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List of characters

Name Class Level Sex Server Guild
Le-Royal Sram 255 Male Pandore INVAINCU
Henkesu Enutrof 255 Male Nidas Yami
Gleenou Enutrof 255 Male Ush
Explicit-arrow Cra 255 Female Pandore
Bee-atch Iop 255 Female Ush Insurrection
Illanfarm-un Cra 255 Male Julith
Anicat-henter Iop 255 Male Julith
Eni-ashley Eniripsa 255 Female Ush
Jedaze-portail Eliotrope 255 Male Ush L'alliance Angelique
Imcariz Rogue 255 Female Pandore
Leo-Volont Iop 255 Male Meriana Odin
Sir-oftreat Eniripsa 255 Female Julith
Mr-retrait Enutrof 255 Male Pandore KeepGrind
Page-coupante Iop 255 Male Pandore Old Spirit
Momokilleur Iop 255 Male Julith Heaven Clan
Vaath Cra 255 Male Pandore Les Pets de Iops
Tchounne Ecaflip 255 Male Pandore PEPIS
Xaarya Masqueraider 255 Female Pandore Yggdrasil
Khraken Iop 255 Male Ush Midgard
Rosyna Cra 255 Female Nidas
Dark-Npunisher Cra 255 Female Nidas Noir Ebene
Nephost Xelor 255 Male Nidas
Rx-atv Ecaflip 255 Male Pandore
Luciano-Explo Cra 255 Male Meriana Fighters of Deception