It pays to refer your friends!
Get Ogrines whenever a referred friend makes a purchase*
Invite friends
3 solutions
Send an email to your contacts OR Copy and paste your friend referral link to share it directly OR Share your link on your social networks.
Become a friend referee
It's easy!

Your friends click on your link.

Each of them creates an account that permanently links them to you.

Congratulations, you referred a friend!

Get Ogrines
Every purchase* your referred friends make will credit you with a certain number of Ogrines**.

There are no limits to this.

The more your friends spend, the more rewards you receive!

*For all currency expenditure (euros, dollars and other common currencies) on subscriptions or Ogrine packs on and
Dofus RETRO, Waven and dofus touch are not compatible.
**The amount of Ogrines received will equal approximately 10% of the value of the item purchased in Ogrines by the referred friend.
For more details about friend referral, please read our FAQ