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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Mylinaru Enutrof 200 Female Ush La Source Mamene
Dr-Pardot Iop 200 Male Atcham Genei Ryodann
Don-Limpio Xelor 200 Male Rubilax
Viva-panda Pandawa 200 Male Ush
Ibhra Ecaflip 200 Male Nidas
Chat-Rliehebdo Ecaflip 200 Female Pandore Night Prophecy
Camikoi Enutrof 200 Male Furye
Marmii Ecaflip 200 Male Merkator Zygo-Sekte
Crystal-crusader Iop 200 Male Echo
Pulga Enutrof 200 Female Crocabulia Azkabam
Vrix Rogue 200 Male Echo Blitzkrieg
Mou Osamodas 200 Female Ilyzaelle Les Trois Moustiquaires
Trunkers Cra 200 Male Nidas The'Warrior's
Ares-Quarto Iop 200 Male Julith Divina Mortem
Jawd Iop 200 Male Brumen Abraxxas
Brontokus Sram 200 Female Furye
Nezbulou Sacrier 200 Male Meriana Observers
Straawberry Huppermage 200 Female Merkator
Guoala Sacrier 200 Male Ilyzaelle Silk Road
Shinomori Eliotrope 200 Female Ilyzaelle PANDAWUSHUKA
Zeroyk Eliotrope 200 Male Furye
Ox-Ripsa Eniripsa 200 Female Pandore The Glimmer Of Hope
Mudara Iop 200 Male Echo
Galante Sacrier 200 Male Merkator