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PresentationLast updated on 07/02/2019
My old main char’s nickname was Francek (I renamed because my real name is Viktor - friends call me "Vikin" irl), 3rd place Goult 2012 winner, in 2013 made it to the round of 8 and 2015 round of 32, all three of my Goult years taking part in the best international team which I consider as my best achievement I’ve done in this game.
Playing Dofus game more actively since January 2011, when I created my Iop. It took me only one year of playing until I made it to the first Goult, which was a good achievement for me as well.
I used to play with Lubo, who was my best in game friend and teammate. Throughout all the years of playing together we achieved incredible things and made an awesome reputation amongst a lot of players of former Rushu server.
I love to explore all the aspects of the game, which is why I mix PvP/PvM/achievements/professions/maging and other stuff together at the same time. Me and Lubo owned the first 2 places on the achievement leaderboard for a long time until the best strategist players outran us and took our place.
I always preferred to exploit all the game stuff on my own, which is why I really enjoyed playing (with 2 Lubo's chars) a 8 char team. Keeping my alts ready for PvP with the best possible engame gear as well as my main character was one of the few things I really had a lot of fun with. I did a lot of achievements with them as well and my best team achievement was getting them to a minimum of 10k achievement points except for Iop and Enu, who are now over 14k.
My team at its best in 2016 - [url=]Click here[/url]
In 2013, I became leader of one of the most professional and biggest guild on Rushu at the time, Modra Krev. This guild has an awesome and rich history, almost made it to the first level 200 guild on Rushu. The guild was full of great players and people who were very close to each other, which is also a reason some of our members including me kept meeting every year until now, even though most of them don't play anymore.
Sadly, this fairy tale didn’t end well because of the outflow of quitting players from Czech community. That is also the reason the guild opened its gates for international players (our guild was originally intended only for Czech/Slovak players before).
We even tried to merge with Platinum guild but as we figured out it didn’t work out well and we divided again. After that the guild kept sinking until we lost too many members partly because my own inactivity and lack of leadership. In 2016, I decided to appoint a new leader, Erisen, so the guild has a leader who is more active than me. Making the guild sink is the only thing I regret on Dofus and I’m not proud of that.
In 2017, I decided to start playing again after quite a long break and a lot of quitting in my team (I quit 5 of my alts). I made a hard decision to leave Modra Krev with my Iop because I couldn’t stand the emptiness of the guild which was driving me crazy. I joined Platinum, the guild we were trying to merge with, because I had a lot of friends in there from before.
I’m currently playing 3 characters which include my Iop, Vikin, Enutrof Lubo and Feca Pritelkyne (my teammate Lubo left me his chars because he slowly quit the game between 2016-2017, rip). I keep doing the same stuff I used to do in Dofus before, but it will never be the same. Sometimes I really miss my old team which is challenging on one side but also limitating on the other side (e.g. doing achievements).
For more information about my team and my partial quit of it visit - [url=]Click here[/url]
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