Hi Pangea! We have an update on the status of the server fusion project.

Due to some issues revealed during preliminary stress-tests of the server fusion system, we have decided to push back the fusion of the following servers to May 2, 2017.
  • Rushu (int)
  • Rosal (int)
  • Solar (int)
  • Aermine (int)
  • Zatoishwan (int)
  • Shika (int)
  • Dark Vlad (nl)
  • Ereziah (it)
  • Nehra (de)
  • Padgref (ru)

We know that many of you have been waiting for this fusion eagerly, and we are too!  This delay is only because we want to make sure to offer you the smoothest transition possible to your new, merged server.

However, we also have some good news to announce! Thanks to the server name poll held last week, we now have a list of 15 top names that will be used to designate the new fused servers. Here they are, in alphabetical order:
  • Atcham
  • Brumen
  • Crocabulia
  • Echo
  • Fraktale
  • Furye
  • Julith
  • Lacrima
  • Meriana
  • Merkator
  • Nevark
  • Nidas
  • Pandore
  • Rubilax
  • Ush

The dev team will be choosing which of these names are to be matched with a particular server, and I'm pleased to announce that they've already chosen the name of the new International/English server. You can start getting ready to move to our new home: the Echo server!

She's happy to meet you all!

Thank you for your help in choosing these names and we hope you'll love living on your new mega-server!


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