresh with a new team. Zato is not nearly as big as Solar, actual player-wise, but holy cow, HOW BOUT THEM BOTS? But seriously, these bots are getting under my skin. I have been trying to level my miner up, and in every.single.mine there are 2-3 bots. How can I tell they are bots? Multiple PMs, the names, no set. Yupp, pretty obvious. Who do I PM about these little stinks? I am getting really ticked with them. I am trying to gather ore to level other profs, in order to help this poor economy. Let's get it together!

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