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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Petit-Akira Feca 255 Male Agride Teub Sawyer sa vie son oeuvre
Nith-Haiah Cra 255 Male Brumen Dis Camion
Immortahlis Sacrier 255 Male Ush Neo-Guardians
Eversky Pandawa 255 Male Furye Materia Prima
Vinkey-Noar Cra 255 Male Pandore
Hz-ahyra Ecaflip 255 Female Brumen Amnezia
Judiloor Cra 255 Female Rubilax L E Y E N D S
Kayhoz Pandawa 255 Female Merkator
Azraellia Cra 255 Female Pandore Spiritum Deos
Booxeur Pandawa 255 Male Ush Enjoy
Spielberg Pandawa 255 Male Furye
Selene-Xl Cra 255 Female Atcham Sornerk
Misu-Yami Sram 255 Female Merkator
Masters-[Dja] Eliotrope 255 Female Brumen
Miss-kun Pandawa 255 Female Nidas Lions Team
Branesko Rogue 255 Male Pandore The Star'z
Mect Osamodas 255 Male Atcham Clan Canaia
Maxxouw Xelor 255 Male Ush
Mugen-i Osamodas 255 Female Furye Les Templiers de l'Apocalypse
Dark-Portaiill Eliotrope 255 Male Nidas Les Justiciers
Iron-man Iop 255 Male Julith Echec Elementaire
Tetsuya-[Sum] Eliotrope 255 Male Pandore BlackStone
Nunuche Enutrof 255 Male Merkator Black Listed
Tita-niium Osamodas 255 Male Ush Project Zero