Rules and Sanctions

The moderating team is in charge of maintaining the atmosphere of the game and the forums pleasant. Moderators are volunteer players to whom ANKAMA gave its trust together with tools to keep the game as friendly as possible. Moderators are NOT support employees and do not have the mission to severely sanction the players. Their role is to take preventive action with the players making them aware of the risks they take if they do not respect the rules of DOFUS, so that they do not get sanctioned.
To maintain a nice in-game atmosphere, moderators have a few tools at their disposal. Please read the following general presentation of the latter.


When the flood (abusive in-game repetition of a message) or off-charter remarks can no longer be handled, moderators can prevent players from talking. The "mute" option can be applied to a map or to a chosen channel for a variable length. But this is a last resort solution when it gets impossible to moderate each player individually.


In some cases, moderators may need to isolate a player from the rest of the community while they settle a matter. They can teleport the said player in the DOFUS jail. There, the player will have all the time he'll need to think about his behaviour.


Kicking a player will disconnect the latter. Moderators can also use the kick to unblock a player when there's a bug.


The 30-minute suspension can be applied by a moderator or a game master to temporarily suspend a player. This suspension is quite useful to prevent players from disturbing an animation and harassing the game master, for instance.


The 6-hour suspension will give time to the insulting or flooding player to think about the gravity of his behaviour. Moderators can use it to warn players and protect other players from off-charter behaviours.