Level 28
PresentationLast updated on 04/06/2019
Oh boy. Nobody really knows where this kid came from. With a wandering eye, a tendency to forget things, and a panic once an hour, he really stands as a testament for why you should not mess with time. Poor clock lad's memory resets once an hour on the hour. Not only has the past hour been completely forgotten, but it seems as if the other things he forgets were chosen by the god xelor himself by covering his eyes and throwing a dart in a random direction. These lapses in memory can be anything between forgetting what birds are to forgetting how to breathe. The little man seems to have unfathomable power, which he can't control at all; teleporting somewhere or finding himself blowing something up with no idea where he is, who he is, why he's done this, or how. Good thing he has Ioppy taking care of him: a very, very dumb iop, even by iop standards, who has no idea how childbirth works. But ioppy is a story for another time.
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