Welcome to DOFUS, the online game!
A vast world just waiting to be discovered!

Step into the World of Twelve and explore its vast, lush landscapes, its gloomy moors and its many treasures.

Its cities are bustling centres of commercial (and criminal) activity...
The wildlife is magnificent, the water is pure, the air is fresh and sharp, and the earth is the most fertile you've ever seen... But behind the idyll, shadows and traps lurk...

Its boundaries are still unclear, and new areas are being discovered all the time... especially since the Divine Dimensions, the worlds of the gods, opened up to brave adventurers.


You'll start your adventure in Incarnam, where you can learn the basics of the World of Twelve and the way the game works.

when I grow up, I wanna be...

Whatever you like! Treasure hunter, fearless (and brainless) warrior, summoner of voodoo dolls... you'll be spoilt for choice.

Of the 17 classes to choose from, some are more suited to close combat and some prefer to attack from afar, whilst others still focus on healing and protecting. The choice is yours...

Each class is affiliated with a god, who impacts their entire gameplay. In fact, the carnal body in which your soul is incarnated will have the physical and behavioural characteristics of your chosen god! What's more, all disciples must follow the 10 Commandments laid down by their deity.

BESTIARY: what on earth
are all these creatures? Do they bite?

Oweee! Yep, they bite, they sting and they kick! From the dirty and aggressive to the stinky and even more aggressive, you'll meet plenty of nasty creatures.
The strongest of the bunch are known as... dun dun dun... BOSSES! Rulers of the dungeons*, they don't take kindly to being attacked... Get ready to fight to the death!

Your pet will follow you everywhere, granting you bonuses and impressing everyone with its cuteness. In return, you have to take care of it and feed it regularly. A freeloader, you say? Pretty much!

A dungeon is a series of around ten fights, with a break between each one for you to recover and change your equipment if needed. The last room is the boss room. Don't go alone!

FIGHTING: defeat or be
defeated, it's as simple as that

Fighting is an art. Rather than rushing in headlong, think hard about your tactical game plan.

They work on a turn-by-turn basis: you take your turn to perform your actions, then observe those of the other players and monsters.
Form a group of up to 8 players and attack the meanest monsters around!

Oto Mustam, the Heroic Server
Where death is final and experience is multiplied
On the Heroic Server, the ultimate challenge awaits... There, dying is the real thing. From the Fields of Glory to the Cemetery of Heroes, the road is ever so short... To make up for it, the XP rate is boosted to the max!

QUESTS: are you on
a quest for quests?

The inhabitants of the World of Twelve have important missions for you. If you help them, you'll be rewarded with kamas, experience and unique items. You can also spice things up by accepting the challenges on offer during fights!

The Quest to end all Quests
So what IS a Dofus? It's a dragon's egg! They exist in various shapes, sizes and colours. The ones we're really interested in are the six Primordial Dofus: Emerald, Ochre, Turquoise, Crimson, Ivory and Ebony. They are hidden, scattered all around the World of Twelve. Legend has it that the one who manages to gather all six will become as powerful as a god.
So, what do you say? Ready to start searching?

The Six Primordial Dofus

deserves payment!

Where there are professions, there is work. "What?! Work, in a video game?" But don't forget that where there is work, there is pay! Work hard and you'll earn kamas in spades! Sound more appealing now?

DOFUS offers 18 professions that can craft something as simple as a loaf of bread or something as complex as high-level hats, capes, belts, boots, rings, amulets, or weapons. You can even improve existing gear with the smithmaging professions.

Learn more about the professions in DOFUS

friends for life!

You're not alone! DOFUS gives you the chance to communicate with everyone in the World of Twelve. Share, conspire, offer advice... whilst remaining friendly and polite, of course!

Don't be shy: break the ice, whether it's by facing a monster together, exploring a dungeon, discussing why Boowolves are so hairy, or simply sharing your best adventure stories!

You can even put together a lasting team by founding (or joining) a guild. Whether you're part of a band of friends, a batallion of mercenaries or an association of Pandawas who love their Bamboo Milk, there's always a reason to get together!

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EVENTS: I can't hang out
tonight, I have DOFUS stuff to do!

As well as its exciting world, DOFUS has a special calendar. Each month has its own protector, who imposes his or her character and wishes on the month and its weather.
As for the days, they are taken care of by "Meridia", minor gods with their own themes and powers. Thanks to their Meridian Effects, each day in the World of Twelve is a little different...

The Meridia and their attributes are explained in the Almanax, alongside the daily quest and its reward.
And in case all that's not enough to keep you busy, seasonal events (curses, contests, temporary areas...) crop up every year.

Now you're ready, valiant adventurer,
it is time to set out into the World of Twelve...