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what support?

By Rary January 14, 2006, 02:27:09

Dofus was a good game for about a month. I don't completely blame the developers but the players for this. Even before the new update the game started to go downhill with the merchant problems (such as people taking up space selling an archnee leg for 99 million) to the constant spamming at the zaap.( I'm talking mainly about the annoying people who repeat what they are selling 500 times in 2 minutes even though no one has come in or left the screen) Brak and Bonta practically abandoned. High level aligened characters attacking low level neutrals. Not to mention servers crashing in the middle of fights. The lack of support is just bad business, I have submitted tickets many times and I got maybe 1 answered. GMs no where in sight. People being hacked. It's a shame this game had potential.

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I whole heartedly agree. Why are Bonta and Brakmar so empty now? I'm not quite sure what has changed in the last few months that made this happen. Higher level alignments killing low level neutrals is a huge problem. It's not cool to be out, trying to build up a character, when some level 80 comes along, kills you, and kicks you back to Astrub.

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