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[Official] Bots

By November 10, 2008, 16:33:03
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Trust me when I say this even though they do not publish the data. It is 50% likely that the usual moderators who does sweeps for bots do not do it daily. If they really do it daily, they definitely do not do it more than once daily. They have a predetermined list of areas that they check when they do the sweeping. Bots duplicate and move themselves faster than most moderators can catch. Even with special rights and special privileges, moderators have to literally click on the bots to disconnect them from the game or ban them. From what I have read, moderators only have a maximum of 3 days ban right, any more severe problems can only be dealt by an employee of Ankama. I may be very wrong but that is what I think I read.

And since moderating is volunteer work, they probably do not have fixed schedule on when exactly they do the sweeping. Like exact time, day, week, etc. If they do have the time, certainly if they have real life things to take care of they will definitely prioritize that over their volunteer work for Dofus since its not a paid job. Moderators can do a good job when they do it, but they can always slack and do no more than what is required of them. Most people are not willing to sacrifice more of themselves for the benefit of others with no reward of any kind. Moderators do not get any reward for their sacrifices, it is only for people who truly find enjoyment when helping others or seemingly help others.

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Bot bans are 2 days, then the names are put in a log and sent to Support who can ban them permanently.

It isn't really a productive exercise to complain about the Moderators, you should simply be happy that most of the ones we have are dedicated enough to have stuck around for such a long time, even though the company itself has a pretty cavalier attitude about keeping them around and keeping their numbers up. Also remember that all the communities have the same complaints about bots and the lack of Moderators, it isn't just us.

I think we can all agree that the best solution is to clone [Nerodos] a dozen times and put two of him on all the servers. If one copy of him cleaned up the forums, imagine what two of him would do on every server in terms of suffocating bots.

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it seems like dofus is against handeling this bot problem which honestly is not that big of a deal unless they make entire crafting professions almost impossible (like mining) What is the reason as this is not really a new issue.

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Honestly, I do feel compassion for the people who have to deal with the bots. However, I also feel the frustration of somebody trying to level a lumberjack, miner, and fisherman.

I would gladly chip in via PayPal to get somebody to camp the mines for a few days, this is really out of hand. They never seem to end, and if one of us resorted to the same method we would be banned.

I know this has all been said before, and there's nothing the players can really do, but venting seems to make me feel better.

I just think if somebody were there banning them non-stop for a week or so, they might get the idea they are not going to be able to keep doing it.

Hell, I'll do it for minimum wage. I'm on enough hours!

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Look at the date this topic was created. Bots have been getting banned non-stop for at least six years. That's way longer than a week.

Bots are run by dozens of employees of dozens of gold-selling companies. Bot-running is an easy, low-risk, non-physical menial job that anyone can do, so a lot of unskilled laborers get themselves hired to run these bots, not caring that what they're doing is grey-market at best.

They don't get frustrated or annoyed by getting banned, because that's just a regular job hazard, one that's expected and prepared for. And if by some chance, one employee of one company does get frustrated and quits, there's people lined up outside to take their place, as well as all the other bot-runners at that and other companies still churning out accounts and botting all over the place.

If it were a matter of just banning them for a few days until they give up, then bots would have died out years ago - not just on Dofus, but on all MMOs. But bots don't give up. Banning them for a few days is not going to stop them.

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OhGurl|2014-10-11 22:45:20

I know this has all been said before, and there's nothing the players can really do, but venting seems to make me feel better.

You saw this, right? I swear people around here talk to make themselves feel important.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again.... Bots will exist as long as there is a market for whatever they are selling...

The best way to stop them is to stop them not on the gathering/generating side, but on the transacting/business side.

It is useless to ban their millions of peon bot account... they will just create millions more...

But if you can trace who they transfer those kamas/resources to, you can trace their master bot account.

Then trace who traded with those master bot account so you can find out who buys from them.

If you ban the kama buyers and their main account that they transferred those kamas to, then you will eventually discourage kama buying, and nobody will buy from botters anymore.

If nobody buys from bot company, then there is no reason for them to exists.

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I have read a few threads about bots in Dofus, some are outdated and others don't really address the issue 100%.

I recently decided to start leveling a new profession, namely miner, and although being warned about 'mining bots' I never actually knew that it was this bad (specifically on the Rosal server). Honestly, every single mining area is overrun by bots who have low character levels but almost all level 100 miners.
The clean out a mine in under 5 minutes leaving those who are actually putting in the effort to level their profession having a very difficult time doing so.

I hope a Dofus Moderator reads this. I would like to plead with a Moderator to please attempt to try and control this. I really is not difficult.
Most people can spot bots whether it be the massive groups killing mobs in the forest (groups of enus with a sadi or cra as the main attack), mining bots (having low character levels, generally str element and have no pod items on because they are scared of being banned), and even the newly formed dopple bots (sac's dressed in turko / anc set-mixed).

Please at least attempt to control this.

A moderator could log on maybe once or twice a week (at different times) and scout the bot-run areas.

These bots are destroying the market place and preventing characters from leveling their gathering professions.
I would also like to point out that this is not good for the new player-base. New Dofus members are not able to level these professions adequately and therefore cannot make kamas easier to continue playing. Many stop playing after their 1 week of subscription runs out because they see that there is not other way to keep up with bots.

Feel free to add more suggestions and let's hope that we can get the moderator's attention.

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I know you shouldn't need to do this but there are some hidden mines which have many ores but have hidden entrances or require you to beat a dungeon. I believe there's the chartek dungeon at cania plains which always has loads of stars and nobody is ever there.

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All this year you i have seldom see real char mining anymore. Is either people are no longer need the ores or the bots are taking over. I think the miner outside seem fed up with all the bots taking over the dofus's economy. To this time i can just see bot on every mines. They seem never get tired and with unlimited pods. Sometime up to 3 or 4 bots in 1 small mining area.The game are getting more and more exciting but less effort has been made in curbs this issue. The same thing happen to lumberjack also. may be next will be farmer and alchemist. I raised my case...

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I guess there must be a level requirement to enter some mines, i see 2 types of bots or its a very low level nude iop or sacrier or sadida or its some bots level 150+ with high level gear and trophy and professions level 100 for pods(miner,baker,Fishmonger).

And i see bots at the brakmar resource market in pods sets all day in the Rushu server, they probably get resources from a house and put to sell so i guess mods need to follow them and see who the house owner and ban.

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i have an idea how to stop a lot of bots! at account creation you can select a random name, if that option where gone then a lot less bots could be created because they'd have to get a legit name first so just delete the option that people can select a random name when they create their account i'm sure a lot less bot accounts will be created!!!!

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airstriker|2014-11-04 16:18:13
ust delete the option that people can select a random name when they create their account i'm sure a lot less bot accounts will be created!!!!
It will not decrease bot creation but it will surely decrease the availability of a lot of legit names for real player.

Last year, I named my iop "Excalibur", if random name generator were removed last year, botters would probably try out every legit names and got that name into one of their bot so I would have probably not gotten that name and have to settle for Shin-Excalibur or Excalibur-XIII or something less cooler than Excalibur.
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Step 1: Disable new account registrations.
Step 2: Make access to the game only through invitations, and give each person a limited number of invitations to send out to their friends/family members. If they want more, they will need to purchase them with kamas from an NPC after completing a quest line and dungeon. Call the dungeon the "Friend Hangout" and have cool things there like a toy store: balloons, gobbowl NPC's, Krosmoz bench, etc.

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Will never happen.... No sane company would limit access to their game.

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Damn these kolo bots.. they're here all the time, you can easily get a million spell point scrolls every week by just registering and waiting 3 sec for a kolo to be found and found.. 50x a day.

Where did this 5 kolossiums per hour restriction go ? it was a massive help.. because now every noob ( lvl 50-180) relies on these kolo bots to get them some XP and money ( yes i'm talking millions) every day. But no, ankama limited it to 50 kolossiums a day instead? Bad choice to be honest.. Our server is infested by bots of all kind and the Mods aren't doing anything about it either.  

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i have a irritating problem and i tink im not the only one.

my problem:
there are to many bots ho take al the trees and ores non stop away and normal players have nearly any chance to harvest them.

my solusion:
is there a way that you put trees en ores on maps were bots not reach?
- in dementions
- in secret rooms after defeating a mob or after a secret path
- ...

and if this is posible not just one tree or ore but more like a mine or forest with several sorts

i hope that this wood conciderd and take in game.

greats for Blackburn from Darkvlad server

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Putting them in dimensions would probably hurt the players more than the bots, it would be incredibly hard for newer players in particular to access the areas because the portals change so often.

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"Why don't we take the bots... and push them somewhere else" biggrin -Patrick 2014

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I don't have any feasible solution, but I wanted to express huge annoyance at not being able to mine at all because of bots. Seriously frustrating.

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