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Level 138
93 Member(s)
Created: 2017-10-23
Name Class Level Rank
Gueudin Eniripsa 224 Leader
Valkii Huppermage 284 Second in Command
Elphea Xelor 248 Second in Command
Neskicks Cra 230 Treasurer
Cannellonie Iop 249 Protector
Elphw Cra 246 Dogsbody
Nzow Cra 232 Dogsbody
Ecko-sram Sram 224 Dogsbody
Isthatunsram Sram 219 Dogsbody
Slow-w Sram 218 Dogsbody
Meekkin Sram 210 Dogsbody
Ecko-enu Enutrof 209 Dogsbody
Papimawo Enutrof 207 Dogsbody
Elphe Iop 205 Dogsbody
Naileeth Eliotrope 199 Dogsbody
Rtn-Kero Pandawa 199 Dogsbody
Waliidkhan Sram 187 Dogsbody
Nicol-kalash Masqueraider 185 Dogsbody
Juvam-ills Eniripsa 140 Dogsbody
Nailyht Osamodas 137 Dogsbody
Valkiia Cra 135 Dogsbody
Nesflap Xelor 113 Dogsbody
Kamado-Tanjiro Sacrier 283 Guard
Walid-le-bg Cra 278 Guard
Bartala Foggernaut 273 Guard