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Please read: language rules

By September 01, 2010, 21:51:37

Hello adventurers.

The official language of the international and UK communities is English. Forum posts and all in-game communications in the public chat channels (global, recruit, trade, and alignment) must be in English.

The mod staff and community manager have read your complaints about people violating these rules. Izmar has stated that enforcing the language rule in-game is a lower priority for the moderators than our other duties. If we see people violating this rule, we will remind them of the rules at that time, and mute their ability to post or speak on the public channels if they continue to refuse to follow the rules. In game, we simply do not have time to warn these people after the fact - please do not send us screenshots of non-English speakers or denounce them here on the forums. If you see a forum post in the wrong language, do not respond to flame the poster, simply hit the report button so a moderator can come deal with the post.

The situation as I've described is how it will remain until Izmar tells us otherwise. The forum threads on this matter have been growing like kudzu into all sections of the forum, so, from now on, all discussion/complaints about the language rule must be confined to this thread.

Any racist or xenophobic posts are strictly forbidden by the Terms of Service and will result in sanctions.

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