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Level 136
159 Member(s)
Created: 2019-07-23
Name Class Level Rank
Duje Enutrof 189 Leader
Graziella Iop 234 Second in Command
Zanknupok Enutrof 208 Second in Command
Kerdz Feca 162 Treasurer
Fedexperience Iop 131 Treasurer
Forrcerose Ecaflip 153 Protector
Pi-stache Iop 153 Craftsman
Pi-ston Masqueraider 137 Craftsman
Pi-gment Huppermage 136 Craftsman
Pi-cole Eniripsa 135 Craftsman
Pi-gnon Ouginak 134 Craftsman
Thomacaque Enutrof 219 Dogsbody
Maho Huppermage 217 Dogsbody
Crabi Cra 199 Dogsbody
Garnini Eniripsa 199 Dogsbody
Pionza Iop 199 Dogsbody
Blast Cra 197 Dogsbody
Gros-chefbandit Masqueraider 196 Dogsbody
Leryana Sadida 192 Dogsbody
Ti-fou Enutrof 189 Dogsbody
Iopbidon Sadida 187 Dogsbody
Pandeawa Cra 187 Dogsbody
Leryacto Enutrof 184 Dogsbody
Hk-Poker Ecaflip 168 Dogsbody
Hk-Fonsder Iop 167 Dogsbody