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By RikkiL#1276 - FORMER SUBSCRIBER - September 14, 2009, 20:14:44

Please post your favourite 10 of these great ideas at the end of the post.
Thanks already to everyone who has already voted. Yours votes counted so far.

Thanks must also of course go to everyone who has ever posted their ideas throughout the history of Dofus.
The principal purpose of this thread is to act as one voice to the Game Developers who don't have the time to trawl through countless threads and act as means of communication between us the players and the development team.

Please keep your ideas and suggestions coming in!
I hope everyone enjoys the read. smile

  1. Guilds
  2. Options Interface
  3. Inventories, Banking and the Sellrooms
  4. Fights and Battles
  5. Houses
  6. Class Temples
  7. Conquest, PVP and Perceptors
  8. The player and the Merchant Mode
  9. The In-game Map
  10. Friends and Enemies Interface
  11. Challenge System
  12. [*]Miscellanous
    Guild Window
    G0 * New Right: Manage Guild Fund.

    G1 * New Right: Member can see where all Perceptors have been placed.

    G3 * New right: collect from any perceptor (for higher ranks of the guild).

    G4 * New right: collect from your perceptor only. (For lower ranks of the guild or known 'abusers').

    G5 * New right: mute. A player with this right can mute a player for a set period of 5 minutes which is unadjustable*

    G6 * New Feature: A completely new tab titled Info or similiar. Here the guild leader can write basic information about the guild, rules, slogan, ranks and events can all be written here. At the top of the window is shown the current minimum level requirement. When the guild keader visits this Tab he also has the option to set the Minimum Level. When a guild member attempts to invite someone to the guild that is below level requirement he can't. If the guild leader tries this he is presented with two buttons, 'Invite Anyway' or 'Cancel'.

    G7 * New Feature: A button against every member's name which will open a new window showing the player's Professions and Level, with a button to Private Message the member.

    G8 *New Feature: Manage Guild Fund. Member's can click a button to Donate as many Kamas as they choose to a Guild Fund. When the Guild Leader or those given the Right visit an available house or paddock he is presented with a new option 'Buy using Guild Fund'.

    G9 * New Feature: Guild Leader given the ability to Order the ranks from Top to Bottom in order they choose. This will allow the Sort by Rank column to sort as per the Guild's ranking system.

    G10 * New feature: Display the character's rank above their head in addition to the name, emblem and guild name.

    G11 * New feature: The player is able to click a perceptor and his compass will point him to it.

    G12 * Fix: The Date shown against every Placed Perceptors DOES NOT match up with the Date given on 'The Clock'. The month should be as a word.

    G13 * The Guild Leader has a Quest Item in their Inventory tab which contains The Guild Creation Date, The Previous Leader, The Name Of The Guild and The Level of The Guild and any other info. deemed worthy.

    G14 * New Feature: When clicking the X against a member's name bring up a dialog with three options:

    1) Remove - Removes the character from the guild (ideally remember their total exp donation in case they return). 2) Ban - Bans the whole account from the guild. Future attempts to invite any character on this account back result in a message regarding the ban and a yes/no dialog to confirm the invitation and 3) Cancel the Invitation.

    G15 * New Feature: Allow Guild Leaders to establish links between different Guilds, Mutually Aligned, Friendlies and Enemies. This can be shown in the form of a new tab. Mutually aligned guild Perceptors can't be attacked by any members of either guild unless the Guild Leaders of either guild change the link to either Friendly or Enemy. Guilds that are classed as Friendly in practical terms means members can attack each other's Perceptors at will, but attacks are logged and shown in brief in this new tab. Guilds that are classed as Enemy in practical terms means that aggression of the Perceptor is allowed and the Perceptor 'Glows' or is Highlighted as an enemy Guild in some visual way. In essence all Guilds are classed as Enemy until a link is formed. Additionally the Guild Leader's name is shown (for the guild leader only to see) of Mutually Aligned guilds only.

    G16 * New Feature: In-game history of the last 10 perceptors removed from the map/killed. It could show the name of the player who collected and what he collected or just tell us that it died.

    G17 * Offer a wider selection of shapes and background colours for guild logos. Move away from the 'shield' concept to allow a variety of new choices.
      Options Interface
        O0 * Ability to paste pre-written text into the chat box area by pressing F1-F12. Configured via the Options Interface window.

        O1 * New toggle: 'enable inventory/sellroom sort-by functionality'. Disabling it improves client performance in all inventory exchanges. On by default.

        O2 * New Toggle: 'Allow Display of Website Addresses without Warning'. NO by default.

        O3 * New Toggle: 'At Start of fight Hide Monsters' Y/N. NO by default.

        O5 * New Toggle: 'Adding/Removing a Friend of Enemy requires confirmation. ON by default.

        O6 * New Toggle: 'Display All Inventory Items As Text' Y/N. NO by default

        O7 * New toggle: 'Show night time y/n, yes by default.

        O8 * New toggle: 'Auto sort inventory items by selection y/n. No by default.

        O9 * New toggle: 'Challenge reminders ON/OFF, OFF by default.

        O10 * New Button: Opens a new window that allows the player to specify words (separated by commas) that will be filtered
        when the Insult Filter is Enabled.
          Inventories, Banking and The Sellrooms
            B0 * Ability to transfer all items from the currently shown inventory filter into the Bank.

            B1 * Similiar to owning houses show a lock in the corner of the screen when entering the bank. Clicking this lock will allow the player to add a passcode to the bank account. It can only be disabled using the correct code or a reminder can be sent to the player's registered email account.

            B3 * Gift wrapped items: in addition to the books in the job profession centre add a new npc. The player is able to exchange with this npc any item of the same type (equipment/can't remember middle tab off-hand/resoures). When the player hits accept the items become one gift package. The player is given the opportunity to give this gift package a name, a colour and a style of wrapping. The player can 'sneak a peek' into its contents without actually opening it. When the package is inserted into a chat window and the link clicked a window opens up showing all its contents which are of course clickable to read stats etc... You are *not* able to place these gifts in any sellroom.

            B4 * A small amount of Interest should be given on an established basis.

            B5 * A new bank to be built in Madstream Port.

            B6 * In the sellrooms allow players to sell items 20, 50, 500 and by 1000 at a time.

            B7 * Better integration of Mount's inventory with that of the Bank's.

            B8 * As well as showing the Average Price show the Current Price per single unit.

            B9 * Auction house for Weapons and Equipment. Player sets a reserve price for the item and a starting bid and the auction lasts a mandatory fixed of time. A player can run a low number of Auctions at the same time, the player's account is blocked from bidding on his own Auctions and a Auction Tax is applied in the same way as the other sellrooms. In order to bid on an auction the player must exchange the number of kamas upfront for the system to work. The winning bidder will receive the item in his bank account, losing bidders will find their bid back in their bank account, and if the item remains unsold it also ends up back in the bank.

            B10 * A new sellroom or NPC, Estate Agent. This sellroom or npc will show Houses and Property that are currently marked as For Sale. It won't physically allow you to purchase the house, you will still have to visit the Property in person.

            B11 * Ability to give all your pets a name in the same way as mounts. When the Pets option is chosen from the list box in the inventory display change the slot-design to a list of pets the player is carrying sorted by time left to feed. In each row of each pet is shown the current 'Abilities/Stats' of the pet. Add an option into this list to Feed the selected pet. When this button is selected a window opens showing the Resources that the selected pet can eat. This will avoid the necessity to equip mounts in order to feed them as well as making feeding pets more uniform, enjoyable and easier.
            When a pet is feed it's name is shown in the Chat Box area not just a generic message.

            B12 * Allow the player to easily define 'a weapon set' and 'another set'. See 'the player and the merchant mode' for access. *SPELL SETS APPEAR IN DOFUS 2, BUT NOT WEAPONS*

            B13 * Whenever you sell an item you pay a seller's fee. To encourage more pvp action amongst the general population how about the seller's fee decreases as the player's rank goes up and down. This idea could also be extended to zaap usage and opening the bank.

            B14 * Offline viewing of bank contents with all the bells and whistles to allow people to discover what can be made outside of their own professions to help combat people who hoard so much junk in their bank accounts.

            B15 * In each of the inventory windows of the player add a sort button the same style as the others in the game, but hitting this will permanently sort the items. *POSSIBLY IN DOFUS 2, NEEDS CONFIRMING*

            B16 * A better description of exactly what 'invalid' means on a dragoturkey certificate.

            B17 * Ownership of a house also allows a Merchant to be set up outside on the door step. This will add a new concept to the whole idea of merchanting. Unlike the Merchant that sets up his Del-boy store in the middle of a crowded street with beggars and downbeats a House Merchant allows the players to set a Wish List. This wish list can be up to 10 Slots and is divided into 3 columns and within the interface there is are 2 buttons, Add and Remove. The columns are titled as Item Name, Price Will Buy At and thirdly Quantity Wanted. When the player hits the Add button the usual Item Search interface opens up, the player enters the Item Name hits Ok and it appears on the Wish List. He/she then sets the price they will buy at and the total amount of this item they require. Remove naturally deletes an item from the Wish List with Yes/No Confirmation. Now, when someone visits your House Merchant he can sell a quantity of anything that appears on your Wish List and the Quantity Wanted Column is reduced by that amount. Further notes, in order for this to work the player must deposit kamas with this merchant in order for him to buy stuff with - there are proper measures in place to handle 'Part-Buys' and 'Ran out of kamas' situations. As for the Items/Resources themselves that have been bought they will end up on the Merchant through another icon/chest area where they can be removed only (no putting items in this space!).

            B18 * In each of the sellrooms of the STRONGER city there could be a new button titled 'Out of Stock' when the player presses this button a search box opens. The player types in here the item/resource name of the item he requires and presses the Okay button. A new window opens which says either a. This item is already in stock in your own city or b. This item is in stock in and the average price is . Stock level: . The stock level rating is set by the game designers 'separately' for each sellroom. Typical example for resource sellroom; Stock Level <3000 Then Rating = Low, Stock Level > 3000 AND < 5000 Then Rating = Medium and finally... Stock Level > 5000 Then Rating = High. Players CANNOT BUY through this interface and will have to visit the weaker city on foot.

            B19 * In each of the sellrooms of the WEAKER city there could be a new button titled 'View '. This allows full viewing of the opposing city's sellroom to confirm selling prices and view item statistics where applicable. Players CANNOT BUY through this interface.
                F1 * When the Playing Cards become too many to display across the width of the screen add Left and Right scroll buttons. *POSSIBLY IN DOFUS 2, NEEDS CONFIRMING*

                F2 * A neutral Arena located in the Dofus world. Aggression in ALL Arenas should be prohibited. Perhaps make this arena fee based.

                F3 * Give Osas sutbtle control over their summons with simple options between Defence, Attack or Boost.

                F4 * Ability to see the level of the mob whilst in a fight. In a group, This could and should be displayed under 'Information' when hoovering the mouse over the Sword symbol down the right-hand side of the screen. In Solo Fights, although you are less likely to need to know the mob level a simple /mob command could be added.

                F5 * In general the spells Summon of Chafertu and Summon of Arachnee need to be addressed to improve their usefulness. Two suggestions are improving their AI and improving the chance of a crit summon, both could be linked to the level of the spell.

                F6 * When someone points to a square in the fight you often miss where your ally pointed to. Allow the player to redisplay which square was pointed out to them.

                F8 * There are several Dojos in the game, to encourage players to use the less visited Dojos give the Poutch Ingball dummies some variety. Foreinstance if you visit the Dreggon Dojo you are presented with dummies that are 100% resistance to a random element; this is only one example.

                F9 * A toggle option available out of fight to allow the player to enter a fight alone with no chances of anyone joining the fight *except* if the player is in a group - they can join. This toggle is *not* remembered the next time the player logs into his character.

                F10 * When in a soul fight that involves a monster that can drop a dofus, the owner is awarded a bonus chance of dropping it and no-one else can actually drop it, but all the other players get improved prospecting chances of dropping everything else.

                F11 * Player's have Buff Cards shown above their Characters, but this information isn't true of Monsters and should be present in the game. *POSSIBLY IN DOFUS 2, NEEDS CONFIRMING*
                    H0 * Create a new profession: Furniture Carver.

                    Has the ability to Craft/Repair Chairs, Beds, Bookshelves, Wardrobes, Pet Cages and Chests.

                    * Chairs: Character can regain HP. Time taken to regain full HP dependant on Level of Chair.
                    * Beds: Character can regain ENERGY. Time taken to regain full ENERGY depend on Level of Bed. Only to be used when Logging off.
                    * Bookshelves: Functionality unknown.
                    * Wardrobes: Store your Cloaks, Hats and Weapons. Number of slots dependant on Level of Wardrobe.
                    * Pet Cage: A new interface where Pets are Fed and Watered (To help move Pet from Skinny to normal) with options to build a stock of Enripsa Powders and Water. The number of Pets which can be stored is dependant on Level of the Pet Cage.
                    * Chests: Additional Chests can be crafted upto a Maximum for the Size/Type of the house.
                    * Oracle of Knowledge: This oracle when consulted will present to the player a complete list of the guild's player's professions. Those players that are online at the time the Oracle is consulted have a Private Message button next to them (Guild Houses Only).

                    H1 * The DevBlog recently teased us with the suggestion that a house could one day have a Paddock in the cellar underneath the property which the house owner would have the opportunity to buy. It is imperative that
                    if this does happen only the house owner is able to buy this paddock.
                      Class Temples
                        C0 * Add Poutch Ingball dummies to train on. This would just offer something else to do in the temple and a way to avoid Kanojedos when they are crowded.

                        C1 * Add quests to the temple NPCs which are individual to each class. It could be fun if these quests offered a bit of storyline that would define the classes and give them more personality. *Slightly addressed in Dofus 1.xx*

                        C2 * Add an NPC into the game which intergrates 'The Ladder' in some shape or form.

                        C3 * Add a new rune in-game which contains a player's top 3 favourite dungeons. Favourite meaning the dungeons the player's needs to do and would like others to help him with. Now when another player seeks an Xelor for a particular dungeon, he simply visits the Xelor temple reads an NPCs book, selects the dungeon he wishes to find an Xelor for and a list of players is shown.
                          Conquest, PVP and Perceptors
                            P0 * Removal of the 'Remove Perc' option shown when clicking on a Perceptor you have rights to collect from.

                            P1 * Ability to toggle the display of the guild's perceptors on the map and mini-map if the member has the right to see them as outlined at the beginning of this post. Also allow the player to set his compasses against any chosen perceptor.

                            P2 * There should be a cooldown period for a player trying attempting to attack the same perceptor (on the same map). The player will be allowed to you join the attackers (in this cooldown period) only if someone else initiated the assault.

                            P3 * When double-clicking a Tied Scroll the Mini-Map, Geoposition and Compass still don't correctly position and follow the character properly.

                            P4 * Double defence time when a Perceptor is attacked. Once again allow 8 spots in defence of Perceptors placed in Dungeons and allow players who are in a Dungeon once again to defend given that Perceptors now only prospecting and no longer steal from players.

                            P5 * Reinstate the 'Remove' button when Collecting from Perceptors as double-click doesn't work properly on all systems. You just end up frustrated that you cannot collect all the drops.

                            P6 * Outside of fights add a button or a graphic into the main display which can be clicked at anytime to join you into the defence. Add a countdown timer into the main display also. It would also be clever to show who has chosen to defend in the main display without opening the guild interface; except when multiple perceptors are being attacked. All this can be neatly displayed just above the chat area where the emote window usually expanded into.
                              The Player and The Merchant Mode
                                M0 * New Emote: /Special - Class specific emote.

                                M1 * New Emote: /Dance - self explanatory.

                                M2 * Ability to search all Merchants on a screen for a particular item negating the need to click every Merchant visible on screen.

                                M3 * Stop players from setting up a Merchant in ALL dungeons to avoid such situations as Merchants in the way at the Tofu Maze and Mobs hiding behind Merchants; particularly Gobball Dungeon.

                                M4 * Ability to click a friend on the map (or from the friend list) and bring up a summary window which shows some simple information about his/her friend. The player decides what information to share, eg. Basic stats, pvp rating, spell levels and a new feature that mimics kanama on the website, but is personal to the player. Eg. A friend (or yourself for that matter) can see how many mopy kings you have ever killed or how much time you have wasted in gobball dungeon. With a bit of creativity from the developers you could add such grand titles as gob slayer, mopy king exterminator or otomai island dick.

                                M5 * Stop players from setting up a Merchant on all maps that a sellroom.

                                M6 * Completely remove the emotes/smilies interface instead when you click on your own player add the ability to display a smiley or action an emote from what you have available. This will allow the perceptor attack messages/icons as suggested earlier never to be obscured. *Smiley interface added into Dofus 2, not a great improvement, but allows smileys to be used via shortcut keys*

                                M7 * When you click your own character there is a new option that allows you to swap between a 'weapon-set' and 'another set'. See inventories... Section above.

                                M8 * Add a new option to the drop list when clicking a merchant. This option allows the player to display a message left by the owner of the merchant. This could be used to promote/sell goods and services.
                                  The In-game Map
                                    I0 * When starting out in the game (with a new account) the map is completely blank. It 'builds' up as the player 'discovers' the world.

                                    I1 * Ability to add additional flags to the game world map (updates with Mini-Map of course) that the player can give a name to; simply as reminders of stuff you have found.
                                      Friends and Enemies Interface
                                        E0 * Add a field where the player can enter some text against their friends and enemies. This could be anything noteworthy from 'When did I first meet this person...' through to eg. 'What did this person do to get on my Enemy List?'.

                                        E1 * When Adding or Removing Friends or Enemies give the player a Confirmation box.

                                        E2 * When Adding or Removing Friends or Enemies a simple message should appear in the chat box area. 'PlayerX has been added to your Friend List'... in the same way as when 'PlayerX is ignored'. No need to show the whole list!

                                        E3 * Add a text field at the top where you can display a message to all your friends. Could be anything from 'At Work please don't distrub' to 'Hoping to run SO later on tonight, hint hint'. Possibilities are endless.
                                          Challenge System

                                          Challenge Ideas (Some will obviously need balancing and restricting to certain areas/monsters/circumstances of the game.
                                            CH1 * Kill the whole mob in x no. Of rounds
                                            CH2 * No stimming/devotion/smell etc for the entire fight.
                                                MS0 * Collecting the Dofus Eggs: Retain the current PP Lock, but implement a system that counts the number of times each player has killed a boss that drops a Dofus. When the player kills a boss X amount of times the chance of dropping a Dofus increase by X%. When ANY Dofus is dropped all counters are reset back to zero. NOTE: The developers are currently working on a new quests for all the Dofuses, please consider this idea. Or alternatively increase the drop rate of certain Dofi.

                                                MS1 * Ability in-game to capture the whole screen and automatically forward to Support. Before the screen is captured the Time field will be enabled in the chat box area, the screen is then capture and the Time field reverts to the preference of the player.

                                                MS2 * Create a new recipe for a profession that will allow a player to craft an item (possibly a potion) that will make a player immune to monster aggression for a set amount of time or for a set amount of maps.

                                                MS3 * Availability of Bread/food items that can give X% of HP back when eaten.

                                                MS4 * Correct display and formatting of a player's XP contribution to guild and self including Fight Results window.

                                                MS5 * When crafting multiple items, there should be a results window not output to the chatbox.
                                                For example: Item Left to Craft: 18: Successes so far: 12/40 : Failures so far: 6/40.

                                                MS6 * There are tons of different Pets that give the same stats, there should be a new Pet that gives Critical Hit points. Hard to level it, but maximum of Pet should be realistic eg. no higher than +8 to Critical Hits.

                                                MS7 * Allow Alchemists to create Shrink and Grow potions that when used on another play do exactly that. When the transformed player switches maps the potion's effect wears off. Nothing more than a little fun, like fireworks.

                                                MS8 * Introduce the purchasing or building of boats for fishing and in the future use this for islands that can 'only be reached by boat. No zaaps on the island to be allowed. In addition encourage the use of existing boats in the game by removing zaaps and/or carriers from the islands of moon and wabbit.

                                                MS9 * There is map in the game with a football pitch on it (if you didn't know this go and find it ;-) ). Why not make this into a more interesting area, adding some functionality in there.

                                                MS10 * On the login screen make the password field react to the enter key, always!

                                                MS11 * Get all the dofi that are said to exist acually in the game!

                                                MS12 * When starting most dungeons give the player an option between 'normal or hard' (with yes/no confirmation). All monsters are at maximum level in each room. Same xp, no other perks. Perhaps add a minimum level requirement to do this set individually against each dungeon.

                                                MS13 * When leaving incarnum the quests should be deleted from the quest list after hitting level 15 and leaving incarnum for the last time.

                                                MS15 * Create a new quest for f2pers which introduces them to the vast array of areas in the game via a series of quests. This quest is simple go to npc abc at pos x,y. One map away from the npc (on all accessible sides) a box says 'be careful don't stand too close or they will eat you!' - Basically the mobs on this map enter aggro state, so don't get too close. On the map with the npc he gives the player the opportunity to fight a random monster associated within this area (excluding dungeon bosses). If the player wins npc says hooray etc and zaaps him back to astrub. No experience points, drops or other rewards are given throughout this style of quest. Areas inaccessible: all islands and strictly no access to pvp areas.

                                                MS16 * Reasons to go to sufokia and trool fair *** need you to continue to post your ideas, whether it be an underwater labyrinth of maps and a new dungeon boss or .. Something else biggrin

                                                MS17 * in order to service the needs of tailors and increase alchemist's activities in performing their chosen profession create a new potion. The recipe is all the dyes in the game combined. This new potion when double-clicked will all the player to change the colours of their character.

                                                MS18 * Each individual mount should have it's own XP Contrib and not a system-wide setting.

                                                MS19 * When logging in have the player presented with a new and interesting 'Poll' displayed to the user every now and then instead of a website poll that no-one bothers to enter.

                                                MS20 * New Auras for players reaching 50 and 150.
                                                  Tell us which are your top 10 favourite ideas on this list! Post below right now!!

                                                  for example:

                                                  H1, H2, H3, M0, M1, M3, M4, M5, S1, S0

                                                  SUGGESTIONS DONE SO FAR BY ANKAMA
  1. G2 * Right alteration wording: the wording of the two manage xp rights isn't very clear at all and should be re-written. (COMPLETE)
  2. O4 * New Toggle: 'Show All Spell Effects'. ON by default. Disabling it improves client performance. (COMPLETE)
  3. O11 * New toggle: ability to enable/disable the fight results window. Improved Escape Key now closes the window. (SATISFACTORY)
  4. B2 * Shigelax Candies don't say what they do in-game. (COMPLETE)
  5. F0 * A Keyboard Shortcut for the 'Point to Square feature' in fights. Also when play passes from one monster/player to another the player who has already chosen to 'Point to Square' should not have to hit the button every time. Keyboard shortcut added. (SATISFACTORY, need to check 2nd point on release)
  6. F7 * Ability to increase the number of spell slots available in the movable bar or a redesign of the spell interface. (COMPLETE)
  7. P4 * Double defence time when a Perceptor is attacked. Once again allow 8 spots in defence of Perceptors placed in Dungeons and allow players who are in a Dungeon once again to defend given that Perceptors now only prospecting and no longer steal from players. NOTE: In Dofus 2 defense time is now a minute not 20 seconds. (PARTIAL)
  8. [*]MS14 * Add a simple lock on/off button next to the sword icon, when toggled this will show/hide the plus symbols against the characteristic points (if any available). (SATISFACTORY)
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I voted pvp and conquest but none of the ideas were ones I felt the undying urge to work on. I feel the head hunter quest needs a major overhaul and a second look at the economic impact of the Stroken system. Rather than sand blasting low level classes based on 1v1 PvP I feel that The system needs to be formed so that the rewards don't force players to worry about winning or losing.

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ooo...awesome thread, rikkil! biggrin i haven't voted b/c i haven't had a chance to read through all the categories in detail yet. from what i've seen so far, you've done an amazing job of putting this together in a way that the developers can clearly understand it and prioritize their areas of development according to the needs of the players.

anjulica smile

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Hey Anjulica, feel free to spread the word amongst Thantos. I wish participation was a lot higher; last time I did this there was like 900 reads but very few people having the time to contribute. ^^

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I will not vote since even after I shoved good ideas in your face you still will not even add them to your list.

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I VOTE FOR F10, but in a more interesting way. What about the option of "owner get all the drops" as an option, so you can do group souls, OR solo souls, ni case of solo souls, the colour is different or something, so the people joining the fight now that all drops go automatically to the owner. Actually "owners get the drops" is something really practiced in all over dofus, so what about an option to avoid scammers that keeps dofus, or skeunk skins, or things, after agreeing that verbal contract?. Maybe you can even make a second arena unique map where all drops goes for owner, or something like that. Neutral arena would be nice too, since bonta deserves to be friends with brakmas

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I am not adding anymore ideas to the list Rollz for the foreseeable future.

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SilverShinae|2009-09-15 07:32:00
so what about an option to avoid scammers that keeps dofus, or skeunk skins, or things, after agreeing that verbal contract?.

Thats not scamming. You shouldn't expect people to agree to such things, these are very rare drops you are talking about and everyone is entitled to the same chance of drop. But if you insist, choose you group exceptionally wisely indeed almost as if they are you neighbours.
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aaaaaaaah!!! too much info im gonna blow *HUGE EXPLOSION!!!*

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I voted for 'Class temples', and you're right, CoolRay, it's rather large to review all of it.

I also did a bit of reviewing on the 'Houses' mention -- We could always use another option to recover energy, than grind on a single profession (aside from that energy bread ..) ...and logging-off in a house. Bah. Good idea--props.

A good read if you're crafting, though -- or waiting of a maintenance/server back-up break.


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Still too many to narrow it down.


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I think F3 apart from I think full control over summons

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alot to read on that, an has some good points as well as bad.
I would choose MS16+MS11 why? Oh I just wrote a story some months ago about my visitor to the isle of Ankama. Maybe someone actually read it, an maybe no one cares.. bah'
long story short; badly hurt in fight, go to clinics to heal but refused, Mount dies, go to eastern Pandala (Air) takes Boat to hidden island off of Pandala, Mount buried in meadow with dofus in its stomach. The last of the 6 real Dofuses... find hidden Kitsou island go to it an trigger event, fight a lvl 5000 Ghost Armored Mount! But once an only once!!

Armored Set - Working Project!

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Suits you sir

*polite bump*

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When does the new edition of this get written? I've seen some pretty cool ideas around lately.

Also... bump!

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Love the ideas Rikkil, please keep them coming. tongue

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ThePurpleAvenger|2009-10-11 04:53:00
When does the new edition of this get written? I've seen some pretty cool ideas around lately.

Also... bump!

This is a player gathered list of ideas. Maybe some will become obsolete when Dofus 2 is released, but the majority will not be seen on release. Hopefully soon after we will receive some of the more obvious requests like a guild message board!
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Do you really think Ankama gives a bit on our suggestions?

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In short, Yes.

It terms of how much, a fair degree.

As to whether they read this thread - I live in hope.

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My fav:

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