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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Zz-Roxor Cra 255 Male Nidas Universe
Yopky Iop 255 Male Julith
Rushuretourdemon Ecaflip 255 Male Nidas Toy Dawn
Neva-sly Sram 255 Male Furye
Shieldart Feca 255 Female Echo The Blackhole explorers
Zayed Rogue 255 Female Rubilax
Link-enfant Feca 255 Male Merkator Fael Godref
El-aises Sadida 255 Male Merkator
Pandarmonie Pandawa 255 Male Brumen
Stepbystep Enutrof 255 Male Furye La Lune Rouge
Rawnors-Sword Iop 255 Male Furye Atlantis-d'or
Life-off Eniripsa 255 Female Crocabulia Techno Fight
Skeenyy Iop 255 Male Nidas L'Estanquet
Sir-Cura Eniripsa 255 Female Echo Dodekatheon
Tokisada Xelor 255 Male Crocabulia Another
Webent-explo Cra 255 Male Merkator Origine
Yousd Ecaflip 255 Male Julith PHENIX
Mdr-risadinha Cra 255 Female Crocabulia
Nezumi-Elprofanador Osamodas 255 Male Rubilax Black Devil
Thor-Erdadx Ecaflip 255 Male Atcham Killer's
Mel-losita Osamodas 255 Female Atcham O R O P O
Thidium Cra 255 Female Ush Objurgation
Fake-Panda Pandawa 255 Male Atcham
Jo-Hygie Eniripsa 255 Female Ush God-Of-War