Rules and Sanctions

Forum Rules of Good Conduct

Accessing and participating in the DOFUS Forum is a privilege offered to the DOFUS subscriber players. However being a subscriber player does not allow you to do whatever you want on the forums. You should therefore be aware that you may be sanctioned if you do not obey these rules. Sanctions may range from temporarily or permanently blocking your forum access, all the way to permanently closing your DOFUS account.

While only DOFUS subscribers can write messages on the forum, everyone can read those messages. Ankama makes it a point of honor to exclude all illegal, threatening, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racial, or objectionable content, whatever its nature.

In order to do so, Ankama reserves the right to delete, move, or modify any content posted on the forums, as well as to block or restrict your access to it without warning or explanation.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of the rules of good conduct on the forums that you must follow.

You must:

  • Respect other players, moderators, in-game event organizers, and Ankama staff.
  • Write messages in correct, understandable language, and avoid excessive "textspeak".
  • Read all posts in a topic before answering in turn. Respect for others comes first from reading their interventions and the taking them into account before posting.
  • Take the time to search before creating a new topic. If a thread is already under way on the same subject, it is better to post in that thread than to create a new one.
  • Read all the "pinned topics" in a forum section before creating a topic or replying to an existing topic there.
  • Take the time to consult the DOFUS site, the Ankama Support team website, and the Logbook and Server Status sections before creating a new topic to ask a question.

You must NOT:

  • Flood, spam, or post irrelevant, overly frequent or undesirable messages.
  • Use "textspeak" abbreviations.
  • Create a topic in order to conduct a survey. This feature is reserved for Ankama staff and volunteers. Surveys started by players are considered to be "flooding".
  • Create a topic to start a petition. These topics are considered to be flooding.
  • Publish or promote content that is illegal, threatening, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially charged, or reprehensible.
  • Attempt to affect the integrity of the forum in any way.
  • Promote any form of cheating or modification of the DOFUS game client.
  • Accuse or call out players (by name and/or in public) who have not complied with the DOFUS Terms of Use or the Rules of Good Conduct on the forums.
  • Insult someone, regardless of the specific person, reason, and/or context involved.
  • Use rude, offensive, or sexual vocabulary.
  • Publish or link to pornographic images.

Special Rules for the Various Forum Sections:

The following list sets out the rules specific to the various forum sections. Each forum section has a specific role and may therefore contain specific subjects. Discussions must not be started just anywhere, and all forum users must take note of these rules in order to ensure the forum performs correctly.

Important: The list of examples of what you can and cannot do in the various forum sections and sub-forums is not exhaustive; these examples are listed here above all as a guide.

Logbook and Server Status

These two forums must imperatively be read before any contribution to the forum. This is where the Ankama team informs you of any changes made to the game or disturbances that the servers may encounter. Only Ankama staff are authorized to write in this section.

Zone 48

Writing in the "Development" forum is restricted to 48 selected players. Other players have read access only. However, the 48 selected players are subject to the same code of conduct as the rest of the community on other forums.

Other players can use the "Comments" forum to react to the discussions posted by the 48 selected players. It is impossible to create a new topic in this forum; you can only reply to existing topics. Here, just like everywhere else, you must read all previous posts before adding your own contribution. If a particular argument has already been presented, and especially if it has already been shot down, bringing out the same argument again will only degrade the quality of the debate, unless you have something new to bring to the discussion.


It is impossible to create a new topic in this forum; you can only reply to existing topics. This forum contains comments related to the news published on the website Replies must be limited to comments on the information provided in the associated news items.

General Discussions

This forum is the "open" space on the DOFUS forum. The discussions there are more open and less well-defined than in other sections. However, every topic posted there is subject to the moderators' discretion, and moderators may close them without warning if they find that they are not sufficiently relevant.

This forum is where you can comment on DOFUS updates, talk about in-game moderation and its implications, and so on.

On this forum, you can create topics to:

  • Comment on changes made to the servers in an update.
  • Debate the impact of in-game moderation on the general atmosphere.
  • List DOFUS puns and wordplay.
  • Discuss the interest of the "Twink" concept and its viability in DOFUS.

On this forum, you cannot create topics in order to:

  • Talk about sporting competitions, current events, or events without any connection to DOFUS, even an indirect one.
  • Compare DOFUS to any other MMORPG.

Server Forums

These forums are for discussions within the various game server communities. They are intended to help strengthen a sense of belonging and encourage dialog and communication among players on the same servers.

On these forums, you can create topics to:

  • Present your Guild. This presentation must be well done, developed, and not be a simple hiring call.
  • Present your character's trade(s) and offer your in-game services.
  • Organize an opening of the Lair of the Giant Kralove.
  • Present an in-game event hosted on this server or invite other players to participate in this event.
  • Talk about the server, its community, or its activities.

If you want to create a topic regarding a subject that is not on this list, please contact a moderator for authorization. The moderator will decide whether or not your topic belongs on a server forum.

What you cannot do on these forums is:

  • Flood, spam, repeatedly bump a topic (i.e. reply to it without adding new content in order to keep it at the top of the forum topics).
  • Create a topic to organize a dungeon other than an opening of the Lair of the Giant Kralove. There is an in-game Hiring Channel for that.
  • Create a hiring topic for a Guild without bothering to make a good presentation.
  • Create a topic in order to find a crafter. Tools exist in the game for this, and a search on the forum will allow you find crafters who are referenced there.

"Role Playing" Forums

The three "Role Playing" forum sections are there to encourage role playing on DOFUS and help players contact each other to organize in-game events or write background texts.

The "Fountain Square" forum serves as a billboard for in-game events. When volunteer events teams or players organize events, a topic can be posted in this section in addition to the topic on the relevant server's forum. Thus, we keep a list of all events on all servers combined so that each server's player can be inspired.

The "On the Events' Side" forum is the section devoted to contacts between players and event holders in the game. When organizing an in-game event, you may ask for advice, and call on an event organizer's help. It is very important to present your event plans so we can answer you effectively. Moderators are obviously allowed to close any topic without warning if it is not presented properly and according to the forum rules of good conduct.

The "Spitting Bwork Inn" is the role-play forum. Posts in this forum section must meet the writing criteria presented in the current pinned topics on the forum.


The "Development" forum is reserved for suggesting new DOFUS content and changes to existing gameplay elements. Topics in the "Developments" forum should focus on general game mechanisms (the breeding system, quests, marketplaces, etc.) Topics dealing with class rebalancing proposals should be reserved for class forums or the "General Discussions" forum when commenting on recent updates.

On this forum, you can create topics to:

  • Suggest that new character classes be created.
  • Suggest a Postal Service being set up in DOFUS.
  • Suggest changes to the breeding system.

On this forum, you cannot create topics:

  • Asking for a class's spell to be rebalanced.
  • Suggesting a profession revaluation.

Class Forums

These forums allow you to discuss the various aspects of each class, balancing modifications for their spells, and various character evolution possibilities.

On these forums, you can:

  • Create a topic to suggest changes to one or more of the class's spells.
  • Create a topic in order to discuss the latest changes made to the class by the game designers.
  • Create a topic to ask for advice on distributing your feature or spell points, or on choosing equipment.
  • Create a topic to present other players with a precise orientation for a character in the class.
  • Reply to existing topics in order to help other players.

On this forum, you cannot create topics to:

  • Rant in the heat of the moment after a class modification without bothering to test it.
  • Create a "Class X Is Too Strong" topic on the sole basis of your experience in a single PvP fight that you lost.


This forum is both a place for trade and mutual aid between crafters, and the center of suggestions for trade development in DOFUS. It's also the perfect place to suggest that an item be modified, or to report a lack of items in a certain category.

On these forums, you can create topics to:

  • Ask for advice on how to gain experience more easily in your profession.
  • Suggest a profession revaluation.
  • Explain that it is too difficult to advance in a certain profession.
  • Report a lack of variety for a certain type of item.

On this forum, you cannot create topics to:

  • Search for a crafter (there are lists on the server forums and in-game tools for this).
  • Propose your own professions (these messages belong on the server forums).
  • Ask what the best cape is for your character (these messages belong on the class forums).

Problems and Solutions

This forum is exclusively for reporting technical problems involving the game. This includes login, display, proxy, latency, and installation problems, for example.

However, this is absolutely not the place for problems directly related to DOFUS and its gameplay.

Please be sure to always consult the Ankama Support FAQ before creating a new topic:

Subscriptions and Payments

This forum is exclusively for reporting problems related to the subscription for your DOFUS account.

Please be sure to always consult the Ankama Support FAQ before creating a new topic:

Test Server

This forum is for discussions relating to modifications currently being tested on the Test Server.

On this forum, you can create topics to:

  • Discuss a bug you encountered during testing, after reporting it to the Ankama Support team.
  • Discuss a gameplay or balancing change made on the Test Server.

On this forum, you cannot create topics to:

  • Propose changes to a class or profession, or the implementation of a whole new gameplay element. The "Development" forum, class forums, and "Professions" forum already cover this function.
  • Debate changes already applied to the classic servers.

Discussions about the Site and Forum

This forum is for suggested changes, criticism, and reporting of problems with the DOFUS website, DOFUS forum, and moderation of the DOFUS forum.

On this forum, you can create topics to:

  • Report a technical problem on the forum.
  • Report that a page on the DOFUS site is not updated or displays incorrect information.
  • Discuss moderation of the forum as a whole.

On this forum, you cannot create topics to:

  • Complain about specific moderators' actions. Please use private messages instead.
  • Comment on a news item on the DOFUS website.


This forum is exclusively for discussions relating to merchandise (manga, stuffed toys, figurines, magazines, etc.) related to the DOFUS universe and Ankama.

You can create topics here to request information about these merchandise items or how to obtain them (Ankama Shop order, distributor shops, subscriptions, etc.), but you can also use this forum to share your feedback and criticism about these products.


This forum is intended to encourage players to make in-game DOFUS videos to foster mutual assistance and sharing. You can create a topic here to present your DOFUS video or ask for advice on making your video.

Any video containing content not in compliance with the DOFUS Terms and Conditions or these Forum Rules of Good Conduct will be removed without warning, and the person who published it will be sanctioned.

Fan Art

This forum is dedicated to presenting the creations of the player community. Images, music, animations, texts, etc. Any type of creation can be posted to this forum, as long as it is related to the DOFUS universe.

Ankama Convention

This is the official ANKAMA CONVENTION forum. Use this forum to keep up with the latest news on official conventions, stay informed of activities relating to those conventions, and organize plans to get there with other players. Organizers of Ankama conventions participate directly on this forum. They discuss different topics here and respond to your questions.


This section of the forum is for players who would like to meet up with other players from their city, their region or elsewhere. You can create topics here to find out which players are in a particular region, or to organize a meeting between players.

This forum is also where we announce and talk about meetings with Ankama staff at conventions and signing events - other than ANKAMA CONVENTION, since there is already a specific forum for this type of event.