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Two days after the opening of the mono-account servers, the rush is still strong and fierce for all of you! Let us now take stock of this second day and review some issues. 
We knew that the launch of the mono-account server was eagerly awaited, and you proved that to us! Here's a little review of this first day.
MonoAccount Server FAQ CM Blog - September 21, 2017 - [Izmar]
In the most recent Gamakna we announced the release of a new type of server is coming in October, a server reserved for people who play just one account at a time. This news has delighted more than a few of you and also raised a lot of questions!
Echopedia CM Blog - April 21, 2017 - [Nerodos]
Everything you always wanted to know about the server fusion but the Search function doesn't work all that good!
Hi Pangea! We have an update on the status of the server fusion project.
Introducing the DOFUS Cup Streaming Center, for all your DOFUS Cup streaming needs! The tournament has started in full, and with still three more weeks of fights ahead of us, there's going to be blood! Follow the action live thanks to our stouthearted Twitch streamers!