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Hungry for a challenge? This is the place to find them.
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Want more kamas?
have fun winning challenges on your server!
Want to put adventurers to the test?
create challenges for other players, whatever their level.
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with your friends, alliance, guild or the entire community.
Community Challenges
Create a challenge
Choose a monster and the conditions in which it must be defeated. The challenge can basic or complicated, hard or easy, and everything in between: you set the bar where you want!
Accept a challenge:
Feel strong enough? Are you ready to put your kamas where your mouth is? Beat the challenge and win kamas!
Win 10 million kamas by bringing down the boss Nileza, in a group of 6, with a Idol score of 200, completing the Zombie challenge and in fewer than 20 turns!
View the devblog update on Community Challenges Devblog