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Level 63
56 Member(s)
Created: 2017-10-24
Name Class Level Rank
Najmee Sadida 261 Leader
Wulthrung Enutrof 203 Second in Command
Fogerty Iop 199 Second in Command
Cataplasme Eniripsa 198 Second in Command
Wahlerius Osamodas 175 Second in Command
Hitches Sram 192 Guard
Nekhbet-bis Sram 186 Guard
Shazdow Eniripsa 186 Guard
Sparkyy Eliotrope 186 Guard
Frog Eliotrope 184 Guard
Penthesylee Cra 184 Guard
Chronos-Girl Xelor 175 Guard
In-Ur Iop 175 Guard
Oip-lait Cra 171 Guard
Demie-Croquette Ouginak 166 Guard
Hitchigo Ecaflip 166 Guard
Pyrrhocore Cra 162 Guard
Cinglee Feca 161 Guard
Jtaime Sacrier 161 Guard
Incar-Dame Eliotrope 129 Guard
Cheesebeeff Iop 163 Scout
Wihelm Iop 151 Scout
Janolapin Enutrof 142 Scout
Ainsi-Soit-il Rogue 141 Scout
Kar-mage Huppermage 141 Scout