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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Derfunke Osamodas 255 Male Rubilax XxApocalipsisxX
Shirohige-Ace Feca 255 Male Furye
Al-Tefkatt Ecaflip 255 Female Furye
Roncounette Sadida 255 Female Ush Zephir
Encoulay Enutrof 255 Male Pandore
Horibol Cra 255 Female Nidas
Own-dragun Cra 255 Male Echo Anbu-Gang
Enixam Sadida 255 Male Pandore Cosa-Nostra
Espada-Sagrada Eniripsa 255 Male Atcham Titans Edge
Radivanka Cra 255 Female Pandore New Order
Whitegrandmother Enutrof 255 Female Echo
Blue-Reloaded Eniripsa 255 Female Echo
Heisennberg Iop 255 Female Nidas
Lynx-Bullet Cra 255 Male Echo
Eusebeia Sram 255 Female Brumen Hell's Bell's
Tropix-Xx Rogue 255 Male Furye Dragon Horns
Nyux-Legend Ecaflip 255 Male Atcham Hades
Ns-Sasuke Sacrier 255 Male Brumen Monkey D-Family
Sheryl-[Ota] Feca 255 Female Nidas Messagers
Sakae Eliotrope 255 Female Brumen
Nishin Cra 255 Male Furye
Sportica Cra 255 Female Atcham PornHub
Heugiheal Eniripsa 255 Male Brumen Les Gardiens Celeste
Jouck Ecaflip 255 Male Ush Styx