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Rules and Sanctions


Accessing and participating in the DOFUS Forum is a privilege offered to the DOFUS subscriber players. However being a subscriber player does not allow you to do whatever you want on the forums. There are rules to respect and those who do not feel like respecting them must be aware that they're exposing themselves to sanctions.Such sanction can either be a temporary or definitive freezing of their forum access, or the definitive closure of their DOFUS account (according to the offence).Only subscribers can participate in the forum but everyone can read it. Ankama Games wants to have forums clear of inappropriate contents that could shock or disturb people reading it.That's why there are rules and restrictions for everyone to follow.Respecting other players, moderators and administrators is an obligation. Insulting, racist, defamatory or xenophobic remarks are strictly forbidden.It is also forbidden to:

  • flood or pollute the forum with off topic comments.
  • use a "SMS language" (abbreviations are tolerated within a reasonable (comprehensible) limit).
  • promote illegal or pornographic contents.
  • harm (or try to harm) in any ways the integrity of the forum.
  • commit or promote action or omission against the Law or the Terms and Conditions of Use of DOFUS.
  • denouncing inappropriate behaviours by naming the offender on the forums giving his personal details such as his nickname or the name of his character.

Furthermore, it is strictly forbidden to answer such offenders who do not respect the rules. Please contact a moderator or an administrator and DO NOT ENCOURAGE the offender by trying to reason with him. Warning! Persons who do not respect these rules expose themselves to sanctions.