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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Zarypo Eniripsa 200 Female Furye
Marie-yonette Masqueraider 200 Female Merkator
Dupreeh Pandawa 200 Female Crocabulia
Philippa Huppermage 200 Female Rubilax Boston
Bigguban Rogue 200 Male Crocabulia Dominion
Bouclier-Zedd Feca 200 Female Furye
Hexplosion Rogue 200 Male Ush Les Tetons Flingueurs
Ishield Feca 200 Male Rubilax
Mymi-roxeuse Eniripsa 200 Female Nidas
Xx-Mooglie-xX Osamodas 200 Male Ush Sword Art Online
Head-Crusher Iop 200 Male Meriana
Biqueira Eniripsa 200 Female Crocabulia
Monkh Eliotrope 200 Male Merkator Primeria
Alycome Enutrof 200 Male Julith Upsala
Demolosse-[Ama] Huppermage 200 Female Julith La Fromagerie de Xy
Misamily Rogue 200 Female Ush
Souslevent Sadida 200 Female Brumen Death's Angels
Pro-xy Rogue 200 Female Atcham CR-TEAM
Ayayai Eniripsa 200 Female Ilyzaelle Have Fun
Ala-tefaitsouffrir Foggernaut 200 Male Ush
La-Ricatanda Pandawa 200 Female Atcham GsNs
Queend-legend Masqueraider 200 Female Atcham
El-Fox Iop 200 Female Merkator Heineken Team
La-grosse-catin Ecaflip 200 Male Furye Les Gros Matous