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Feca 2.1 spell change suggestions

By Bujax December 18, 2009, 12:51:04

In the"" target="_blank">French Zone 48 lichen revealed that the next class that will receive significant reworking is the feca (it's not fresh news, but it's good to know the problem was noticed). So post your spell change suggestions here, maybe with our newly appointed community manager, some of these ideas will make it to the devs.

I'll start with my own suggestions and those I've already seen on the forums (here and imps). Some of the suggested changes might be quite overpowered, but I'll include them all and just mark them as (OP). Ideas suggested by lichen will be marked as (dev).

Reinforced Protection (Class special spell)
- make it castable on enemies, will remove CC capability in PvP (OP) or lower the damage output of a monster
- add a healing or regenerating effect
- one of the feca set pieces could raise the number of casts per target to 2
- replace with a spell that makes someone a better locker (if he get's attacked, the attacker loses MP and gains a weakness)
- replace the 20% res with an anti-brokle spell - all attacks against the feca get minimal rolls (keep the weakened state and add a 1 turn cooldown not to get OP)
- make the effect a 1C or 2C glyph, with anyone on the glyph getting the 20% reduction and the CC penalty

Agressive Glyph

- add an effect that causes a slight weakness to fire for a short period (1-10% fire weakness for 1-3 turns)
- add an effect that causes weakness to other elements, but not fire (for team play and hybrid builds)
- add an int steal effect
- add an "on fire" effect (int-poison of short duration)
- remove or half the damage to self and allies

Elemental Armors: (Earth, Glowing, Wind, Water)
- make armors 1AP at level 6
- shorten the recast delay from 6 to 5
or - consolidate armors into three types: Physical Reduction, Magical Reduction, AP/MP loss resistance
- provide improved protection against allied or self attacks (+50%?)
- use the free'd spell slot for an additional damage spell (possibly air) or a summon

Natural Attack
- decrease dmg, but make it bypass any fire res. under 100%
- weaken the enemy's damage by a %
- buff consecutive attacks (e.g. +2 base dmg for 1 turn after each attack)
- add an int steal effect
- add an "on fire" effect (int-poison of short duration)

Spell Rebound
- reintroduce some randomness so that monsters attack you, possibly 2 turns 50% reflect chance or 3 turns 33% chance.
- should reflect any type of spell (including unbewitchment, knockback, possibly even buffs and debuffs)
- replace completely with a summon (possibly static wall)
- reflect a decreasing % of the received damage from consecutive attacks received after the spell is cast


- change element to earth (dev)
- make AP loss undodgable on crit
- add a range steal effect

Cloudy Attack
- make it a dual element spell Fire+Water, Fire+Air or even Air+Water ((dev), although lichen was skeptical about introducing air)
- change the element completely to Water or Air
- add a poison effect that lowers enemy stats with AP use
- add a chain lightning effect - i.e. cloudy would attack further enemies which are linear to the first target (in any direction, but with a small range) but losing 1/2 power with each hit
- add a linear area effect (suggested 2-3 squares) similar to burning arrow or pandatak, or a small circular area effect (1C like cawwot)
- remove LoS

- lower the AP cost to 3 at lvl 5 and 2 at lvl 6
- make it last 2 turns again (OP in 1vs1 PvP)

- add a steal hp effect (OP?)
- add a single square glyph that deals damage at end of turn (akin to blop glyphs)
- add a small 1C "splash" water glyph
- add 1MP steal (undodgeable on crit or lvl 6)
- add a small 1C area effect


- 1 turn duration, limited area, lower cooldown (dev)
- add a +heals effect
- invert heals and damage for duration (OP - imagine eni's heals as attacks)

Art of Staff

- make it work on other elements as well (comparable to Bow Skill)
- make it work on any CC damage
- change the effect to a brokle-like one - maximizing damage from any CC attacks
- change the effect to make CC attacks cause enemy weakness
- make it improve glyph dmg as well
- change it to work exactly like a weapon skill (for staffs only or universally)
- increase the +dmg, especially at lvl 6


- change element to earth (dev)
- change the str steal effect to a dmg steal effect (feca gets a linear +x dmg, opponent gets -x dmg)

Glyph of Blindness

- add an effect that causes a slight weakness to AP loss for a short period (1-10% lower AP loss resistance for 1-3 turns)
- add a small neutral or water damage component
- make the AP loss undodgable (OP) or undodgable on a critical
- increase range (of the glyph)
- add a -range effect
- add a +crit failures effect
- remove or half the effect to self and allies


- add pushback and/or air damage around the landing spot
- add a gravity/weakened/locked state effect for others
- add a small regeneration effect
- add a small one square portal glyph that stays behind from where the feca teleports and leads to another created on the spot where the feca lands. It lasts 1 turn and allows allies to follow to where feca by stepping on the glyph.
- lower cooldown

Burning Glyph

- go back to an evenly spread damage or increase the damage, especially at lvl 6
- add an effect that causes a slight weakness to fire for a short period (1-10% fire weakness for 1-3 turns)
- add an effect that causes a neutral, water or air weakness (for team play or hybrids)
- add an "on fire" effect (int-poison of short duration)
- remove or half the damage to self and allies

Feca Shield
- no changes suggested yet, but a reworking of %res mechanisms was announced which might be advantegous to fecas (dev)
- move the %res cap to 60-70% for fecas only (increase the 50% cap by 1% every 10 or 20 character levels)

Paralyzing Glyph

- add an effect that causes a slight weakness to MP loss for a short period (1-10% lower MP loss resistance for 1-3 turns)
- add a small air damage component
- add a "grounding" effect (forbids teleportation spells)
- add an agi steal component
- add a -range effect
- make the MP loss undodgable (OP) or undodgable on a critical
- make the MP loss be a 2-turn effect
- add a -dmg effect
- remove or half the effect to self and allies

Glyph of Silence
- lichen clearly states this spell will be reworked (probably because it rules in group pvp, but is useless in 1vs1) (dev)
- add an effect that causes a slight weakness to AP loss for a short period (1-10% lower AP loss resistance for 1-3 turns)
- add a water damage component
- add a chance steal component
- add a heal allies effect (they still suffer AP loss)
- make the AP loss undodgable (OP) or undodgable on a critical
- make the AP loss undodgable, but smaller and lasting a few turns (e.g. -1AP for 3 turns at lvl 6)
- change the effect to a "weakness"-like state that prohibits the use of spells (but allows CC), no idea how it should work in PvM (OP)
- remove or half the effect to self and allies

New spell suggestions (since consolidating armors or getting rid of reflect or reinforced would free a spell slot):
- Summon Static Wall (high res high hp shield), possibly with a small glyph that gives shields or reflect
- Summon a bag-like creature that follows caster and casts dmg reflects
- An air-dmg spell (if cloudy becomes air or air hybrid) - could look and work like bwork's tornado
- A water-dmg spell with a steal hp or steal chance effect
- Ice glyph - a glyph that causes anyone who steps on it (or is pushed onto it) to slide across. Anyone who starts the turn on the glyph suffers water damage.

Note from the poster: I don't agree with many of these suggestions (either because they are overpowered or unnecessary). I don't feel a need to boost the defensive capabilities (aside from reworking of the often useless Spell Rebound) but an improvement in offense would be great. I especially like the fire weakness, int steal or int poison ideas.

Edit: constantly updating new suggestions both from here and imps village

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I liked truce idea, reducing it's AP cost would be nice too though.
The idea for AP remove glyphs as water-damage glyphs and MP remove glyph as air damage is also interesting, would make alternative builds more balanced.
I just think that improved protection should be boosted as a healing and + %resistance spell, making it much more interesting, still 1 cast per target, or maybe 2 cast with one part of the set. I mean, inteligence fecas are the main build of the class, so why not a healing spell? =P
Although some may think bouble as a steal spell would be OP I do understand it's a nice idea as chance fecas can't resist much with shields... Nice idia too

* as opening a slot for a spell with 3 armors instead of 4, an air spell would be nice as chance fecas, if this ideas get some attention, would be cool, so air fecas would also need some stimulation for the build... Imo tongue
- Hobbit
feca 168

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Thanks Hobbit, edited in your suggestions

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Glyph of Silence: This is by far the worst level 100 spell of any class. The idea has been thrown around to make this spell do as stated in the description - that is, to prevent enemies within the glyph from casting spells for a single turn. This would force an enemy to advance for close combat, or retreat. I like this idea. 100% AP loss would also be nice (as an alternative, not in combination), but this might create an uproar from the xelor population.

Reinforced Protection: I like the idea of casting on enemies to prevent weapon use. This could potentially save a feca's butt when all other options have been exhausted. AP cost and cooldown should be increased to balance it out though.

My idea is to alter this spell so that it heals the target by absorbing half damage. This would allow the feca to be a tank class once more. Allies could attack a feca in this state and effectively heal it without the need of an eni. Again, I think an increase in AP cost and longer cooldown would compensate for the change.
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lol air cloudy attack, that would be insane

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Reinforced Protection (Class special spell)
Do as it does currently, add regeneration.
  1. heals 1-2 2 turns
  2. heals 1-2 2 turns
  3. heals 1-3 2 turns
  4. heals 1-3 2 turns
  5. heals 1-4 2 turns
  6. [*]heals 2-5 3 turns

    Aggressive Glyph
    Steal Intelligence from the target as well. This would make the spell defensive and offensive.
  • Weakens some defensive spells such as Toad/Armors
  • Weakens Heals
  • Decreases damage
  • Increases further Fire damage, increases your armors
Natural Attack
Decrease the damage, similar to that of Crow, make it bypass all Fire Resistance or treat fire resistance of 100% or lower as 0%.
This wouldn't interfere with Bherb or the likes mechanic.

- add a steal hp effect


Art of Staff
A couple ideas.
1) The Caster deals Max damage with CC. Short duration, low AP, high CD(-x CH for z turns)
*Makes up for time spent buffing
*Makes up for otherwise unimpressive damage
2) Puts caster in a Focused state. Focused state would add a resistance debuff to CC attacks.
(perhaps Staff only).
  1. Focused state 2 turns: -2% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance
  2. Focused state 2 turns: -3% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance
  3. Focused state 3 turns: -3% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance
  4. Focused state 3 turns: -4% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance
  5. Focused state 3 turns: -5% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance
  6. [*]Focused state 4 turns: -5% Neutral, Earth, Fire, Water, Air resistance

    Glyph of Blindness
    -Range, Undodgeable AP drain with a Critical.

    Deal light air damage AoE 1, centered on where you teleport to.
    Knockback of 1 square/Level AoE 1, centered on where you teleport to.

    Paralyzing Glyph
    Keep current effects, Steals Agility.
    This would effectively paralyze your targets decreasing their Dodge ability and effectively increasing the ability for you, or anyone else, to tackle them. It also decreases their mobility in reacting to keep you locked down.
    If Cloudy Attack were to deal secondary Air damage (as nearly everyone thinks it should)
    it would bolster your low Agility due to the soft cap.
    1. steals 3 agility (2 turns)
    2. steals 4 agility (2 turns)
    3. steals 5 agility (2 turns)
    4. steals 6 agility (2 turns)
    5. steals 7 agility (2 turns)
    6. [*]steals 10 agility (3 turns)
      All of the above in addition to the current MP drain.

      Glyph of Silence
      Add a Water steal component.
      less AP drain,but undogeable.
      Perhaps(keeping the Glyph duration/size as is):
      1. -1 AP
      2. -1 AP
      3. -1 AP 2 turns
      4. -1 AP 2 turns
      5. -1 AP 2 turns
      6. [*]-1 AP 3 turns
        This would rely on tactics to force them to stay on the Glyph. Trading off large potential AP drain for a consistent, stackable drain.
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Some interesting ideas. Edited them in.

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Bujax|2009-12-21 09:52:00
Some interesting ideas. Edited them in.

Glyph of Blindness
should be decrease range, undodgeable MP loss on a Crit.
You edited in increase range.

Happy you like the suggestions. smile
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bubble steals. 100% NO. just like the new cra spells, there would be 2million lvl 31 noobs trying for rank 10 wings. and they would get it to cause that would be extremely over powered.

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Natural attack (or even cloudy)

reduces damage by a set amount, like cras destructvie arrow does

or that could even be added to agressive glyph, but i have no issues with that spell as it is

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as far as i can tell everything looks pretty good i especially like the little teleportation/ agi dmg thing would be sweet but not doing the pushback thing because when i teleport i normally do it to get closer and such. the earth backlash though... OMG i've been waiting for that for a long time. cant wait to try that out in ougaa. the bubble steal also would be orgasmic also. so far everything sounds awesome hope they make it happen and make us uber overpowered xD

- 192 Str/Cha feca Insertscatchysalt (rosal)

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@electricotter - I thought the spell could use a range increase, but I edited in your suggestion on a decrease range effect (though it seems a bit useless on a spell with such small range).

@soultater - as with any newly found OP build there will be "2 million noobs" trying to farm wings/strokens with it. There were agi xelors, int iops, agi/cha cras, why not add cha fecas to the bunch? With such different classes 1vs1 balance is impossible to achieve without buffing the weak and/or nerfing the strong.

@rossiscooler - I also like the way they improved agressive glyph already. My main wish is that they stay true to their word and improve feca's damage output rather than defense.

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Bujax|2009-12-22 02:53:00
@electricotter - I thought the spell could use a range increase, but I edited in your suggestion on a decrease range effect (though it seems a bit useless on a spell with such small range).

The taking of range (with a short range spell) is tactical not pointless. Just because you are close doesn't mean everyone on your TEAM is. I don't look at things through the lens of 1Vs1 PvP. An AoE range debuff coupled with a few other spell change suggestions, would greatly impact a Feca in team play. I must admit that Fecas were a key component to teh demise of Growzilla and crew, but in most group play Fecas are lack luster.
Even in single play there is the advantage of -range then Teleportation. The main suggestion of -range is two fold:
1)Glyph of BLINDNESS...
2)The spell is actually ok as is (agreed on adding some range, but meh), something as simple as an enemy debuff (debuffs being a passive form of defense) would shift it from ok->good. Indeed Fecas have Spell Point issues as is, but making it it would make the lvl 1 version of the spell more functional.

I can see adding water damage/steal to the support glyphs(especially with the trend of chance gear to have nice wis) but I would like something a little less conventional.

As for Bubble Fecas being the new Stroken Armors would be less effective on a Chance Feca. They deserve the added effect of healing to compensate. P.S. look at the range.
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I didn't read all your Ideas yet. But the some I've read I like except the fact of healing/stealing spells.

Fecas need a buff on power of some spells and a fix on shields, also some secondary effects and possible new versatile builds. Stealing/Healing effects would make the class overpowered I think as they can reduce and reflect spells. Besides that the ideas are good, I will read the others now. laugh


I heard the Shields suggestion and Spell Rebound. Actually I found them cool but I have some old suggestions:

Spell Rebound: Reflect the next spell received (infinite). When you receive an attack you will reflect, the second attack won't reflect because the first attack disabled the state.
Level 6: Reflects 80% of the damage. Cooldown of 3 turns. I think it would be a tactical spell also it's not accumulative.

Make 2 Shields, Water/Earth, Air/Fire. Both costs 3 AP with the same cooldown.

Stormy Armor: Air/Fire Shield
Avalanche Armor: Earth/Water

Decrease the reduction power as they would receive an increase on the power of spells.

About Feca's Shield I think that spell is ok now.

Cloudy Attack doing fire/water damage would be nice.
Lvl. 6
23 to 25 (fire), 23 to 25 (water) 5 AP. Adds the State Electrified 1 turn. Cooldown of 2 turns after 1 cast.
7 Range, Linear.

Electrified State: -10 intelligence, -10 agility, -10 strength, -10 chance(4 turns) for every single AP used.

Aggressive Glyph's Weakness awesome, 5% fire weakness for 2 or 3 turns and it will rock.

The Bubble spell keep it as it is with some secondary effects:
Level 6: Actual damage +Stealing effect of 6 chance points (4 turns). Sets a glyph of size 0(3 turns) (similar to blop ones) Deals 15 Water Damage in the end of the turn.

As for Glyph of Silence it could be a Water/ Ap loss Glyph, not a lvl 200 Spell. Swap the required level with Feca's Shield or other spell.

Lv. 5 - AoE of 3(circular). Duration of 2 turns, cooldown of 2, 3 AP. 4 Range.
17 to 19(water)
-3 AP (1 turn)

Backlash: earth Damage, that's perfect ^^

#1 Shield's Place

Wavy Wave Lv.. 6
25 to 29 (water) 1 to 4 ra (linear + unboostable)
Steals 25 Chance Points (3 turns)
4 AP
2x Casts per turn

#2 Shield's Place: Strength spell to make the build interesting.

Natural Attack: I would like to see a new style of spell, let's say:

Level 6: 11 to 12 (fire) +2 to the spell's base damage (1 turn). 3 Casts per turn. That means you'll deal 11 to 12, 13 to 14 and then 14 to 16.

** 3 AP lvl 5.

I think you don't need to make all the spells useful otherwise fecas will have the same problem - too many spells to level -, if they divide the feca class into 3 possible builds - Strength - Water - Fire - It will be fantastic.

MP glyph. AoE of 3 Circular, duration of 3 turns, Adds poison of -2 Mp (2 turns) Dodgeable, -15 Damage (1 turn) Cooldown of 6 or 7 turns (lvl 5)

Art of Staff: +20 to Close Combat's Damage, +25 Physical Damage.

Glyph of Blindness(lvl 6):

Duration: 3 turns, recast: 5 turns. Aoe: 2 Circular.
+25 to Critcal Failures (3 turns)
Randomizes all attack spells by 5 (1 turn)
Example: Agressive Bramble does 6 to 50, it would do 1 to 50. Magic Arrow does 20 to 22, it would do 15 to 22.
Deals 5 Neutral Damage

Reinforced Protection
That spell was a non worked spell on my point of view. Why another shield spell if they already have got Feca shield?

Locker Shield
AP: 2
Duration: 2 turns
Cooldown: from 10 to 5
Everytime someone attacks you this person will lose 1 MP (undodgeable) and gain 5% weakness of the element this person used.

Burning Glyph
Keep it, or I don't know. The Spell is Ok atm. Fecas can't deal that big damage while they can still reduce. If you increase the power, reduce the armors.


Reduces Damage by 1500 (1 turn)
Immunizes the target against MP loss.
Immunizes the target against AP loss.
Weakened State (1 turn)

3 Ap until level 5. Level 6 it costs 2 Ap. The cooldown is mostly affected by the level of the spell.


Lvl. 6
- Everyone reduces damage by 900
- 3 AP cost
- +25 Heals (ally)
- -25 Heals (enemies)
- 2 turn of duration
- 6 turns of cooldown


Reversion effect:
Damage = Healing (2 turns)
Healing = Damage (2 turns)
Disables some spells (all players) - Iop's Wrath, Word of Recovery, etc. Some high damage/healing spells (2 turns)
Everyone enters in Weakened State (2 turns)


Puts everyone around you into the Locked State (100% dodge roll fails),Gravity State and Weakened State for 1 turn.
4 Ap all levels. Range Increases and Cooldown decreases by lvl.

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Er... Can anyone tell exactly what Lichen is talking about with the whole "resistance formula change" thing? Google Translation is terrible, but from the looks of it, they want to make high amounts of resistance less effective...?

If so, that's YET ANOTHER screw-you to my build...
(Should take you straight to his post)

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They way I understand it is that they want to make a large number of smaller resistances less effective than one high resistance.

For example:
Currently if you wear 4 theoretical resist gears, e.g. 20%, 10%, 10%, 5% you would get a total of 45% resistance.

The system lichen said they are considering would reduce all further resists (in order from most powerful) by the percentage of the previous ones, so:
20%+(100-20)%*10%+(100-20-10)%*10+(100-20-10-10)*5%= 20%+0.8*10%+0.7*10%+0.6*5%= 20%+8%+7%+3%= 38%

The new system would favor high resists from pvp shields or feca spells, but nerf builds relying on stacking a lot of small resists from equipment.

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Just another thought. I really think the damage should be increased a bit. Range and AP are fine, and I don't think blindness will ever be an offensive threat because it's limited to one cast per target. Maybe standardize the damage a bit and make it less random. Something like 13-16 sounds fair.

On a side note, I thought a little alteration to the spell would be fun. Maybe instead of AP loss, keep the damage the same, one cast per target, and a possible increase in AP cost and cooldown. It would be fun to add an invisibility of everyone else kind of state to the target. Kind of like the Ze Flibs do in Otomai Ark. A feca could cast at a target and truly blind his or her opponent. State would cause invisibility of all allies and enemies for a single turn (longer than that might be overpowered I think). A player in this state would have to rely on memory and luck to find their targets. Don't know how monsters would be affected, I suppose they would react with the same AI as they do towards invisible srams. Maybe glyph of blindness could do the same thing, I don't know. Just sounds like fun, doesn't it? It would give fecas some strategic options rather than armor, armor, armor, shield, attack, armor, etc.

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Bujax|2009-12-24 17:47:00
The new system would favor high resists from pvp shields or feca spells, but nerf builds relying on stacking a lot of small resists from equipment.

In other words: Me.

(Don't know of any other nutjobs that try to use resistance-heavy gear)

Uuuuuuuuuugh.... Thanks for the info. ;-;
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JebinZedalu|2009-12-25 13:01:00
In other words: Me.

(Don't know of any other nutjobs that try to use resistance-heavy gear)

Uuuuuuuuuugh.... Thanks for the info. ;-;

That is 6month old topic. Are you sure that is still up to date information? Besides, it could had been launched on english as well with such important matter. However, it won't affect me that much since I use Feca spells, it shouldn't be too much decreased for my part. Could be good if they replaced that system with the 50% cap. ^.^ All resistance below 50% is underpowered. I know all resistance above 50% is overpowered, but it would at least be fair considered to the options. As a Feca who specialize on resistance, that would be awesome to be able to release all of the class'es potential.
Suggestion, move the cap to 75%

Back to the topic:
Should I make some suggestions, I would target the spells which I ignore or have a big maybe on.

All 4 elemental armors: Increase their reduction effiency with 20%. Make the fire armor as strong as the other armors.

Blindness: It removes less AP than you, yourself, use on the spell. Making it the worst AP remover ever. The attack side of the spell is a weak attempt to compensate that.

Bubble: An alternative to Natural attack. But this one is harder to increase in power because of the soft cap. I suggest 10% increasement of the basic attack.

Art of Staff: At L.6 it gives 30 extra damage. At that level it's a maybe. Double the numbers!

To new spells, I would, like most Feca, ask for healing powers and push powers, to make this class really powerful. =)

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This was just what we need, some of it, The small water and air damage on glyph, add air damage to our class, Just loved it, and i hope they make backlash earth.. im a str feca and its pain

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