Everything you always wanted to know about the server fusion but the Search function doesn't work all that good!
Even though it has been delayed, the Server Fusion is still coming, sooner and sooner with each passing day. And we have communicated a lot about it, in various difference ways, starting with the video of Simsoft you can see above.

The goal of this thread is not to tell you anything new, but to make sure you can easily find everything that has already been said, to that you're not confused about old information. So far, we have provided you with:
  • A Devblog covering all the basics, and your frequently asked questions
  • A CM Blog post updating you about the delay experienced by the server fusion
  • An explanatory post about the deletion of inactive accounts (a step towards the server merge)
  • The last News before we do the deed, with preparation advices and the timeframe of the Weekly Maintenance that day

In addition, we would like to remind you that, should run into any issues, Support will be here to help you out. 
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