2008: The Dark Knight
Discover the fifth step in the Grand 10 Years of DOFUS Contest! This year, Jon Lemon died for the umpteenth time. And while the singer's nasal voice evaporated into the air, an unprecedented knightly spirit was born. Leaf, Flame, Drop, Cloud and even Shadow: players could incarnate as whichever they liked. The most liked of the group was the celebrated Dark Knight whose history is recounted in Dofus Monster, which came out the same year. Compared with the sad story of these 5 adventurers, a glimmer of hope sparkled in the World of Twelve: the quest for the Ochre Dofus was in full swing.

Shocked by Count Saverne's abominable experiments on the population of Amakna, Clustus orders Hissering to assassinate Saverne. Filled with regret, the mechanical genius decides to adopt the five darlings he himself had made orphans. Released May 15, 2008, the DOFUS monster The Dark Knight followed in the footsteps of the five playable knights in the game. And which was your favorite?
2008 for the staff:
Back in the day, RatDog, a Game Designer on the DOFUS team, was tasked with designing the Archmonsters for the Ocher Dofus quest. He fell ill and worked from home during his convalescence. It's to him (and his high fever) that we owe, for instance, the name "Jellvis the King" (a.k.a. "Gelanal de Huleux" in French). We are very sad to report that 10% of the names he made up had to be censored... This same year saw the first convention, and that was by the way an astounding success, with a line of people waiting to get in that stretched no less than a kilometer!
And you, how do you remember DOFUS from 2008?Anecdotes, souvenirs, photos, drawings, videos: share your experience!