Goultarminator - Rules



To register, applicants must simply complete the registration form on the Goultarminator registration page.
Candidates may alter or cancel their candidacy as long as registration is open.
Registration will be open until the end of the Test of Speed.
Only one entry per account will be accepted. Only one account per person is permitted to apply for the tournament.

Test of Speed

To qualify for the tournament, candidates must submit to a test of speed.

For this occasion, Goultard will make himself available on each server, accepting challenges from adventurers to test their worth. Naturally, as the creator of the tournament, Goultard will voluntarily rein in his overwhelming power during this test so as not to mash the candidates to a pulp.

The test is simple: Defeat Goultard as quickly as possible. In the case of a tie, the character with the lowest number of turns used to defeat Goultard will be used.

Candidates will be able to fight Goultard in a special place created by the tournament master. It will be accessible from the mysterious Treechnid Forest Zaap at -6, -12.

While fighting Goultard, the candidate must be alone.
PvP attacks will not be permitted on this map.
On the Heroic server, attacks are deactivated on maps -9/-9, -6/-9, -6/-10 and -6/-11 during the Test of Speed.

The five (5) best times for each class on each server will be selected to participate in the second qualifying event.

The selected characters must compete with the selected class during registration and during the Test of Speed.
In case of any class changes between the opening and closing dates of the Test of Speed, the candidate's score doesn't count towards the final leaderboards for the second qualifying event.

The results of the Test of Speed will be retrieved directly from the server records. Each character's best time will be used, regardless of the number of times a character attempts the test

If there are not enough successful participants in the Test of Speed for a class on a server, the vacancies will be filled by the highest leveled registered tournament participants for that class (measured by their total amount of experience).

Test of Popularity

On each server, the 5 candidates with the fastest times in the Test of Speed in each character class will be submitted for a test of popularity.

As soon as the results for the Test of Speed are posted, a form will go up on each server so that representatives from each class can be nominated for the tournament.
The players of each server should sort the five candidates in order of preference.
The candidates with the most points in their class on each server will be selected to participate in the Goultarminator battles.

The second runner-up for each class will be appointed as the substitute. If the main representative cannot attend a fight for any reason, the substitute will take their place in the battle to prevent the team from forfeiting the fight.

In order to vote on a server's poll, it is necessary for the player to use an account that has a character above level 80 on the server in question.
A given account can only vote once, and for only one server. Only one vote per IP address will be accepted. Sanctions may be imposed upon any player that attempts to create fraudulent results.

The Tournament

General Rules

  • The entire tournament will be held on a special server opened for the occasion.

  • The server is closed to spectators, with the exception of those granted special permission by the organisers.

  • Each server has 16 representatives: 1 representative per class (with the exception of the Huppermage).

  • The representatives for each servers will be split up in 4 servers of 4 characters.

  • A server which doesn't have at least one representative for each class, meaning at least 16 representatives, cannot take part in the competition.

  • An incomplete server will not be allowed to fight, and the match will be marked as a forfeit for their server.

  • An NPC lets participants reset their characteristics freely on the tournament server.

  • All temporary bonuses (such as those from candies and other sources) will be automatically removed when a character enters the tournament arena.

  • Each participant will have access to a public paddock on the tournament server, where there will be found one of each type of Dragoturkey and Seemyool, raised to level 100.

  • The ability to equip shields will be deactivated on the tournament server.

  • The level of every participant will be automatically increased to 200 on the tournament server, even if they have a lower level on their server of origin.

  • When a player withdraws from an ongoing fight, their server is immediately declared the loser.

  • The tournament is inter-community; therefore, each participant is allowed to speak in their native language on the tournament server. However, critical information announced on the tournament server will be communicated in French and English.

  • Participants must choose and equip their items before initiating a fight. Initiative changes during the preparation phase are prohibited. In the event of initiative changes, the referee will ask the players to revert back to their previous equipment in order to re-establish their original initiative.

  • The main member has priority over their substitute when creating the servers that will be fighting. However, if the server believes the substitute is more likely to help them win a battle, they can opt for the substitute even if the main member is present and available. The first complete, valid server to present itself to the referee will be chosen to take part in the combat.

  • A character killed and then resurrected by an Osamodas is counted as dead when computing the Goultarminator points at the end of the fight.


Throughout the tournament, referees will be responsible for keeping watch over the fights.
In case of a disagreement between two teams, no matter what the subject, the referee will make the final decision. All teams must respect the referees and their decisions.

Team building

Once the official list of the 16 selected participants for each server is published, they will have a few days to divide themselves into 4 teams of 4 characters.
If there are any conflicts between the 16 representatives and it becomes impossible to find enough common ground to create teams, the latter will be decided by Ankama via the drawing of lots.
The composition for all of the teams of all of the servers will be revealed at the same time.

Selection Phase

The 53 Goultarminator servers will battle each other following a Swiss rounds system. The selection phase will have 6 rounds.

The round 1 pairing is drawn at random. Starting with round 2, serverss will be paired depending on their accumulated points. The best team in each server (based on the teams' individual rankings) will fight against the best team in the opposing server, the second best team will fight against the second best, etc.
The pairings of the servers with the most points are done first.
If there are an odd number of servers in a points bracket, a server is under-paired with the next bracket.
If there is an odd number of servers in the lowest points bracket, one of the lowest-ranked servers will receive an automatic win. The 4 teams in this server won't fight during the ongoing round but will receive 3 points and 60 GP each, and the server itself will receive 3 points as well. No server can benefit from an automatic win twice.
As much as possible, we avoid pairing two servers that have already faced one another.

The qualification fights will happen between August 1st and August 12th, between 19:30 and 23:30 (Paris Time aka DUT). The detailed planning of each round will be published at the end of the previous round.

  • Round #1: August 1st
  • Round #2: August 3rd
  • Round #3: August 5th
  • Round #4: August 8th
  • Round #5: August 10th
  • Round #6: August 12th

Fights will begin at four times per day (Paris Time/DUT):

  • 19:30
  • 20:15
  • 21:00
  • 21:45

Qualification criteria:
The top 16 servers in the rankings will qualify for the finale phases.

The servers' rankings are decided by four criteria of decreasing importance:

  • 1. The server's swiss points.
  • 2. The OVP (see "Advanced Points").
  • 3. The sum of Swiss points accumulated by the 4 teams in a given server.
  • 4. The sum of the GPS accumulated by the 4 teams in a given server.

Filing Results
After each battle, participants are responsible for filling out the end of battle form in order to indicate which of the two servers won the match.

Beware: the result filing is mandatory for both servers after each fight, and servers who do not comply or try to falsify the results will be subject to severe sanctions (see "Rules and Sanctions").

The final phases

The remaining 16 servers will compete in a knockout tournament from the round of 8 to the finals.

Contrary to the qualification phases, a draw is no longer permitted. If two servers were to win 2 fights each, a 5th match would need to be played.

Tiebreaker matches don't earn any points for either servers or servers and exist solely for the purpose of determining who qualifies.
The participating servers each choose a captain who, in turn with the captain from the opposing server, will form part of the exclusive server that will compete in the battle. Once a server selects a class, that class cannot be selected by the opposing server. Both at the beginning and in the middle of the selection process, captains can ban classes, which means neither of the two servers can select this class for the battle. Tiebreaker matches are not subject to the traditional rules of composition, and a team can be composed of several pillars.
This is how it works:

  • 1. Server A bans a class.
  • 2. Server B bans a class.
  • 3. Server A selects a class.
  • 4. Server B selects a class.
  • 5. Server B selects a class.
  • 6. Server A selects a class.
  • 7. Server A bans a class.
  • 8. Server B bans a class.
  • 9. Server B selects a class.
  • 10. Server A selects a class.
  • 11. Server A selects a class.
  • 12. Server B selects a class.

The server that loses the round is knocked out (except the losing servers from the semi-finals, who will then compete in the third place playoff).

The finals fights will happen between August 18th and August 28th, from 19:30 to 23:30 (Paris Time/DUT).
The detailed planning of each round will be published at the end of the previous round.

  • Round of 8: August 18th
  • Quarterfinals: August 21st
  • Semi-finals: August 24th
  • Third place playoff: August 27th
  • Finals: August 28th

* Third place playoff and final battles are likely to begin before 19:30 (Paris Time/DUT).


Server Points (aka "Swiss points")
The servers accumulate "Swiss points" after every battle. A battle is composed of 4 fights, fought between the 4 teams of the two battling servers.
There are two possible scenarios for a battle:

  • Victory by 4-0 or 3-1: The winning server wins 3 Swiss points. The losing server wins none.

  • Draw: Both servers win 1 Swiss point.

Several other values are added to help decide between servers and servers in the event of a tie. They are as such:

The Opponent Victory Percentage (OVP):
It is the average victory % of the various opponents met by the server.

The sum of Swiss points accumulated by the 4 teams in a given server.
(See Team points)

The sum of Goultarmintor points accumulated by the 4 teams in a given server.
(See Team points)

Team points
Team accumulate points with each match:

  • Victory: 3 Swiss points
  • Defeat: 0 Swiss points

Should two teams be tied in regards to their Swiss points, they will be decided between using the following:

The Opponent Victory Percentage (OVP):
It is the same system as for the servers, but applied to the teams.
Goultarminator Points (GP):
These are points that servers win no matter what, even if they lose. Those points will depend on the battle's outcome. Goultarminator points can be used to break ties between teams during the selection phase, but more importantly they'll determine the winning servers value of the rewards each team will receive when the tournament is over.

Type of VictoryWinning TeamLosing Team
Perfect Victory (no deaths on the winning server)60 points5 points
Three for Victory (one death on the winning server)50 points15 points
Twosome of Victory (two deaths on the winning server)45 points20 points
Down to the Wire (three deaths on the winning server)40 points25 points
Victory by Forfeit60 Points-20 points
Automatic Victory ("pass")60 points /

Landslide Victory:
A victory accomplished in fewer than eight (8) rounds (before the turn counter switches to 9) will be marked as a landslide victory. Teams who win via landslide victory will be awarded 20 extra Goultarminator points.

Foreits :
Teams who do not show up on time for their match, or who show up without all members will be declared losers by forfeit for that match.
The team that the incomplete or absent team was scheduled to face, will be declared the winner, as long as they are on time, and all present. If both teams are absent or incomplete, both teams will be declared losers by forfeit.
If a team member is absent, their substitute must take their place in the battle. If both the representative and their substitute are absent, the team is incomplete, and is automatically declared the loser by forfeit.
Teams have 10 minutes from the announced start time of the fight to present themselves to the judges to begin combat as a complete team before being declared losers by forfeit.

The rewards

A. Rewards for the participants

The 4 teams of the best server:
All representitives and their substitutes will receive a shield with the title "Goultarminator Champion 646," a complete Champion set (which includes the Champion emote), a Psycho emote scroll, a 6 month subscription pack and a prize pool totaling 800,000 Ogrines.* Prizes will not be shared with or awarded to any disqualified teams, representatives, or substitutes.

The 4 teams of the 2nd server:
All representitives and their substitutes will receive a 3 month subscription pack and a prize pool totalling 400,000 Ogrines.* Prizes will not be shared with or awarded to any disqualified teams, representatives, or substitutes.

The 4 teams of the 3rd server:
All representitives and their substitutes will receive a 1 month subscription pack and a prize pool totalling 160,000 Ogrines.* Prizes will not be shared with or awarded to any disqualified teams, representatives, or substitutes.

The total prize pool will be distributed among the tournament participants based on the number of fights they participated in. For example, a player from a winning server who played all of their matches will get a final reward of 50,000 Ogrines. If the player only fought in half of their matches and their substitute fought the other half, both players will receive 25,000 Ogrines each.

All the teams:
All the participants (representatives and substitutes) of each team of the tournament will receive Kolossokens and Doploons equal to the total points their server gathered, multiplied by 15 (except for any disqualified teams, who will receive nothing).

Bonus: Kolossokens and Doploons team rewards will be increased by 50% for teams of servers qualified in the round of 8, 100% in the quarterfinals, 150% in the semi-finals and 200% in the finals.

B. Server rewards

The top 10 servers:
These servers will be rewarded with a week-end where:
- The experience is doubled
- Drops are doubled
- Dungeon key rings are rechargeable at will

Servers 11 to 20:
These servers will be rewarded with a week-end when:
- Experience is multiplied by 1.5
- Drops are multiplied by 1.5
- Dungeon key rings are rechargeable at will

Servers 21 to 30:
These servers will be rewarded with a week-end when dungeon key rings will be rechargeable at will.

C. Bonus rewards

There will be three independent prize pots of 10,000 Ogrines each (which breaks down to 2500 OG per player on the team).
These bonus prizes will be awarded to the teams who:
- Win the quickest fight of the tournament
- Complete the tournament with the lowest total number of deaths
- Have the best ratio of landslide victories to total number of fights

Rules and Sanctions

The Goultarminator is subject to a series of rules meant to warrant that the event goes on smoothly. Infractions to these rules will force the organizers to apply sanctions.


  • All contestants, commentators, and organizers owe respect to the other contestants, commentators, and organizers, as well as to the rest of Humanity; all insults and provocations will be sanctioned.

  • All contestants must look up the round schedule regularly, and be present and ready to start their fights at the appointed time.

  • All contestants must systematically fill out the end of fight form after each and every match.

  • An incomplete team is not allowed to fight.

  • Once an official fight has begun, it cannot be reset or paused, even in case of a bug or a connection issue.

  • Multi-accounting is forbidden. Several players may participate from a same place and as such have a same IP, but they must play on different computers and mention their shared connection to the organizers before the tournament starts.

  • Organizers reserve the right to cancel a contestant's participation in the Test of Speed if said contestant is being detrimental or has been intentionally detrimental to the tournament's proceedings.


Except in case of insults or provocation, all sanctions are applied to a whole team, even if infractions are performed by a single contestant. Recidivism is counted towards the whole team as well.

Sanctions grid

Form not filled out or wrongly filled out:
The server fails to fill out the end-of-fight form or the server has filled out the end of fight form but the results given are incorrect.

  • First offense: Warning
  • Second and subsequent offenses: Loss by forfeit

Insult or provocation: One of the server members has insulted or provoked another player, a commentator, or an referee.

  • First offense: The player steps down and let their substitue fight the following fight.
  • Second and subsequent offenses: The player is eliminated, can no longer take part in the competition, and is banished from the server.

The server didn't show up for its fight at the appointed time, or was incomplete, and the fight wasn't played.

  • First and subsequent offenses: Loss by forfeit

Multiple accounts:
One server has two or more players who used the same computer during a battle.

  • First offense: Loss by forfeit
  • Second offense: Loss by forfeit
  • Third and subsequent offenses: Disqualification


Contestants are responsible for the security and stability of their internet connection. No defeat attributed to a connection problem or an external attack can justify restarting an official fight (see "Rules and sanctions") and Ankama cannot be held responsible for any damages caused.

We strongly advise against the use of client to client voice chat programs for they allow ill-intentioned persons to easily get your IP address. You should use programs that are centralized by a server (such as TeamSpeak or Mumble), and carefully chose your server.