Dofus World Series

Current Cash Prize
60000 €

The amount of the cash prize will change throughout the competition and will be distributed to the DWS finalists in accordance with their ranking. 50% of sales of the Zadioc set and the Gladiator Attitude will go directly towards the cash prize.

Dofus World Series Introduction

DWS are a competition during which 1,500 teams of 3 players fight each other for the love of combat, glory and showmanship! The tournament is open to any person with a character of level 150 or above, so come and see how you hold up against the very best! For all of the details about the competition,

Important Dates

Registration:from July 5th at 5 p.m. to midnight on July 12th

Qualifications - Phase 1: from July 30th to August 21st 1,500 teams

Qualifications - Phase 2: from August 24th to August 27th 32 teams

Championship: from September 10th to October 24th 8 teams

Semi-finals: October 28th and 29th 4 teams

Final: beginning of November at Paris Games Week