2011: The Masqueraiders and the Rogues
Discover the eighth step in the Grand 10 Years of DOFUS Contest! In 2011, two new faces make their appearance in the World of Twelve's class lineup. The Masqueraiders are unmasked and Rogues explode onto the scene! Two new arrivals who will certainly add a little spice to fights... But 2011 also marked the emergence of the Vulkania archipelago, promised land for geologists, where tropical jungles are mixed in with bubbling volcanoes...

The arrival of two new classes is probably the most memorable event of the year 2011. With the Masqueraiders and Rogues, players discover two new ways of fighting. By playing as a Rogue, they opt for a strategy that emphasizes controlling the terrain. Masqueraiders offer a completely unprecedented versatility in DOFUS. And you? Are you an explosive character, or a masked avenger?
2011 for the staff:
Did you know? It was a player who created the name of Vulkania by telling everyone it would be the next DOFUS expansion. On the forums, despite a few doubts, this troll of a player has been quickly confounded. To sow confusion (and play with your minds a bit, 'cause we looove doing that), we eventually decided to really release the expansion under this name... OK, we confess, sometimes we're the trolls!
And you, how do you remember DOFUS from 2011?Anecdotes, souvenirs, photos, drawings, videos: share your experience!