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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
The-wizard Xelor 255 Male Ush
Leo-Genetson Cra 255 Male Brumen
Normacol Eniripsa 255 Male Agride Hannouchka
Grimmjaw Feca 255 Male Nidas Virtual'z
Steinkjer Sram 255 Female Julith
Buried-Alive Sram 255 Male Julith
Vegetoo Iop 255 Male Pandore Dragon Ball Z-[Dom]
Orae Eniripsa 255 Female Nidas Men In Back
Panda-Hits Pandawa 255 Male Echo
Borzly Ecaflip 255 Female Atcham Forgotten Kingdoms
Atraxa Huppermage 255 Female Ombre aquilon
Beba-Oleo Iop 255 Male Crocabulia Tchubaruba
Atriv Cra 255 Female Crocabulia Hadouken
Sacri-acamphon Sacrier 255 Female Merkator Nagarythe
Otha Osamodas 255 Female Nidas Initium Novum
Rahu Pandawa 255 Male Meriana Walhalla
Meme-God Eniripsa 255 Female Echo Outer Hell
Krasmonaute Cra 255 Male Brumen Wood Squad
Nyrzro Rogue 255 Female Meriana Louis skie sur Glace
Nyrzxe Xelor 255 Male Meriana Louis skie sur Glace
Mort-rapide Masqueraider 255 Male Brumen LES JOUEURS ROUGE
Shiikaamaaruu Iop 255 Male Atcham
Mommo-Pandy Pandawa 255 Male Pandore Atomium
Yukitais Enutrof 255 Male Brumen Mylaisiens On Fire