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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Wikhy Pandawa 255 Female Brumen
Darcus-blade Iop 255 Male Atcham
Shlak Iop 255 Male Ush
Fekas-kouille Cra 255 Female Meriana
Yusk Sacrier 255 Male Atcham Holocaust
Translucent Cra 255 Female Echo
Dynamyni Cra 255 Female Brumen
Acidh Eniripsa 255 Female Ush
Mas-Tronaute Eliotrope 255 Male Nidas
Wolf-Pack Iop 255 Male Merkator
Twin-Arrows Cra 255 Female Brumen
Shingeki-no-Kyojin Enutrof 255 Male Nidas
Luxxes-vampi Ecaflip 255 Male Brumen
Pvp-felina Cra 255 Female Julith Blackjack
Blood-Keeper Eniripsa 255 Male Julith A C R O N Y M
Arc-bab Cra 255 Male Pandore
Yniani Cra 255 Female Furye
Epic-Snip Cra 255 Male Brumen Gwak'A Mole
Breizhi-Shoot Cra 255 Female Furye
Mortall-didi Sram 255 Female Furye La Lune Rouge
Zuma Pandawa 255 Male Julith
Dy-Gestion Pandawa 255 Female Ush Insomnia'
Krz-Mikki Pandawa 255 Female Rubilax Karma Rulez
Hynami Eniripsa 255 Female Meriana Free Couzcouzistan