Welcome to DOFUS, the online game!

DOFUS, The Online Game

DOFUS is a massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) to download. Head out on a quest to obtain powerful dragon eggs, the Dofus, in a universe of heroic fantasy and offbeat humor. Create your own hero in one of the 19 character classes available. The gameplay of each class is unique - which can come in handy when you join forces in a Guild.

This free online game offers tactical turn-based combats. Cast spells using Action Points (AP) and earn Experience Points (XP) to level up. You can personalize your hero infinitely thanks to thousands of items and pieces of equipment that can be optimized through crafting and smithmagic.

In this online RPG, you can buy and sell resources using the in-game currency called "kamas" and work in up to three professions (farmer, hunter, baker, smith, etc.). Dungeons, treasure hunts, monsters, bosses, pets, sidekicks and a player-versus-player (PvP/JcJ) mode are waiting for you in this online strategy game.

A vast world just waiting to be discovered!

Step into the World of Twelve and its vast, lush landscapes, its gloomy moors, and its many treasures.

The streets of its cities are bustling with commercial (and criminal) activity... The wildlife is magnificent, the water is pure, the air is fresh and clean, and the earth is the most fertile you've ever seen... But underneath this idyllic surface, beware of traps...

Its edges are still uncharted... Especially since the Divine Dimensions, the worlds of the gods, opened up to the bravest adventurers.


Start your adventure in Incarnam, where you can learn the basics of the World of Twelve and how the game works.

CHARACTER CLASSES: When I grow up, I wanna be...

As you like! Treasure hunter, fearless (and brainless) warrior, summoner of voodoo dolls... There's no shortage of options.

There are 19 classes to choose from. Some are more suited to close combat, some prefer to attack from afar, and others focus on healing and protecting. The choice is yours...

Gods Each class is affiliated with a god, and this is crucial. Indeed, the physical body in which your soul is incarnated will have the physical and behavioral characteristics of your chosen god!

BESTIARY: What are all these creatures? Do they bite?

Yep, they bite, they pinch, and they sting! From the dirty and aggressive to the stinky and even more aggressive, you'll meet plenty of nasty creatures. The strongest of the lot are the - drum roll, please - BOSSES! They rule the dungeons, so get ready to fight tooth and nail!

Pets Your pet will follow you everywhere, granting you bonuses and impressing everyone with how cute it is. In return, you have to feed it and take care of it. A freeloader, you say? Pretty much!

Dungeons Dungeons are each a series of around ten fights leading to the boss room, with a break between each one for you to recover and change your equipment. Don't go alone!

FIGHTING: Win or be defeated, it's up to you.

Fighting is an art. Rather than rushing in headlong, think hard about your tactical options.

They are turn-based: You take your turn to perform your actions, then observe those of the other players and creatures. Form a group of up to 8 players and attack the toughest monsters around!

Oto Mustam, the Heroic Server

Death is forever, and experience is multiplied. On the Heroic Server, the ultimate challenge awaits. There, dying is the real thing. The path from the Fields of Glory to the Heroes' Cemetery is short... very short! And in exchange, the XP earnings are much higher...

QUESTS: Are you on a quest for quests?

The inhabitants of the World of Twelve have important missions for you. If you help them, you'll be rewarded with kamas, experience and unique items. You can also spice things up by accepting the challenges issued during fights!

The Quest to End All Quests What is a Dofus? It's a dragon's egg! They come in various shapes, sizes and colors. The ones that interest us here are the six Primordial Dofus: Emerald, Ochre, Turquoise, Crimson, Ivory, and Ebony. They are scattered all around the World of Twelve. Legend has it that anyone who manages to gather all six will become as powerful as a god. So, what do you say? Ready to go looking for them?

The Six Primordial Dofus

PROFESSIONS: Hard work pays off!

Time to Get a Job " What?! A job in a video game?!" But think about it. A job means a paycheck. So, rake in the kamas (by the shovelful, too!). Does that sound better?

DOFUS offers a wide range of 18 professions, with which you can craft something as simple as a loaf of bread or something as complex as high-level hats, capes, belts, boots, rings, amulets, or weapons. You can even improve existing gear with Smithmagic professions.

> Learn more about the professions in DOFUS.

COMMUNITY: Friends for life!

You're not alone! DOFUS lets you communicate with everyone in the World of Twelve. Share, conspire, offer advice... but stay friendly and polite, of course!

Don't be shy. Break the ice, whether it's by facing a monster together, exploring a dungeon, discussing why Boowolves are so hairy, or simply telling the tales of your best adventures!

You can even put together a lasting team by founding (or joining) a Guild. A group of friends, a band of mercenaries, or a Bamboo Milk fan club for Pandawas, the possibilities are endless!

> Share with the community.
EVENTS: Tonight, I've got a date with DOFUS!

A unique world, DOFUS has its own calendar. Each month has its own protector, who impose their wishes on the weather and the month in general. The days, for their part, are under the protection of the "Meridia", each with their own character and powers. Each day is influenced by its individual Meridia, under what is called the Meridian Effect...

The Meridia and their characteristics are explained in the Almanax, alongside daily quests and their rewards. And that's not the only way to keep busy: Seasonal events (curses, contests, temporary areas, and more) come up every year.

Now you're ready, valiant adventurer, and it is time to enter the World of Twelve...