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By November 10, 2008, 16:33:03
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I had this idea for bot protection using CAPTCHA.You know those pop up screens on websites for security reason (spam etc)

How its going to be used.

If a player is going to harvest any resource a dialog box with a CAPTCHA will brought up.It can be a CAPTCHA withs words,images,click boxes or whatever the devs think.
Its fast (about 5 secs) to write a word , or check some boxes.
This will happen for the first resource that a player will harvest not for every resource.
The CAPTCHA box will pop up in every login for one time until you logout.
I don't know if its going to be easy to do that but i think its a good way for bot protection.
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Do you have to type in a captcha for every web site you visit on the Internet before you can view that web site? No, because that would ruin your web browsing experience. Neither should your Dofus experience change as a result of anti-bot measures. Furthermore, people are paid to bypass whatever anti-bot measures are in place, whether it is a visible restriction that everyone can see, or whether it is an invisible restriction that only the computer software sees.

You're speaking from what you know in terms of what you see in the game. But anything that changes your experience of playing the game will ruin it for you, as far as the developers are concerned, because it is not part of their vision for their masterpiece.

But computer code runs stuff in the background, what you don't really sift through yourself. It is at the invisible level, on the server and client, that changes need to be made in order to smoothly prevent whatever problems from happening related to this issue. Visual changes would be ineffective, just like they are ineffective now.

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From what I have heard on the Internet capchas have been defeated very easily by automated scripts. Remember, automated scripts = bots. Nerodos, is it possible to speak on how many mods are currently active on the EN community servers/forums? meaning as of the date of this post? not names but numbers. Izmar, do you and Nerodos still work with the mentor accounts on the forums? I realize that Revil-Nunor seems to fill that role quite well and it's a compliment. I admire his efforts and I think it's a boon to the people who post here. I just want to ask how many in-game mods are currently active. I saw one when the Vulkanian slabs were open on July 20, 2015 on Rushu and we all very pleased to see that mod.. Fiora was it? Thanks for any information you might be able to provide.

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I have a PhpBB forum and enabled registration on it using GD 3D Captcha and within 10 minutes I was getting spambot registrations. Again. After years of "minimal" bad traffic from those computers to my server. So I set it to Q & A where I get to specify the questions and answers, and that seems to be holding them off for now. My Q & A was ineffective a while back, so even that would need to be changed at least once or twice a year, or more.

But let's be rational, pay attention. All this, from a security standpoint, is really very stupid: both the way other people are treating the Internet and the ideas like Captcha which is like throwing a slice of bread at a wildfire in a stupid attempt to put it out. Let's be real here, people. You're dealing with malice, not with figments of your imagination. "ooo let me make a pretty captcha so all those little internet fairies cannot abuse my software!" Good luck with that. Just don't spread your bad advice to anyone else, especially young people who are willing to try anything. Someone mentioned something "that you cannot do" to me once when I was a child. I almost died as a result. Don't be that person.

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Ankama should really consider recruiting new moderators again as we do not have too many active ones around anymore and everyone knows it. Maybe focus on recruiting loyal players to moderate the game for once (and I mean players who have been here for about 8+ years at the very least)? Imagine if we had an active moderator team that was actually passionate about the game, regardless of how old they are (although I do agree they have to be over 18 years of age), I'd be shocked if we didn't notice a decline in bots.

I'm just not a fan of hiring adults to do a job when there are more capable youngsters (who are mature enough may I add) to do the exact same job and spend even more time doing that job than the adults.

Please consider recruiting new moderators, I'm very aware Ankama is thinking of implementing new security measures on the game client itself to stop bots once and for all, but just think about what I am saying for once and think of the difference it could make.

Kind regards,

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i didnt read much since there are alot inthis post but
why dont they make a report system to report bots
and when u do report after x reports they get a human check like code or somthing they need to put
and if they do it correctly they wont be reportable for 10 hours

MODFiora|2015-03-17 04:10:50
Hi everyone!

Recently, the mod team has opened an official Twitter account @DofusMods_EN. You can report any bot you see by tweeting its name and server to that account, no screenshot required.

Please read this for more information and guidelines before tweeting!!!
i dont have twttier :[ .. thats why i think ingame report system is better
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Why are bots in astrub not getting banned? It's easy to detect them because they spam the chat with their pishing sites and also write private messages.
Its really frustrating that I only see them in my chat and nothing else.

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They get banned constantly, but the botters just create more (as that is literally their livelihood), and this community doesn't field enough Moderators anymore to be able to handle bots fast enough to ensure that you aren't constantly seeing them. Putting them on your ignore list is the easiest way to stop them from bothering you.

The only time you're likely to see a significant reduction in bots (short of more Moderator recruitment drives, which is really just a band aid at its core) is client-side features that are usually added with big updates. Those can slow bots down for months, but eventually they work around it, and then Ankama has to develop new ways to stop them.

If you read through some of the pages in this topic (I realize you started your own and this was moved here) then you will be able to read all sorts of remarks by Ankama staff or volunteers talking about bots and some of the things/numbers that have come out in Ankama's war on bots.

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The gold selling bots are getting out of hand now.

Now instead of sitting at the astrub zaap and only being a nuisance when you visit the zaap there or are doing a treasure hunt there, they are camping at zaaps in subscriber zones and even sending you their nonsense in private messages if you are on the same map as them even ONCE and they keep sending you the messages unless you add them to ignore.

Something needs to be done about these useless sacks of crap.
I don't want to have to run around in private mode all day, I might miss craftsman requests.

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This has bothered me for quite some time now as I am a fairly active player in the F2P zones around Astrub city and Incarnam, as I buy my subscriptions in short terms whenever the marketing team decides to release a new promotion with something attractive and sometimes it comes with subscription some times not.

The thing is, why cant Ankama place a limit on non-subscribed players farming interactive elements (flowers, plants, trees, schools of fish, ores, cereals) the same way they limit fights and messages?

I know this will not stop the botting issue, or probably not slow down the creation of bots but the amount of bots spamming phishing sites are in general, less amount than those running around the area farming resources. Of course this cannot combat P2P bots, but by the limitations already set for F2P players, I think adding an additional limit of interactions with interactive elements can't make F2P experience much worse than it already is, for good reasons.

Putting more limit on F2P will make my unsubscribed times more difficult, that I know but I rather struggle with F2P than seeing my beloved game overrun by bots, besides when I do subscribe I always buy with real money anyway.

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Name: Bloodthinnerz
Server: Rushu
I know yall take care of the bots probably once a day but you should do it more than once cause 2-4 hours later the bots are back. I feel as if you made a plan to moderate every 3 hours and just delete the bots things will go much smoother.... Because what you are doing now is working but only for the moment. Its only your job, nothing else.

Also have you guys thought about putting in some new mines or reducing respawn time of ore? Could use more mines and less trees!

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You are playing in Rushu, the most populated, most competitive server.... Your resource problem might not necessarily be bot related. There is a chance that real players are competing for those resources in order to generate enough kamas by selling them. If Ankama add more sources of resources, it will not address the bot problem and it might destroy the income generation of competitive players. If you want lots of resources, move to low population server.

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The increase of gathering spots and increase in previously rare woods has already made miner and lumberjack nigh unprofitable.
Ore and wood prices are at an all time low.

The only way to curb the bot problem is for people to stop buying their kamas.

While on the topic of bots, there has been an influx of account selling bots at Amakna Village and Astrub Zaaps.
And when one pms you, it seems all of them do at the same time now.

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I remember back in the day when lots of people played that bots were on every server. And I could kind of understand why ankama never did much about them but these days there are less bots because of less active servers. Yet still Ankama do nothing apparent to stop them.

When reporting bots to mods it takes days to get a reply and a response that they have been dealt with and very quickly more bots are farming the exact same spot. And again it takes days before they are dealt with.

Im currently looking at lvl 19x's in kwakas nest on rushu. I have repeatedly reported bots in the kwakas nest yet no member of staff has used common sense to actually check the dungeon regularly for bots. A bot to get to 19x in the kwakas nest has been farming there for days if not weeks.

The bots farm the same places over and over, so can mods start checking for themselves on these popular bot farming locations and start actively removing them please?

It is deeply frustrating after the amount of years this amazing game has been going on that Ankama seems to accept bots on their servers.

EDIT: Just to add, that my post is in no way intended as disrespect towards the mods. I realise they are volunteers and their time is limited.

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They don't accept them.

From [Official] Bots, you may want to read the full post, this is just a part of it:

MODWish|2008-11-10 16:33:03
From a moderator's perspective, we ban hundreds of bots (that includes the farming and hunting bots, not just the spamming bots) every day. But the people who run these bots do so for a purpose that is beyond entertainment. Unlike the moderators (who donate their time to try to improve the community), botting is their paying job. Running bots keeps their families fed and pays for their home. They are not discouraged by being banned once or twice. There are entire companies that pay their workers to do nothing but create new accounts for these bots and to train them all day long, which is why it seems like they never stop multiplying. Even with a dozen paid mods working non-stop on each server (with over 30 servers, that would bankrupt Ankama quite quickly to pay them!), there would probably still be bots around. The mod team is working every day to decrease the bots in game, and, as Sato stated above, Ankama is working on coding solutions as well.

Basically, the problem seems to be that some (probably not very bright) people buy kama from bot sites instead of buying ogrines from Ankama and using the kama exchange.
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Paxifix that quote is actually pretty saddening, people employing other people to no-life on another company's game to make money.

Honestly there's almost nothing stopping them at all. If they ban some, more come so there's really no point to try and ban them instead of accepting them as a disease that will always be extant. Sounds shallow but that's how things are.

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Well if Ankama actually employed someone to do the banning then it is solvable.

1 person could easily stop the vast majority of bots on all the servers.

If he/she is spending 6 hours a day jumping from server to server going to all the known bot locations then it wouldnt take long for the people running those bots to realise the effort of making new bots just isnt worth it.

And if idiots arent able to go to external sources for their kamas then they will buy them using ogrines that are purchased off of Ankama. So the employee would pay for itself.

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You act as if bots were were a problem just for Dofus. They're not. Bots infest every MMO above a certain size, and Dofus is way above that size.

As for your "ban bots and they'll all go away", why do you think one person banning bots for a couple of days would somehow make them all stop when a half-dozen people banning hundreds of millions of bots over the span of nearly a decade hasn't discouraged them in any way? Bots are a business. Getting banned is just part of their business plan, not a horrible punishment or deterrent. You ban them, they make new accounts, they come back. In fact, they make new accounts while their bots are running, so that they're ready to go the instant their current account gets banned.

And they do that because either (a) that's their job, and their other choices are digging ditches in the street or having their family starve; or (b) they're being forced to run bots as part of their prison sentence (yes, look it up - some prisons have the guards forcing the prisoners to run bots so the guards can sell the gold for real money). Just banning a few of them - or even tens of millions of them, which is the actual case - is not going to stop that.

Of course making new bots is worth it, as long as people keep buying kamas. And people keep buying kamas.

You're not making any suggestions that haven't already been made multiple times in the Official Bot Topic, and they won't work now any more than they didn't work the first dozen times. There is no easy one-step solution to stop all bots for all time. If there were, they would have already done it. 

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- "Sell all your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in Heaven. Then come, follow me." "When you give to the poor, do not announce it with trumpets or proclaim it in the streets like the hypocrites do, because they have already received their entire reward. Instead, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you." "Give to those who ask of you and do not turn away from someone who wants to borrow from you. Give, and it will be given to you thoroughly. Give without expecting to receive anything back. Do not store up for yourselves treasure on Earth which becomes depleted, where thieves break in and steal and moth and rust destroy, but store up for yourselves treasure in Heaven, which will never be depleted, where thieves cannot break in and steal and moth and rust do not destroy. Where your treasure is, there your heart will also be." "Treat others the way you would have them treat you." This is what Jesus Christ said (mildly paraphrased since it is from my memory).

Applying this to Dofus:

- Sell all your gear and all the in-game items you have on your accounts (put it on the market or in merchant mode), and give to the players who have little or nothing. When a player asks for something, give it to them or otherwise help them regarding the situation. When a player invites you to play, play with them. Treat others as if they were you: do thoughtful things for them and be careful with your words so that you do no harm.

This is what every player can do themselves to improve the quality of the game community and to stop bots. Be generous and welcoming of players so that they do not feel the need to turn to bots to gain kamas or equipment. If *you* gave that player some help, they would not feel the need to turn to other cheating and harmful sources for "help".

"Watch out! Be on your guard against all forms of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."

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I think it is pretty easy to get rid of most of the bots.

ONLY allow players that authenticated with their phone and email in servers.

Shouldn't this easly fix the biggest part of the bots problem? :x

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