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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Lezyx Cra 255 Female Rubilax
Zahe Iop 255 Female Agride Luxuria
Star-rx Cra 255 Male Nidas Star Lords
Enikart Eniripsa 255 Male Agride Loulou And The Gang
Natsu-Dragnirs Pandawa 255 Male Meriana Legion de la Cour Sombre
Bouclisse Feca 255 Male Meriana
Eca-flip-le-noir Ecaflip 255 Male Pandore Tranquille sous le soleil
Zz-Cronos Enutrof 255 Male Julith Tenjo Tenge
Scutes Huppermage 255 Male Echo Dragoturkus Impetus
Tenghri Sacrier 255 Female Nidas FC Chomage
Appelez-les-hendeks Sram 255 Female Furye Glougloultard
Mimczando Cra 255 Male Echo White Star Army
Iwalani Eniripsa 255 Female Furye
Anakynbibistuffagogo Ecaflip 255 Male Furye Good Game Deux
Estyphos Eniripsa 255 Male Nidas I Have a Dream
Oo-Wazza Iop 255 Female Ush Big-Elementary
Rpr-Namek Enutrof 255 Male Meriana Speed of Sound
Citro-Bow Cra 255 Female Echo Pikti Pufikai
Grasdubide Enutrof 255 Male Merkator Cicatrix
Rygale Rogue 255 Female Brumen - Deadly Sins -
Rasta-healeuse Rogue 255 Female Ush Legionnary
Douxzafly Sram 255 Male Furye Glougloultard
Lord-shark Cra 255 Female Julith The Angels Of Darkness
Aka-Queen Sram 255 Female Brumen Universal