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By November 10, 2008, 16:33:03
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Ive experienced bots of all kinds, and lately the kolo bots have been one of the worst. They've broken the system.

I have a few suggestions on how to limit bots:

1) Kolo Bots
• If someone drops from a kolo fight, make it a 12 hour ban from kolo.
(Its harsh, but this would make bots work MUCH slower and would also stop players from farming them quite as quickly.)
• Have a check that looks to see if the Kolo players are wearing any equipment. If they aren't using any mount/pet and have less than 200 of each statistic, and they are lvl 190 (Yes bots are getting into 190+ kolo fights) then just ban from kolo for 24 hours. (Just incase someone is extremely bad and has no set)

2) Harvesting bots
• if a harvesting bot is discovered, instead of banning it, just let it continue roaming but link everything to its account, so it cannot transfer any of its materials or kamas away. If they don't realise its happened, they will continue harvesting and it will take a few hours before they realise. Wasting a lot of time and also you can track which other chars they interact with (exchanging resources etc etc). so you can find other bots to do the same thing to.
This obviously wouldn't stop the bots, but it would severely slow them down.
• If that doesn't work, instead of linking everything, just stop them from gaining resources (Like a secret shadow-harvest-ban) So it looks like they are harvesting, but nothing is going into their inventory. If you ban them straight away, they just create another one and start again. This way you can just waste their time getting nothing done.
(And to top it off, if you detect a bot, you could make it that all resources respawn once they leave the room.

• My last suggestion for harvesting bots is to send them to an alternate dimension. So they are harvesting in a non-existent place, unable to interact with any one else.

Oh and one more suggestion.

Has Ankama tried to infiltrate those bots? Like create a dummy account and pay one of those rmt spamming people some meagre amount to find out which of their bots or main characters are actually distributing to players. The fact is, bots exist because someone is obviously paying them for their mind-numbing services. Why not find the main distributors (without letting them know they've been found out) and then finding the players who are purchasing from them. Then you can ban the players, and the purpose of the bots will diminish, because less people will want to buy from bots if they are getting banned.

The bots would still be around for awhile, but would slowly dissipate if everyone associating with them is getting banned. So by NOT banning the bots, and instead monitoring the players they associate with, you could come at this problem from the other side.

Is this practical?

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I encounter bots many times while gathering and i want to offer a soltion if it is a possible cool

Here is the offer;

1)When gathering the agro mob appers as normal rate or more offen

2) the agro-mob must have max intitive so start the combat 1st. And it must have 0 block this is must so player could always move (for reason in 4)

3) Agro-mob cast an instant poision that gives 10.000 dam to an element next turn and make him/her immune to any dam for this turn.

4) when your turn comes you have to move to certain cell that writen in the posion effect so you take 0 dam, so only humans can do this (Like 2 square left told this is not possible) or it could be writen as using this abilty next turn to for no dam. it is like captcha but more ingame style.

5) Combat takes 1 extra round maybe but kill the bots.

6) If and agro-harvest mob kills you turn into ghost.

So what do you think, i guess it could work perfectly

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siyah|2014-11-28 10:47:03
So what do you think, i guess it could work perfectly
No... But i think you're on to something.

I've just experienced the harvesting protector in Wakfu, and it is actually very counter-botting.
You don't fight, but you need to use a spell on certain glyphs that match the ones around the protector. They are random every time, and a bot couldn't do it (Because its kinda blurry and hard to see).

If Dofus implemented the same concept as wakfu, I think the bots would have a much harder time dealing with automated harvesting.

Also, when you lose against the resource protector, it steals some of your resources.
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think about a '' prove that you are not a robot'' questions integrated with gathering spots. okay wait.. for instance think about a miner that goes to [-3,9] mine to collect irons when the player attempt to start collecting iron,a conversation pop-up and test the player or put an npc to that place that ll allow you to access to mine,if the answer is not correct no gathering for 15 min(or something else) for that spot,if the answer is right players are free to collect all ores in that mine(([-3,9]))..questions should repeat their selves when player leaves that spot and come back to that spot again. i don't know if i clearly explain my solution so to be more clear its similar to death bridge keepers questions to access ''bottomless peat bog'' area, so in my solution its based for only more small areas that have mines or trees and shows up repeatedly whenever player access to that small area like [-3,9]

about the question its basic fill in the blank with the letters that they give :3 and the letters are changeable for every time the question pops-up of course ..

it would nuke the all gathering-bots

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The above suggestion appears very often in this thread and beyond (CAPTCHA's/pop-up logic questions or equations/etc.).

Just want to point out this article, since it hasn't been linked in a long time. Essentially, CAPTCHA's and such are effective to a point, but services exist with the sole intent of having actual humans solve them within the space of seconds. Bots exist in the first place because of the existence of these services.

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Alright... maybe this hasn't been suggested yet.

How about a player induced bot test?
People keep suggesting a bot test that must be completed by a human. What if, within popular resource locations, players could challenge other harvesters to a bot test, and if they fail, they enter a fight and/or the player gets all their harvested resources.

Now consider this before you disregard it:
1) at least a 5 - 10 minute cool down between tests, so you don't get spammed.
2) People would flock to harvesting locations to try and catch bots for some free resources.... those bots wouldn't stand a chance against the wider community.
3) Once someone is challenged, there shouldn't be any off-screen alert to make it easy for bot-people to quickly compete the bot test.

Justice would be delivered BY the people, FOR the people.

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You need a way to stop bots (or bad people) from abusing it to hurt regular players who just want to collect resources too.

Especially for lower level profession alts that can't fight a level 200 who challenges them.

I presume you mean the player makes up the bot test on the spot? If it is a fixed test the botters will just buy services that will solve the puzzles for them.

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Personally, I don't think it's the bots you need to stop, it's the people buying from the bots and buying accounts leveled by bots you need to stop.

Dry up their income and it will start becoming too costly for them to keep running bots.
That being said, it would be nigh impossible due to the lazy people who don't want to earn their kamas through legit means or via ogrines and go to kama sellers because of the better money to kama ratio.

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Why do people bot? >.>

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To earn real money. They are not real players in the sense that they are only playing dofus to earn real money. Botting companies hire people to program bot and gather as much kamas and resources which they can then sell (for real money) to players who wants cheap kamas and resources.

They are not just doing it in dofus, they are botting all the online game where there are demands for resources that are too tedious to acquire huge amount of. Each bot employee probably earn $5-20 a day and that would be enough to feed their family.
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I am on Rushu and I have been wandering about Frigost Village. This is not usually worth the effort as there are hordes of bots and the mobs have rarely any stars. However, today it has been different. I have not seen any bots and the mobs have several stars.

I think Ankama's latest anti-bot strategy might just be starting to pay off. Still a few lumberjack bots running about - you know the ones, not a thread of kit on them - but this has got to be an excellent start.

Be interested to know how other servers are doing and what the mines are like?

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Whether the new anti-bot thing implemented or not, [MOD]s have a power to ban bot accounts and they regularly do so. You can also help this process screening bots on spot and report them via dedicated thread (abiding its requirements and rules):

Click here

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Organis|2015-01-05 13:56:49
Whether the new anti-bot thing implemented or not, [MOD]s have a power to ban bot accounts and they regularly do so.
But still, for every bot they ban, a new bot arrives. That's the whole problem with bots. They breed faster then wild bunnies in Australia.

To get back on topic:
On my server, (Rosal) it seems to be slightly better. There are less and less drop bots (you know, the ones who run trough treechnid forest or dragoturkey terratory to drop mats) and the amount of gathering bots (mainly lumberjack/miner) does not seem to decrease, but I do notice a huge downgrade of their respective gathering levels thus showing an increase in the effectiviness of the new anti-bot measures.
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I keep hearing that Ankama regularly ban bots and every now and then I do see that mines and woods are bot free (although never for long unfortunately), however just take a look at the Zato leader board and you'll see there are several level 200 bots, yes that's right it's not a typo I really do mean level 200, in fact there is an Enu on there that is almost in the top 10, I mean come on Ankama sort it out. sad

These characters are clearly bots, just take a look at their profiles, they have no equipment, no guild, no spells leveled, all stat points invested in wisdom, their only achievements are discovery or leveling ones (who gets to level 200 without doing a single dungeon ever?) and yet despite all this they're getting 30-60 million xp a day.

Zato's population is apparently average but there are less real people playing now that ever.

Ankama's policy on bots in Kolossium is that should you be put in a match against them YOU should be the one that quits or you could get banned for abusing the bots. I haven't done Kolossium in months because every match I was getting was against bots, and when you quit out you get punished and have to wait even longer for the next fight.

Ankama's logic on this one baffles me.
Ankama's policy:
1. Get kolo bots
2. Quit kolo
3. Bots get kolossokens because you quit
4. Players buy stuff that the bots have bought with kolossokens
Doesn't this just fund the bots and give them yet more kamas to sell illegally?

What should happen:
1. Get kolo bots
2. Beat kolo bots
3. Buy stuff you need with the kolossokens
Now this way means the bots don't get the kolossokens and also means you don't have to buy stuff which is being sold by bots, so in the end the bots don't get anything.
4. Bots try to find something else to do as there's no point in doing something unprofitable

All in all I can only come to one conclusion: ANKAMA SUPPORTS BOTS!

Maybe it's because bots have to sub now to make kamas and Ankama just look at it ultimately as more money in their pockets.

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Yeah and the game just get more and more harder for new players to get kamas, but very easy to get exp, high level player without kamas = buy ogrines.

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bennyboy79|2015-01-25 10:39:56
Maybe it's because bots have to sub now to make kamas and Ankama just look at it ultimately as more money in their pockets.

Right from Tot's mouth, the bots subscribe by using fraudulent credit card information. Ankama is not making money on them. Ankama is losing money on them, because not only aren't the bots actually paying to subscribe, it costs Ankama money when the fraud is revealed.

On top of that, the fraudulent payments are probably the reason why nobody can pay with a credit card anymore. In the post I linked to, Tot (Anthony Roux, one of Ankama's founders) explicitly said that their payment partners were thinking of dropping them because of all the fraud, and now it looks like they have.

So, please, explain how Ankama is supporting the bots and making lots of money from them?
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I doubt they are using fraudulent credit cards to pay for this. If they were they would be very easy to catch and thats actually illegal. Selling kamas for money isn't illegal. just against the game rules. You cannot get arrested for it. You just get banned... i know this as i know people who have done it when dofus first started. to their defense they were stupid enough to not read the rules.

Frauding cards is an entirely different matter. This how many accounts and how many different 'cards' are being used. Or even just 1 card. either way they would get caught by the actual authorities. Hell, if it was America the FBI would be right on their tail within days.

Just think, the two of the biggest mmo's around wow and ff14 have tons more bots that dofus and they have to sub them. It may very well be the same company or individuals who does all these games. i dunno.

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You can believe whatever you want, but when one of the company founders, a guy who is not known for lying (and who is, in fact, known for revealing too much information) says "the bots are paying by using fraudulent credit cards", then I'm going to take his word over you sitting in your bedroom making guesses about what you think may be happening thousands of miles away from you.

More than that, fraudulent credit card payments are an industry-wide problem across all MMOs. A Google search will quickly bring up dozens of matches about multiple MMOs having trouble with bots paying with fraudulent credit cards. China has a market for such cards - you find a poor person who desperately needs money, "buy" their name for a relatively small amount of money, register a fake card in their name, and then when the bill comes due, nobody pays it. If anyone traces it, it doesn't trace back to the goldselling company, but to the poor schlub whose name is on the card.

So you're trying to tell me that the heads of not just Ankama, but games such as Everquest, Wildstar, FF11, FF14, Eve Online, etc etc etc, are all lying about accounts being paid for with fraudulent credit cards?

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well there is no way to know for sure. only those who are running the bots know exactly whats going on. I just find it hard to believe they would go through this much effort to fraud on a game like this. Which is why i think they do sub. but even subbing they would be gaining big profits.

either that or as they are smart enough to run a bot system maybe they are smart enough to hack the game for free p2p content for themselves.

its all speculation. no one none of us know for sure. ankama don't know for sure. only the bot people do.

(sorry for using my furby account, i forgot i was logged in as that)

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How about blocking IP of people who are using bots, not just banning the accounts?

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