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A little over a month after the release of the Mono-Account servers, the ultimate rush to level 200 has already been finished.

The ultimate level

It will have taken less than a month for the very first player to unlock the [Veteran] Achievement. They were many in that race, and it is Final (Illyzaelle) who won the... final sprint. The least we can say is that he is worthy of his nickname.

All in all, only 20 players have made it to level 200. So don't worry if you're still hunting Gobballs in Tainela. On average, players are level 30! And even though Ilyzaelle has the highest density of players who have made it to level 200 (14 players to this day), the Fraktal server is the one that houses the highest average level, with players who are level 40 on average.

With more than 40,000 disciples, the Cra class is hands down the most played one.  

Master Shields

We finally know the full list of the first players to reach level 200 on a particular Profession: 
  • Alchemist: Kizau (Ilyzaelle)
  • Artificer: Us-Legolas (Ilyzaelle)
  • Carver: Tezed (Ilyzaelle)
  • Carvmagus: Skro (Lacrima)
  • Costumagus: Whyss (Ilyzaelle)
  • Craftmagus: Plastik (Ilyzaelle)
  • Farmer: Benohits (Ilyzaelle)
  • Fisherman: Reask (Ilyzaelle)
  • Handyman: Szavvniia (Ilyzaelle)
  • Hunter: Lily-Pichu (Ilyzaelle)
  • Jeweller: Kaylia (Ilyzaelle)
  • Jewelmagus: Jeune-Nonne (Ilyzaelle)
  • Lumberjack: Zlayge (Ilyzaelle)
  • Miner: Zedaar (Ilyzaelle)
  • Shoemagus: Mareik (Ilyzaelle)
  • Shoemaker: Zizou (Ilyzaelle)
  • Smith: Shiva (Ilyzaelle)
  • Smithmagus: Lamoule-Magique (Ilyzaelle)
  • Tailor: Xarein (Lacrima)

These players will thus receive the famous Master Shield of their respective Profession(s), after the release of Update 2.45. 
As predictable as it may have been that the Ilyzaelle server would have a comfortable head start in the race to win these rewards, special congratulations are in order for Skro, first level 200 Carvmagus who made it into this list despite playing on the Lacrima server. Xarein, albeit currently growing and playing on the Lacrima server, is native of Ilyzaelle.


Within an inch of the tremendous score

Being level 200 is overrated for Ecaflex (Ilyzaelle), who currently dominates the Achievements ladder with 7108 points, all while being level 189. While he's exploring the cold lands of Frigost, other and tougher players are already at the point where they make courtesy visits to the level 200 Bosses of the Divine Dimensions.

But let's not forget the most important quest of all, the quest for the Primordial Dofus. After getting sidetracked on Wabbit Island for the Cawwot Dofus, the first of which was claimed by Xe (Ilyzaelle), players have started the quest for the first of the Primordial Dofus: the Emerald Dofus, which has been claimed first and foremost by Royaliste (Ilyzaelle). 

Moderation Follow-up

During the latest Mono-Account review, we had talked about players being sanctioned for multi-accounting. While we remain ever vigilant about this issue, we want to talk about another scourge against which we do battle on a daily basis: bots, and more to the point the business of kama selling and buying.

A lot of you ignore what lies hidden behind these websites that offer kamas in exchange for your money: account theft, bot use, human exploitation, money laundering... these miscreants, often located abroad, are not here to help you progress faster! We are engaged on a daily war with them, banishing bots by the dozen. Since the release of the Mono-Account servers, we have identified and sanctioned 315 players who where either selling or buying kamas.


You are many to help us in this fight against bots and for that we thank you. For those of you who do not know how they can help, all you have to do is Contact-A-Mod.

We would like to end this paragraph on moderation with a note regarding prevention. The great majority of accounts used by these gold farmers are accounts that been stolen from you during a phishing campaign. Please be ever vigilant, and do not forget to have either the Ankama Shield or Ankama Authenticator active and securing your account.
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