Rules and Sanctions

Our Support team does not handle complaints related to in-game scams.Of course, we understand that it is never a pleasant feeling to realise that you have been had, and losing an item is always quite frustrating.However, we believe that players should learn to differentiate between an honest seller and an opportunist gold-digger.That said, scammers who are caught in the act of scamming by a moderator or by an administrator will be sanctioned.
Moreover, to minimise the risk of scams as much as possible, we strongly advise you to adhere to some security instructions.

Secured craft interface

If you want to have an item made, you don't need to give your items to an crafter. Ask him to use the secured craft interface and all you will have to do is enter your own resources and click on the combine button. This way, there is no risk of theft for the customer, and the crafter cannot be accused of theft if the craft should fail.

Pay attention during item trades

First of all, obviously, use the exchange interface and don't place your items on the ground!
Then, when you are exchanging items with another player, be very careful!
Always remember to make sure the player with whom you are exchanging items gives you the right item with the right stats. If the "accept" button greys out, something has changed in the trade window, take a moment to check the items again.

Do not entrust just anyone with your items.

If you are lending items, support will not be able to help you if they are stolen.
Take care to only give your items to those you trust, because you will be the only one responsible if there are any problems.

Moderators do not give out items.

DOFUS moderators will never give you items, nor will they ask you for your log in details.
If a player claiming to be a moderator offers you something in exchange for kamas, items or your password: it's a scam!