In the most recent Gamakna we announced the release of a new type of server is coming in October, a server reserved for people who play just one account at a time. This news has delighted more than a few of you and also raised a lot of questions!

To help you find information about this new type of server quickly and easily, here’s a summary of the assorted questions and answers that have been posted so far.

Server Concept

This server is for players who only want to play one account at a time. As with the Epic and Heroic server, you will have 5 new character slots on the Monoaccount server for free, and any additional character slot purchased will add an additional Monoaccount server character slot as well.

Release Date and Server Name

Right now, we are planning to release the Monoaccount server on October 17, 2017. As for the name of the server, we’ve asked you to participate in a poll to help choose its name, and you chose: Ilyzaelle!

Restrictions and Access

In order to play on the Monoaccount server, your account must be certified and must be linked to a valid phone number.

It will only be possible to connect to the server with one account per IP address as a time. Please remember that using a VPN/Proxy server when connecting to DOFUS is prohibited by the Terms and Conditions.
We cannot make any exceptions to this 1 connection per IP rule, even for people who live in the same home. 


The Monoaccount server will be open to players from all communities. There will be Community channels for French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Italian players.

Kama Exchange and Grand Emporium

The Kama Exchange and the Grand Emporium will not be available at the server’s launch. 
They will become available after a period of time that isn’t set yet. The Kama Exchange, when it becomes available, will remain strictly restricted to the monoaccount server at first, so that there can’t be any interaction with the Kama Exchanges of other servers.
Only the gifts from “standard” subscription packs (so for example, the “Zombite” gifts that are available at the moment) will be available via the Emporium. 
If you have older Emporium or subscription gifts waiting in your in-game Gift Interface, you won’t be able to send them to your characters on this new server when it launches. You will have to wait for the Emporium to open to send them.
By extension, that means that Living Items and Mimisymbics will not be available when the server launches. However, services (such as class/name/colour change, etc) will be available.
The Haven-Bag lottery will also be deactivated for the time during which the Emporium will be unavailable.


Incoming transfers will not be allowed. This will be a brand new server with its own blooming economy, and incoming transfers would throw it off-balance. However, outgoing transfers will be allowed. 


It will be possible to transfer pets from DOFUS Pets as soon as the server launches.


The server will be able to access the ISK without any particular modification or restriction.


Moderators will of course be present on the server to monitor it. We are currently brainstorming new tools that would help them identify and sanction possible rule-breaking.


Will this server be a seasonal server?

We did discuss the possibility of opening seasonal servers in Gamakna #0, but this particular server will not be seasonal.

Will there be a specific ladder for “pioneers” (first to level X, first to complete X achievements, etc)?

We do not plan to create a ladder of this type. Considering that the server is designed for single accounts, we prefer not to emphasise behaviors that may encourage people to try to find ways around the server’s restrictions. However, we  will be publishing regular updates about the server so you can track your progress as a whole! We may also be bringing back the Master Profession shields!

Will there be any XP/Loot/Star System growth rate bonuses when the server releases?

We have no such plans.

Will the group finding feature return because of this server?

This feature will not be available.

Will low-level craft recipes be revamped for this server?

We are aware that some low-level crafts require high-level resources. However, we have no plans to modify these recipes for the release of the monoaccount server.

Will it be possible to log in using a 4G connection?

Yes, just be careful that your 4G IP isn't shared.

Will Incarnam be instanciated?


You are of course welcome to keep giving us your feedback and asking your questions regarding the opening of this brand new server, here or in the new forum section dedicated to it. Guild recruitment and advertisement, as well as trade offers and team-up opportunities, will of course need to be posted in this same forum section.
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