Veteran? But... I'm only 17!
Are you a loyal DOFUS player (and have been forever)? Well then you deserve our recognition! From this idea, this intention, was born... Veteran Rewards!

Behind the title hides a loyalty program as simple as ABC. The longer your account is subscribed, the more exclusive gifts we give you!
No, don't thank us... it's you who deserves thanks!
Ascending Through Levels
For each year of subscription under your belt, you receive a major gift. It's what we call levels. But even that wasn't enough... So we've decided to cut the levels up into stages!

The first year, and the first year only, a single week of subscription will earn you a reward!
Then, there are the 1-month, 3-month, 6-month and then 9-month stages that are also accompanied by rewards. Finally, another gift will be given to you for every year of subscription. So it's not one, but five gifts that will be given to you for each year of subscription!
Great Prizes!
Since the top of this page, we've been talking about rewards... How about we get to it?

Plenty of never before seen cosmetic sets and emotes you can't find in the Emporium! Adorable new pets that your guild buddies don't have? We've got those too! And the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, is that the Veteran Rewards program also gives you access to all-new petsmounts and Khamelerost items (which take the colour of your character)! Notice: all these items are linked to your account.
Oh yeah, we need to mention that too... The objects we're offering you are a bit peculiar. Like Livitinem items, they can be linked with other objects, without restriction or risk of destruction. Even the pets and petsmounts work that way! So you'll have all the bonuses of your equipment, with all the appearances of the oldest players!

To receive your gifts, you just need to sign in to the game!